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Instagram rolls out two factor authentication

Hipsters and selfie-lovers will enjoy extra security after Instagram added two-factor authentication to its service. The security measure is becoming a de facto standard for protecting user accounts by requiring a code generated on a second device to be entered alongside passwords. Instragram will send a code to user's mobile …
Team Register, 18 Feb 2016
A view of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset from the rear view mirror of a car. Pic via Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: 'You think that's nuts? We actually have an array in the trunk'

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, it's just Greg and Ed to dish about iPhone bricks, Deadpool and ransomware. Our special guests this week are Fred Next and Wade O'Harrow from storage startup Reduxio. (1:00) Brick your iPhone (2:25) Kids …
Team Register, 17 Feb 2016
New Monopoly game

New Monopoly version features an Automatic Teller Machine

Iconic vulture capitalism trainer family-friendly property trading game Monopoly has adopted an automatic teller machine in a new edition of the game. Monopoly’s had a cash-free version since about 2014, when players were offered credit cards that, when inserted into a custom device, credited them with new cash for going …
Team Register, 17 Feb 2016

Speaking in Tech: It's all about the flashback to 1982's WangNet

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise #RIPTwitter, down with all the "my tech is bigger than your tech" and prognostications on the future of ONTAP: Welcome to another episode of Speaking in Tech! Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week the team is all together to talk about the death …
Team Register, 10 Feb 2016
Telstra phone booth by Ed Dunens from Flickr

Telstra mobile in continental TITSUP

UPDATE Australia's dominant carrier, Telstra, is experiencing a total inability to support usual performance (TITSUP) on its mobile voice and data networks. The carrier has over 16 million subscribers, no mean feat in a nation of 23 million, and charges a premium for mobile services on the basis of its networks' reach and reliability …
Team Register, 09 Feb 2016
Aquaris M10 tablet

Canonical and Spain's BQ team to put Ubuntu on a tablet

Canonical is hoping to put Ubuntu into the hands of slab-fondlers who want something that can double as a near-desktop. It's doing so via a partnership with Spanish smartphone-maker BQ, whose 10.1-inch Aquaris M10 will run the Linux distro. While the M10 is already available with a more conventional Android config at €229.90 …
Team Register, 07 Feb 2016

No patches for code exec holes in Netgear management box

Two dangerous un-patched remote code execution vulnerabilities that allow access to God-mode system privileges have been reported in Netgear's ProSafe Network Management 300 management software. The file upload vulnerability (CVE-2016-1524) and restricted directory traversal (CVE-2016-1525) allow unauthenticated attackers to …
Team Register, 07 Feb 2016
Huawei and Foxconn road sign

Foxconn to slurp Sharp for US$5.6 BEELLION

Foxconn's CEO Terry Gou says Sharp will be slurped into the Chinese manufacturer's maw by the end of February. According to Reuters, executives of the two companies have reached a consensus about the main details of the ¥659 (US$5.6 billion) deal. “We have a consensus”, he reportedly said. “The rest is a process … I don't see …
Team Register, 07 Feb 2016
Man rools out fibre cable from a large wooden cable reel on a suburban street. Pic via Pixabay

Speaking in Tech: How good is the UK's broadband? Really awful

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week your hosts, tech gurus Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela, are in Austin for TECHunplugged to discuss Apple data centres, rumours of Yahoo! layoffs and Software Defined Storage, and why setting up a Raspberry Pi to tweet at UK ISPs every time the internet speeds drops …
Team Register, 03 Feb 2016
Sydney Harbour Bridge in the cloud

A tech conference without corporate yadda yadda? Yes, it exists

Dozens of conferences ask you to take a day out of your busy schedule, then don't do much more than bore you with derivative disruption-speak delivered by suits. VMware User Group (VMUG) Conferences are different, because VMware's users pick the content and look for material that interests real IT pros. So instead of a day …
Team Register, 02 Feb 2016

OpenSSL patch quashes rare HTTPS nasty, shores up crypto chops

OpenSSL maintainers have pushed a pair of patches, crushing a dangerous but uncommon bug that allows HTTPS to be unravelled while also hardening servers against downgrade attacks. Affected servers are open to key recovery attacks only if it runs certain Digital Signature Algorithm and static Diffie-Hellman key exchange …
Team Register, 29 Jan 2016

'Critical' Israel power grid attack was just boring ransomware

The SANS Institute has moved to quell reports that Israel's energy grid has been hit by malware, revealing instead that the attacks were ransomware infecting the nation's utility regulatory authority. Reports emerged after energy minister Dr Yuval Steinitz said a "severe" attack had hit the authority in what he reportedly …
Team Register, 28 Jan 2016

Israeli academics claim they can predict botnet attacks

Ben Gurion University researchers have developed a tool capable of predicting future botnet attacks while also distinguishing between human and automated campaigns. Dudu Mimran, chief technology officer of the university's Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs, says the team is investigating how the tool may benefit law enforcement …
Team Register, 28 Jan 2016
Carnegie Mello's robot chimp/tank. Still from documentary "Lo and Behold".

