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Bangladesh government domain turned into toxic phishing hole

Netcraft security man Paul Mutton says the Bangladesh Government has been used in banking phishing attacks targeting customers of Wells Fargo, Google, and AOL. The domains are restricted Government assets which Mutton says could indicate lax security controls. The popped server is located in the UK hosted by Nibs Solutions …
Team Register, 20 May 2016
Still from HBO fantasy miniseries "Game of Thrones". Copyright HBO

Speaking in Tech: Tech layoffs in San Francisco - will cuts go 'global'?

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise It's The Reg's weekly tech newscast, hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis. This week the trio discuss layoffs, buttons and Twitter links. Their special guest this week is Richard Seroter, Sr, Director of Product at Pivotal. Here are the details… (1:00) Yoko …
Team Register, 18 May 2016
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, aged 81, of the United Kingdom. Photo taken during a visit in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Queen's Speech: Ministers, release the spaceplanes!*

Promises on broadband make up the mainstay of a new Digital Bill, first revealed at The Register back in January and formally revealed in the Queen’s Speech today. It’s one of 21 new legislative proposals. The speech reiterated plans to create the right for every household to access high speed broadband. The plans for a …
Team Register, 18 May 2016

YouTube Red comes to Australia

Google has flicked the switch on the Australian version of “YouTube Red”, the twelve bucks a month version of the service that features no ads and allows online viewing. If you pony up you also get access to a clutch of YouTube Originals that extend the output of popular YouTubers and look to be aimed squarely at the youth …
Team Register, 18 May 2016

Smut apps infecting Androids with long-gestation nasties

Dell security researcher Alex Dubrovsky says malware writers have started a campaign that will soon see financially-motivated and/or data-stealing attacks plunder older Android devices through infected porn apps. Android allows users to install apps that replace the lock screen and imbue it with different functionality. It's …
Team Register, 16 May 2016
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How ING Bank built a bank-in-a-box in its private cloud and deploys it weekly

PROMO Data centres exist to run applications. Which means data centres shouldn't slow you down when you work to develop more powerful apps that deliver insights and delight customers. ING Bank knows this well: it's built a bank-in-a-box in its private cloud it can re-deploy weekly to add new functions. If you'd like to learn how …
Team Register, 13 May 2016
Uber logo

Speaking in Tech: Uber and Lyft tell Austin: Hell no, we won't give you the finger

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Sarah Vela and Ed Saipetch. This week the dynamic duo discuss Uber, Ford, Twitter, Cisco and more. Our special guest this week is Ben Kepes, technology evangelist, investor, commentator and business adviser. Here are the details: (1:00) Uber drama in Austin (8 …
Team Register, 11 May 2016

Panama Papers finally online

A searchable database of 320,000 offshore companies and trusts from the Panama Papers and the Offshore Leaks investigations is now online. That's the data leaked from Panamanian legal firm Mossack Fonseca and ultimately given to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists to pore over. You can find out more on …
Team Register, 09 May 2016

Sneaky Lenovo patches hole

Lenovo has quietly patched a hole in the software it bundles with its laptops and desktop PCs that can be exploited by malicious code to hijack the hardware. The Lenovo Solution Center can elevate malware and other nasties on machines a leg up to system-level privileges. It has been fixed in version 3.3.002, according to this …
Team Register, 06 May 2016

Comcast screws family

Another week, another Con-cast tale. US cable giant Comcast has blamed a computer cockup for billing a Florida family for pay-per-view adult films they hadn't ordered. Alyssa and Jason Overstreet cancelled their subscription and sent back their cable box after they were charged for watching 20 X-rated flicks over the space of …
Team Register, 05 May 2016

Tax fraud wave swells after criminals pop ADP payroll data forms

An unknown number of staff at US corporations are at high risk of having their tax returns plundered after criminals siphoned their publicly-disclosed personal details and a unique company URL to obtain their records from payroll provider ADP. The breach disclosed by Krebsonsecurity does not appear to be a direct breach of ADP …
Team Register, 05 May 2016
OpenStack's "Dope 'N Stack" campaign

Speaking in Tech: The Gartner and OpenStack smack-talk episode

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, the whole gang is together to talk about Gartner, Greg’s hiatus, Tucci on a hoverboard and vCloud Air. Our special guest this week is Ron Bianchini, President and CEO of Avere Systems. @Knieriemen Great. You' …
Team Register, 04 May 2016
Man shouting the news from a rolled up newspaper

