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speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise

Speaking in Tech: Open Source fixes a Microsoft engineering problem

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week Podcast Idol returns with Nick Howell joining Greg and Ed to host this week’s episode where the boys discuss a new browser, layoffs at Cisco and Powershelgl gets open sourced. Our special guest this week is Brian Clifton, a developer at Brave. The details… (0:00 …
Team Register, 24 Aug 2016
Idea conceptual illustration: Loads of crumpled up balls of paper and one "shining lightbulb one" (the good idea). Photo by Shutterstock

Think you’re a trailblazer in tech? Prove it

Promo If you’re a young tech startup just itching for recognition, you should probably know that you have just 17 days to get your entry in for the 2016 Tech Trailblazers awards. This set of virtual awards doesn’t aim to reward the fluffy or the shiny. Over the last six years, they’ve honoured innovation in the sort of areas that …
Team Register, 23 Aug 2016
Image by Walther S

FireEye probes Clinton foundation hack: Reports

Hillary Clinton's charitable foundation has hired security colossus FireEye to investigate a possible breach, Reuters reports. The foundation has not confirmed the reports based on sources familiar with the investigation. It is reported attackers gained access to the foundation's network through targeted phishing attacks. …
Team Register, 22 Aug 2016
Chinese Buffet self-service

Speaking in Tech: Intel joins ARMs race – even Chipzilla needs to Make All The Things

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers co-hosts the podcast this week with Greg and Ed to discuss Intel, the death of private clouds, IoT and OpenStack. Our special guest this week is Eric Wright… not the rapper, the dude from VMTurbo…er… Turbonomic also known as DiscoPosse. The …
Team Register, 17 Aug 2016
Trump poster, image via Shutterstock

Trump golf privacy probe

A golf resort owned by US presidential candidate Donald Trump failed to register with the UK Information Commissioner's Office, the nation's privacy watchdog. The Grauniad reports that The Trump International Golf Club Scotland should have registered with the Office as it stores records on visitors and members and operates …
Team Register, 12 Aug 2016

France wants backdoor entry

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve appears to be calling for backdoors in encryption so Western intelligence can read people's text messages. As ever, the reason for this is: terrorism. Popular apps, like WhatsApp and Signal, use strong end-to-end encryption to secure people's conversations from eavesdroppers, and the …
Team Register, 11 Aug 2016
Comcast outage map

IP mapping hell couple sues

A couple in Butler County, Kansas, US, is suing web mapping company MaxMind after their rented home was the default physical location for all IP addresses in America. Whenever anyone used MaxMind's geoIP databases to look up where an internet IP address is associated, the software would default to the coordinates 38.0000,-97. …
Team Register, 10 Aug 2016
Woman uses card reader at coffeee shop. Photo by Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: Nope, sorry waiter. I won't pay with that card reader

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This is the first week of our "Podcast Idol" competition at our weekly tech podcast – with Fred "Spike" Nix, Ed Saiptech and special guest, John Williams, President of Reduxio. This week the group discusses Delta's power outage, AWS at the top of Public Cloud and Oracle's …
Team Register, 10 Aug 2016
Microsoft Azure

Azure wobbles

Microsoft is warning that some Azure users will struggle to access the cloud service'sAzure Accounts Portal. Clicking on the link above may produce a "could not complete operation" error. Microsoft engineers “have identified a backed process software bug as a potential underlying cause. Engineers are currently deploying a …
Team Register, 10 Aug 2016
Twitter for Mac New

Twitter flogs office space

Hardup Twitter is subleasing 183,642ft2 of its posh headquarters in San Francisco. If you're interested: that's 78,792 ft2 at 1355 Market St and three spaces whose area totals 104,850ft2 at the adjacent One 10th St – enough to hold 1,400 workers, we're told. Twitter, the city's second largest tech employer, has a global …
Team Register, 09 Aug 2016
Old school emissions testing at the EU's Joint Research Centre

More VW cheatware 'found'

US watchdogs have found three pieces of so-called emissions cheatware in Volkswagen's three-liter diesel engines, according to German Sunday tabloid Bild am Sonntag. The dodgy code, we're told, lifts limits on engine output after 22 minutes of operation – that's rather convenient because air pollution tests by regulators last …
Team Register, 08 Aug 2016

Genesys stalks Avaya: report

Genesys Labs is poised to write a US$3 billion cheque for Avaya's call centre and customer service business, reports Reuters. Genesys is a call centre specialist that, like everyone else in the field, is trying to take transplant its customer service expertise into “omnichannel” service spanning voice calls and any imaginable …
Team Register, 08 Aug 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere

Users are reporting that upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update renders their PCs unusable. A lengthy Reddit thread explains the problem: the Anniversary Update installs just fine, but when users re-start their PCs after the upgrade … nothing happens. Users report that their PCs simply hang on restart, sometimes …
Team Register, 08 Aug 2016
The audience at Continuous Lifecycle London