Speaking in Tech chats to Werner Herzog about new dystopian tech documentary

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week your hosts, tech gurus Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela, are back together to talk about Twitter execs, Peach and Amazon and a weird and wonderful look at network admin, the internet, robots, AI and more by legendary German director Werner Hertzog, who's …
Team Register, 27 Jan 2016
Selection of Australian banknotes

PayPal patches deadly server remote code execution flaw

Independent security researcher Michael Stepankin has reported a since-patched remote code execution hole in Paypal that could have allowed attackers to hijack production systems. The critical vulnerability affecting revealed overnight was reported 13 December and patched soon after disclosure. It allowed …
Team Register, 27 Jan 2016

RSA asks for plaintext Twitter passwords on conference reg page

Scores of security bods registering for security outfit RSA's Executive Security Action Forum (ESAF) have handed over their Twitter account passwords to the company's website in what is seen something between bad practice and outright compromise. The registration process for the February 29 event asks delegates to enter their …
Team Register, 22 Jan 2016
Imperials uniform Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode VIII delayed by six months

The Force is … well what is The Force, exactly? At a guess, perhaps it has slowed down time in Hollywood given Disney has announced a delay to the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII. The as-yet-un-subtitled next instalment of what Disney calls “The Saga” is apparently “currently in preproduction and will begin principal …
Team Register, 21 Jan 2016

Speaking in Tech: 'Software will become more integrated into the IBM story'

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Sarah is out while Ed returns to talk passwords, drones, Google and Diane Greene. Our special guest this week is Jesse Proudman, founder of BlueBox, now an IBM company. And here are the details ... (1:00) …
Team Register, 20 Jan 2016

Cisco patches borked web box proxy hole

Cisco has patched a vulnerability in its Web Security Appliance that allows unauthenticated remote attackers to bypass security controls. The bug (CVE-2016-1296) allows attackers to use proxies when such traffic should be restricted. Affected users of versions 8.5.3-055, 9.1.0-000, and 9.5.0-235 should apply the released fix …
Team Register, 20 Jan 2016

Amazon cloud increasingly powered by hot air

Amazon Web Services' aspiration to power its clouds with not much more than hot air are closer to fruition, after the company flicked the switch on its first wind farm. The 150 megawatt facility on Fowler Ridge in Benton County, Indiana starting pumping out electrons on the first of January when it made over “1.1 million …
Team Register, 18 Jan 2016

Updated Android malware steals voice two factor authentication

Malware-makers are stepping up the assault on Android handsets and are now quietly redirecting phone calls to steal voice-based two factor authentication details. An update to the Android.Bankosy trojan horse means it not only locks down handsets but steals data from hacked devices. Symantec threat-throttler Dinesh Venkatesan …
Team Register, 18 Jan 2016

Skype now translates in real-time into seven languages

Microsoft has delivered its promised real time translation service in Skype. Redmond's VoIP service can now comprehend Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and convert one to another as you chat. With one caveat: it's on Windows only for now, although Microsoft promises more languages and …
Team Register, 15 Jan 2016

Norway cops, Europol, throw cage over RAT

Five hackers arrested last month in a sting coordinated by Norway police have been revealed as running the MegalodonHTTP remote access trojan. The Kripos-Europol operation codenamed "OP Falling sTAR" has been kept largely under wraps until security firm Damballa revealed the name of the malware involved. The US security firm …
Team Register, 15 Jan 2016

Cloud Security Alliance says infosec wonks would pay $1m ransoms

Some companies will pay hackers up to US$1 million in ransoms to claw back stolen data according to a poll by the Cloud Security Alliance. The survey garnered 209 respondents of which half were in IT security and a third from tech with most hailing from companies with up to 1000 staff and a quarter from large enterprises with …
Team Register, 14 Jan 2016
Shounting man in suit image via Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: The worst CEO of 2015? Have a listen

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Ed is missing so Amy Lewis jumps in to take his seat while we talk about documentaries, podcast pimps, dead phones and adult toys at Amazon. And the details are as follows: (1:00) Amy pinch hits for Ed (2 …
Team Register, 13 Jan 2016