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LG U970 Shine mobile phone

Review Part of LG's Black Label series (sounds like a whisky), which also includes the KG800 Chocolate, the U970 features a brushed metal casing and a mirror effect display that makes it look more like an exquisite sculpture than a 3G, 2-megapixel camera and MP3-enabled phone. The U970 has a slider style handset, which opens with …
Orange E600 SPV mobile phone

Orange SPV E600 email phone

Review It's always nice to have a little look-see at the newest hardware, but the E600 isn't actually new as such - it's the reincarnation of several previous models, including T-Mobile's Dash and MDA Mail - as the Dash is called over here - and manufacturer HTC's own S620. Orange E600 SPV mobile phone Orange's incarnation, like …
Nokia E65 mobile phone

Nokia E65 mobile phone

Review As part of an expansion to its business-orientated E Series, the Nokia E65 has been styled to give off the persona that it's designed specifically to attract a higher class of user – the modern and remotely connected business executive. noka e65 smart phone The E65 has a sliding front fascia and the soft leather backing is …

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