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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX33

Review If you're one of those types who enjoys adjusting this and tweaking that to take the pefect picture, the DMC-FX33 from Panasonic will not appeal to you. This camera does just about everything automatically. You have to admit it, the DMC-FX33 is something of a looker. It’s a compact, light, sleek and stylish camera measuring 94 …
Rob Thomas, 14 Mar 2008

Canon Digital Ixus 70 compact camera

Review Apple has the iPod - Canon has the Ixus. And like Apple, Canon is continually revising and refreshing its Ixus brand. So, is the Digital Ixus 70 a case of a radical product overhaul or just the same chocolates in a different box? First impressions are that the Ixus 70 isn't the most exciting camera to look at. It’s basically a …
Rob Thomas, 28 Feb 2008

Canon PowerShot A460 compact camera

Review Quality used to cost. We all know that whenever we bought a consumer electronics product, part of what we paid went on the brand name. Well, things have changed and the Canon PowerShot A460 is sure testament to this, and a snip at just £70, the A460 is very much a budget-priced product. At this price, quite a few compromises …
Rob Thomas, 19 Dec 2007

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 compact camera

Review The first thing you see when you pull the T200 out of the box is a great big sticker proclaiming the camera delivers “Full HD 1080” still images. So you would've thought that Sony would make it easy to enjoy this feature. But no - it’s only when you read the instruction book that you discover that the HD connecting cable is an …
Rob Thomas, 27 Nov 2007

Canon Ixus 860 IS compact camera

Review Behavioural scientists reckon that, within ten seconds of meeting someone for the first time, we’ve already decided whether we like them or not. Well, if the Canon Ixus 860 IS was a person, we would have liked them from the moment we first clapped eyes on them. It’s a handsome thing, with smooth curves, a two-tone silver and …
Rob Thomas, 06 Nov 2007

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