Locky locks down

Ransomware scum have deployed PGP to block researchers. Authors of the hugely prolific and as-yet unbroken Locky ransomware are using Pretty Good Privacy encryption to stop white hats peering into the communications traffic between victims and fleecers. It means statistics on the number of infections will be harder to clean …
Team Register, 04 May 2016

Adblock+ has cake, eats it

Web ad stripper Adblock Plus is teaming up with micro-payments biz Flattr to create Flattr Plus, which aims to sprinkle some money on web writers and online creative types. The idea is that you give Flattr Plus a bunch of cash a month, it takes a cut and then distributes what's left to the websites you visit the most. Adblock …
Team Register, 03 May 2016
Carnival dancers in Brazil

Brazil lifts WhatsApp ban

WhatsApp is no longer banned in Brazil after an appeals judge in the South American nation reversed an earlier ruling. On Monday, a Brazilian judge ordered the Facebook-owned messaging service to be shut down across the country for 72 hours. It's understood WhatsApp had refused to hand over messages to cops investigating an …
Team Register, 03 May 2016

Miniature car maker drops massive malware

Popular die cast car manufacturer Maisto has been slinging the deadly Angler exploit kit which in turn installs the Cryptxxx ransomware on victim machines. The site appears to have been compromised through an outdated Joomla content management system in what is likely the pseudo-darkleech campaign reported by Sucuri. …
Team Register, 03 May 2016

All US spy requests OK'd

Every single request by US g-men to carry out electronic surveillance in 2015 was approved by America's secret intelligence court. The US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is supposed to oversee and scrutinize spying operations, received 1,457 requests from the NSA and FBI to tap people's communications – and …
Team Register, 02 May 2016
management intelligence

QNB confirms breach

Qatar National Bank has confirmed a customer data leak. News of the leak of customer data first emerged last week, as The Register reported. After first being deleted from its original drop-site, the 500 MB zipfile was posted to The following day, the bank said it was investigating the leak. The bank has now …
Team Register, 01 May 2016
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Slack pulls leaked creds

Messaging system Slack has plugged last week's chatbot vulnerability. As disclosed last week by Detectify, Slack developers creating custom corporate chatbots were leaving login access tokens in source code uploaded to Github. Slack has sent a response to Detectify, here, in which it says it is permanently deactivating the …
Team Register, 01 May 2016

True security means better response to hacks, not bigger walls to block hackers

PROMO It's not a matter of whether your digital infrastructure will be attacked: it's a matter of when. How you prepare for the inevitable is therefore critical. Earl Matthews, HPE's vice-president of enterprise security solutions, says you've got three choices when planning your security strategy. You can prioritise blocking …
Team Register, 29 Apr 2016

Neural network on a stick

Californian firm Movidius has released a neural computing USB stick. The firm's Myriad chip powers the likes of Google's Project Tango development kit and version two helps DJI’s flagship Phantom 4 drones helping it to better avoid obstacles. Moviduis also released the Fathom deep learning software framework which complements …
Team Register, 29 Apr 2016

Dentist reps ship malware

The American Dental Association has sent infected USBs to dentists. The gaffe reported in forums and spotted by KrebsonSecurity affected what is thought to be a small number of USB sticks sent out to help dentists track billing and insurance claims. The malware type is not revealed but the Association says antivirus should …
Team Register, 29 Apr 2016

Facebook gov slurp rise

The number of requests from governments for Facebook user records increased 13 per cent from the first half of 2015 to the second half of the year, we're told. According to the social network's latest transparency report, cops and g-men asked for people's account data 46,763 times in the six months to December 31. " …
Team Register, 29 Apr 2016

Mozilla slings Firefox patches at flaw found by GCHQ's infosec arm

In version 46 of its popular Firefox web browser, Mozilla has patched 10 vulnerabilities, some rated either critical or high severity, that permitted remote code execution. One of the patched high-severity flaws was burned reported by the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the information security limb of the UK …
Team Register, 28 Apr 2016
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ASUS router vulns patched

Unauthenticated users can rip unsalted passwords from Asus routers. Critically the pwning of the high-end consumer routers requires users to enable anonymous access to FTP servers. Users can thanks to insecure default configuration access all sensitive parts of the system without the possibility of restrictions being …
Team Register, 28 Apr 2016