Continuous Lifecycle 2017 call for papers is open

Continuous Lifecycle is coming back to London next May, and it’s time for you to play your part by responding to our call for papers. We’re looking for conference presentations and all-day workshops that span the full range of agile, DevOps, application lifecycle management, CD and container technologies and methodologies. …
Team Register, 05 Aug 2016

Fortinet axes two per cent of workforce, chops 100 sales, ad staff, execs

Fortinet has laid off 100 sales and marketing staff along with an unknown number of executives, as part of a company wide restructure that has axed about two percent of its workforce The job losses flow from the company's acquisition of IT operations analytics outfit AccelOps in June 2016. Fortinet told The Register in a …
Team Register, 05 Aug 2016

Olympics bans GIFs

Sharing sporting moments at the 2016 Olympics as animated GIFs has been outlawed by the International Olympics Committee. The ban really only applies to the media, before you panic. However, we suspect that if the IOC had its way, we'd all be forbidden from tweeting or Vining animated GIFs and WebMs from the Rio games. After …
Team Register, 04 Aug 2016
Image by Maksim Kabakou

Microsoft boosts PKI, ISO certs to harden Azure cloud

Microsoft has bumped up security for its Azure cloud platform by adding support for X.509 certificates for device-level authentication, and bagging an ISO integrity ticket. Adding X.509 means Microsoft thinks its cloud will be better at handling internet-of-things traffic to the Azure IoT Hub, according to Azure partner …
Team Register, 04 Aug 2016

Got a genius enterprise tech idea? Tell the world about it

We hear plenty about genius startups that might change the way we communicate, shop, or date. We hear a lot less about the genius startups that are focused on innovating in the enterprise - you know, the place where you spend most of your lives. That’s why The Register has become the media partner for the 2016 Tech Trailblazer …
Team Register, 03 Aug 2016
Young woman in headphones sits at mixing desk in radio/podcast studio. Photo by Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: Thousands audition, millions vote.... One wins. It's Podcast Idol

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week Greg returns to our weekly tech-cast just as one of the co-hosts has decided it is time to move on. This week we discuss private equity and HPE, Oracle and NetSuite, being “the man” and some tearful goodbyes. The details… (1:00) The bitch is back (6:35) …
Team Register, 03 Aug 2016
Illustration of a "bitcoin" dissolving into numbers. Photo by SHutterstock

$67M in bitcoin stolen as hacking typhoon lashes Hong Kong's Bitfinex

One of the world's most popular Bitcoin exchanges Bitfinex has been torn apart with hackers making off with around US$65 million (£49 million, A$87 million) in the cryptocurrency. The Hong Kong company replaced its homepage with a statement on the hack but did not detail losses or the means by which the site was breached. It …
Team Register, 03 Aug 2016

Hospital hackers leak 156GB

Miscreants have taken 156GB of sensitive medical files and internal documents from the Central Ohio Urology group in the US – and leaked the lot online. That's according to those who have inspected the dumped data, which appeared briefly in a publicly shared Google Drive account on Monday. The 105,000 swiped files were …
Team Register, 03 Aug 2016
Steve Jobs with OS X interface designers in 2001 shortly before the beta release

OS X file guard tool in alpha

A new OS X utility called FlockFlock that monitors file-system accesses for malicious activity is available as an alpha release for experienced developers to test. Written by computer forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski, the open-source software hopes to thwart "ransomware, spyware or other malicious programs that might …
Team Register, 03 Aug 2016
Sulawesi Slender Root-Rat

Russia reports RAT scurrying through govt systems, chewing data

Russia's Government is reporting that malware designed to steal data has been found in state systems at two dozen agencies and critical institutions. Moscow did not reveal the names of the targeted agencies nor which attacks were successful and what data if any was stolen. Military, scientific, and critical infrastructure …
Team Register, 01 Aug 2016
Two fingers, photo via Shutterstock

Uber: Why we use MySQL

Uber infrastructure engineer Evan Klitzke has blogged this week about why the ride app maker switched from Postgres to MySQL. Typically, Postgres is seen as the hip and trendy RDBMS and an obvious choice over MySQL, but Klitzke says Postgres hit several brick walls: Postgres served us well in the early days of Uber, but we ran …
Team Register, 27 Jul 2016
Businesspeople look at folder of papers in shock. Photo by Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: Just expense it! You know you want to...

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week our techcasters – Sarah, Ed and Amy – talk smack about Yahoo, DNC emails and business expenses. Our special guest this week is Sumeet Singh, founder and CEO AppFormix. The details… (1:00) Epic road trips: “Anything green helps…” (5:07) Verizon, where old web …
Team Register, 27 Jul 2016