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Motorola Q 9h smartphone

Review On first viewing, the Moto Q 9h is reminiscent of a calculator; despite going for a BlackBerry-style layout, its square features haven't quite captured the improved look of those devices, and pulling it out of your pocket could see colleagues and co-workers stifling a few laughs. Motorola Moto Q 9h smartphone Motorola Moto …
Matt Chapman, 07 Aug 2007
HTC S310 Windows Smartphone

HTC S310 Windows Mobile smart phone

Review If first impressions are as important as some people claim, then the HTC S310 is in big trouble. Selling itself as having a 'compact design', when it first sits in the palm of your hand you can't help thinking you've been handed something that's at least a few years old. HTC S310 Windows Smartphone Despite measuring up at …
Matt Chapman, 03 May 2007
Pentax Optio E30 compact digital camera

Pentax Optio E30 compact digital camera

Review With the release of the Optio E30 camera, Pentax has provided consumers with high resolution at a small cost. It might be packing the ability to capture seven-megapixel images, but you can snap up this snapper for less than £100. Pentax Optio E30 compact digital camera Even though Pentax has packed in the extra resolution …
Matt Chapman, 17 Apr 2007
Orange SPV M700 Smartphone

Orange SPV M700 Windows Mobile smart phone

Review Orange has updated its Windows Mobile PDA phone and whacked another 100 onto its name. At first glance, the only difference is a shinier finish. So what else has been souped up to turn an M600 into an M700? Orange SPV M700 smart phone Well, for starters, the 10.8 x 5.8 x 1.8cm, 150g SPV M700 can now handle 3G connections, …
Matt Chapman, 04 Apr 2007
i-mate SPL Windows mobile phone

i-mate SPL Windows mobile phone

Review Research in Motion has proved it's possible to pull off a consumer-pleasing candybar handset that still has business-friendly features. The SPL follows in those footsteps, and for once you won't be embarrassed pulling it out of your pocket. Perhaps i-mate could have been a little more choosy with the name. Aside from the …
Matt Chapman, 12 Mar 2007

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