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Bear/woods alert: Entire world not quite virtualized yet

We asked, and you told us. Virtualization is making its presence felt, but not in a way that would make an evangelist faint with excitement. Instead, it all looks rather sensible, with just over 60% of the hardy poll-completers telling us they are pretty active across the board when it comes to virtualizing environments which …
Martin Atherton, 26 Nov 2008
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What next for virtualization after we sort our servers out?

When we asked Reg readers for their views on virtualization last year, we thought we’d found the voice of reason. We still do. As a rule, mainstream businesses were getting stuck into x86 server virtualization, often in the name of consolidation. It was nice to have side effects, like smaller electricity bills and positive …
Martin Atherton, 19 Nov 2008
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Making sense of BPM

Reg Tech Panel With our friends at Freeform Dynamics, we set out to explore the topic of ‘business process management’ to find out what works, what doesn’t and what tools you’re using to do it with. If there’s one topic which needs the straight treatment, it’s this one. With your help, we’ve been able to sidestep the messy definitions and the …
Martin Atherton, 20 Oct 2008
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Red rag, meet bull: The software resilience gamble

New research alert You, the fine Reg readers, recently regaled us with the gory details of your application failures - and it ain't too pretty. It turns out that a large majority of you find business is disrupted by app failure way too often. Of the 1200+ readers who took part in the research, a whopping 84 per cent said their business suffered …
Martin Atherton, 19 Aug 2008
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Ariane 5 and the Denver luggage handling system

Reg Tech Panel What do these monster cock-ups have to do with you? Hopefully, absolutely nothing, because they’re all examples of major software system failures which resulted in major loss of kit (a space rocket) or hard cash ($200m in project overrun). But in your organisation, how sure are you of the resilience, protection and ‘proper …
Martin Atherton, 21 Mar 2008

Taking IT security to task

Is anyone getting fed up hearing about IT security? It wasn't enough to big up the threat from "them" – the outsiders, all those nasty hackers that are even as we speak stealing our identities and extorting money out of hapless corporations because they left the back door open. Now attention is turning on the people inside the …
Martin Atherton, 22 Feb 2008
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Should the IT department be accountable for energy use?

Reg Tech Panel As the green debate rages on, one of the findings that came from our recent survey of Reg Readers revealed that despite all the talk about energy savings and IT, the majority of IT departments are not accountable for spending on electricity to run systems. The survey also told us that a lot of IT departments would have a …
Martin Atherton, 08 Feb 2008
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Relieving the systems management burden

Reg Tech Panel We owe you a report on day-to-day aspects of operational IT management. It's finally here for the downloading. Sincere thanks to all who contributed to the research. Do some downloading and tell us what you think. It's all based on what you told us, and it seems that some of you are having more joy than others when it comes to …
Martin Atherton, 29 Jan 2008

Boots, House of Fraser not renewing IT director posts

Comment Initial reaction to the fact that two sizable retailers are not renewing their outgoing IT director posts could easily be "short sighted mistake". It's easy to see why they might be doing this though. The retail refresh cycle has seen many retailers catching up on 15 years of under investment. Many may have little appetite for …
Martin Atherton, 13 Aug 2007