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BoI to refund phishing victims

Bank of Ireland has agreed to compensate victims of a recent phishing scam, backtracking from its earlier position. The bank had initially refused to refund victims, who lost about €160,000 to scammers after receiving the fake emails. However, reports in the Irish Independent on Tuesday indicate that the bank has since had a …
Ciara O'Brien, 06 Sep 2006
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Google Book Search goes live

Google is making waves in the publishing industry by offering free PDFs of out-of-copyright books. Classic literature fans will be able to download Dante's Divine Comedy, access Aesop's Fables and get hold of other popular classics and rare books that are no longer subject to copyright through Google's Book Search service. …
Ciara O'Brien, 31 Aug 2006
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Europeans' mobile love affair continues

It seems European mobile phone owners can't help investing in new devices as market penetration surpasses 100 per cent and continues to grow. New figures show the number of handsets shipped in Western Europe increased seven percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2006, indicating the mobile phone market continues to show …
Ciara O'Brien, 24 Aug 2006
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Europe poised to embrace digital TV: report

Digital television services are expected to rise in popularity during 2006, with the European market outstripping the US by the end of the year. According to the latest report from market analysts Datamonitor, this year will be a "watershed" for high definition television HD TV), internet TV (IPTV) and mobile TV. In Europe …
Ciara O'Brien, 23 Aug 2006
channel links up with Google AdWords has linked up with Google's advertising program, AdWords, after acquiring an add-on with its purchase of tech firm Kieden. acquired San Francisco-based tech firm Kieden Corporation in August 2006, but has not disclosed any details of the deal, including the price tag. The small tech firm has …
Ciara O'Brien, 23 Aug 2006
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BoI customers fall victim to phishing scam

Bank of Ireland customers have been hit by a new phishing scam, which has already cost some of its customers more than of €110,000. The bank issued a security alert; however, the bulletin came too late for several BoI customers. In total, some €113,000 is believed to have been lost by account holders responding to the fake …
Ciara O'Brien, 17 Aug 2006
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Will Apple put the fizz back in Coke music?

Coca-Cola has teamed up with Apple to launch a new European music website, after declining sales recently caused it to close its own MyCokeMusic website. The new site will be launched in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the roll out beginning next week. The launches will be accompanied by live music …
Ciara O'Brien, 02 Aug 2006
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Lucent to cull 9,000 staff

Lucent is to cut some 9,000 jobs from its global workforce following its planned merger with French telecoms firm Alcatel. However, Irish workers will have to wait to find out if they will be affected by the plans. A spokesperson for Lucent in Ireland said there was no indication of where the job cuts would hit, and there was …
Ciara O'Brien, 11 Jul 2006
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Irish IT spending to rise in 2006

IT expenditure in Ireland is set to increase across the board in 2006, a new survey from IDC has shown. According to the study, organisations across a range of industries are set to follow the public sector's example by increasing their IT spending. The public sector was one of the main drivers of the Irish IT market in 2005, …
Ciara O'Brien, 06 Jul 2006
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Internet firms to crack down on child porn

A group of US internet giants have come together to form an alliance in a bid to combat child pornography. AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, EarthLink and United Online have teamed up to create a database of known child pornography images, with each image being assigned a unique mathematical signature within the database. The new …
Ciara O'Brien, 28 Jun 2006
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RIAA claims illegal file sharing 'contained'

The record industry's battle against illegal file sharing is continuing, with the industry claiming it is winning the war. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), illegal file-swapping is being "contained". The industry group says illegal file trading is now flat, while legitimate digital downloads …
Ciara O'Brien, 15 Jun 2006
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Nintendo steals the show at E3

E3 Round-up E3 certainly didn't disappoint games fans this year as new games were announced and competition in the games console market was turned up a notch. Sony's PlayStation 3 may have been the most eagerly awaited announcement at this year's event in Los Angeles, but after achieving somewhat of an anti-climax, it was the new Nintendo …
Ciara O'Brien, 18 May 2006

Vista bad news for anti-spyware market?

The extra security features in Microsoft's upcoming Vista operating system could negatively affect smaller security firms, according to a new report. The report, from the Yankee Group, suggests that as Microsoft users get a welcome security boost when the new Vista operating system is finally available, aftermarkets for anti- …
Ciara O'Brien, 11 May 2006
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Chip sales to grow 10% in 2006

Global chip sales are set to grow by a thumping 10 per cent this year as demand for portable electronic devices takes hold. According to Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), market demand for gadgets will continue to bump up microchip spending from last year's $228bn - a surge that will be felt throughout …
Ciara O'Brien, 09 May 2006

'Smart' phishing attack targets BoI

Bank of Ireland customers have been hit by yet another phishing scam in the form of an email asking users to update their security details. The fake security alert landed in inboxes on Friday evening, and may have fooled a number of customers into handing over their access codes and passwords, redirecting them to a website …
Ciara O'Brien, 02 May 2006
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Tech sector recruitment to rise in 2006

The job prospects in Europe's tech sector are looking bright, a new survey has revealed. Almost two-thirds of European tech firms are expecting to increase recruitment in the coming 12 months, according to a new IT confidence survey by Eurocom Worldwide in association with its UK partner Six Degrees. A mere eight percent …
Ciara O'Brien, 04 Apr 2006

Authorities get on top of spam Down Under

Australia has cracked down on junk mail with an industry code for tackling spam. Under the new code, internet service providers (ISPs) will bear some of the responsibility for helping fight spam. Service providers must offer spam-filtering options to their subscribers and advise them on how to best deal with and report the …
Ciara O'Brien, 28 Mar 2006
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'Critical' IE bug threatens PC users

A dangerous new exploit in Internet Explorer could put PCs and data at risk, Microsoft has admitted. The flaw, for which code has already been published on the internet, could be exploited to set an email-borne virus free on the unsuspecting public. Potential viruses could come as an attachment that conceals the code, or could …
Ciara O'Brien, 27 Mar 2006
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PC shipments to slow in 2006

PC sales are set to slow this year, Gartner has warned, reaching only 10.7 per cent in 2006 compared with 15.5 per cent in the previous year. Despite strong growth in the mobile PC sector, desktop PC replacement activity has peaked, contributing to the slowdown. However, this still means an impressive 234.5m units will be …
Ciara O'Brien, 10 Mar 2006
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Profits and revenues drop at Novell

Software firm Novell saw its profits slump in the first quarter of 2006, but the firm was adamant that it was pleased with its performance. In a conference call discussing its first quarter figures, the firm described the results as "solid quarterly performance" and drew attention to growth in the identity management sector. It …
Ciara O'Brien, 06 Mar 2006
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Shares slump as Novell posts loss

Shares in software company Novell slumped on Wednesday after the company posted a $16m loss in its second quarter results. The loss was attributed to Novell's increased investment in repositioning the company as a Linux provider. After the announcement, shares in Novell fell seven per cent in after-market activity. Despite …
Ciara O'Brien, 26 May 2005