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Walmart spied on workers' Tweets, blogs before protests

Walmart has recruited aerospace, defence and security concern Lockheed Martin to comb open source intelligence in the lead up to Black Friday union protests, Bloomberg reports. The super-colossal retailer has a difficult history with unions and engaged the defence contractor to keep tabs on its employees in the run up to the …
Team Register, 30 Nov 2015

Lenovo slings privilege patches at in-built tools

IOActive security bod Sofiane Talmat has found two since-patched privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Lenovo System Update utility. The tool keeps drivers and BIOS up to date. Talmat found the tool's help function contains a vulnerability (CVE-2015-8109) that can allow regular users to gain administrative access. "Since …
Team Register, 26 Nov 2015
big dog little dog, image Shutterstock

Speaking in Tech: Is Dell's EMC acquisition doomed, or just too big to fail?

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, with Sarah still on her travels, Amy Lewis joins Eddie and Greg to talk Dell/EMC, storage stocks, the wild world of storage (featuring Pure and Nimble), and bad certificates. Our special guest this week is …
Team Register, 25 Nov 2015
Bookshelf in the British Library basement

Amazon resets account passwords feared compromised – report appears to be asking some of its customers to reset passwords after a breach of some sort. The online bazaar apparently sent cryptic emails to some of its account holders warning them that their passwords were blabbed in some way, and therefore have to be changed. "We recently discovered that your password may have …
Team Register, 25 Nov 2015
Android icon desktop toys

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets

Four researchers have found two thirds of the most popular Android apps indulge in seemingly-useless covert chatter with remote servers. Top developers including Gameloft, Unity3d, and grillgames are implicated to varying degrees. The chatter has no use to users. About half of the traffic is related to analytics, such as that …
Team Register, 23 Nov 2015

Researchers say they've cracked the secret of the Sony Pictures hack

Damballa researchers Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni say the attackers who flayed Sony Pictures with disk-cleansing malware may have stayed hidden using newly-uncovered anti-forensics tools. The pair found the updated weaponry in the latest version of the Destover malware, best known as the malware that in November last …
Team Register, 23 Nov 2015

Android's accessibility service grants god-mode p0wn power

Michael Bentley of security-through-analytics outfit Lookout has found android malware that does not require user permission to install. Bentley, Lookout's head of response, says the Shedun malware accomplishes the feat using the Android's accessibility features. When installed the malware will use the accessibility service …
Team Register, 20 Nov 2015

Fix sweetens foul cookie that kept open Aussie tax login portals

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has crushed a cookie-related flaw in which sessions failed to close allowing the next user of a public computer to access tax records. The flaw reported to the office by Sydney Arduino tinkerer JP Liew occurs when tax payers obtain a PDF from the ATO and in doing so are directed away from the …
Team Register, 19 Nov 2015
Archer cracks the ISIS mainframe's password

Speaking in Tech: Anonymous’s ‘total war’ on ISIS – how effective can it be?

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Eddie and Greg (with Sarah taking a well-earned rest) talk Netflix, net neutrality, Anonymous, Open Source and more. Our special guest this week is Justin Warren of PivotNine. And here are the details: (1: …
Team Register, 18 Nov 2015

Today is not the day to search for a beautician in Russia

Cyphort Labs researcher Nick Bilogorskiy says ransomware authors have infected some 60 Russian websites that collectively attract more than 20 million visitors a month. The malware man says the attacks are hosted on Russian hosting site Rustelekom. Visitors to the sites could have the CTB Locker ransomware dropped through the …
Team Register, 17 Nov 2015

MetroPCS patches hole that opened 10 million user creds to plunder

T-Mobile has crushed a bug in subsidiary MetroPCS that could have allowed attackers to steal details on any of its 10 million customers, according to reports. Cinder researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh say the vulnerabilities were simple to exploit up until a patch was dropped. Motherboard exploited the vulnerabilities …
Team Register, 16 Nov 2015

Microsoft boffins build better crypto for secure medical data crunching

As genome research - and the genomes themselves - get passed around the scientific community, the world's woken up to the security and privacy risks this can involve. A Microsoft research quintet has therefore published ways to help scientists work on genomic data while reducing the risk of data theft. The team published an …
Team Register, 16 Nov 2015

Horrid checkbox download bundlers drop patch-frozen Chrome

The public service announcement is simple: only install browsers from their vendors' sites, because software attics are planting malware. A download bundler has been caught unloading junk that will kill user's browser updates across the likes of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The bundler - part of what amounts …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2015

Yahoo! spills! user! account! beans! in! 60%! of! gov! data! requests!

Yahoo! has received 5,221 government requests for user data in the first six months of this year, and coughed up some sort of information at least 60 percent of the time. The statistics are part of Purple Palace's latest transparency report detailing government requests for customer data. A total of 7,817 Yahoo! responses …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2015

Ransomware-as-a-service surfaces, wants 10 percent profit cut

Web scum are offering another ransomware as a service model under which ill-gotten gains are split between VXers and buyers. The CryptoLocker service by FAKBEN ransomware noted by Salted Hash is the creation of an individual or VXer group that is flogging its ransomware through a Tor Hidden Service. No technical information …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2015
Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth SIG hints at 2016 roadmap

Crackers and hackers will no longer need to get up close and personal with Bluetooth devices to launch attacks: the next iteration of the standard will get a fourfold increase in range. The Bluetooth SIG is previewing a bunch of changes it plans for 2016, and it's drunk deeply from the Internet of Things Kool-Aid bottle. …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2015

Twitter DM character limit liberation spells opportunity for botnets

London security researcher Paul Amar has built a tool capable of exploiting Twitter's extended direct messaging function for covert botnet command and control. Amar created Twittor which allows attackers of white or black hats to create a fleet of compromised machines that can communicate, receive instructions, and update over …
Team Register, 13 Nov 2015

Speaking in Tech: 'Look, Snapchat is porn... it isn't regulated!'

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, everyone is back to talk about Cisco, over-priced watches, Snapchat porn and more. Our special guest this week is Mark Twomey (AKA Storagezilla). Here are the details: (1:00) Eddie, the Forbidden City, …
Team Register, 11 Nov 2015

Sophos undertakes unified unified threat management unification

Sophos has launched a threat intelligence sharing platform 'XG' for its endpoint and network security firewalls and unified threat management systems. It means kit within homogeneous Sophos houses will be able to share threat intelligence data such as an endpoint screaming to network security boxens whenever an employee runs …
Team Register, 10 Nov 2015
Apple Watch lineup

7 million Apple Watches just buried the competition – Canalys

Apple has shipped nearly seven million of its Watches since Cupertino launched the device in April this year. According to Canalys, Apple has hugely outstripped all of its smartwatch competition. The seven million figure, the analyst house noted, was "in excess of all other vendors' combined shipments over the previous five …
Team Register, 05 Nov 2015

Speaking in Tech: Larry Ellison pipes up on EMC/Dell – it's all yours Michael

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise It's our weekly tech podcast, hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Eddie is wandering around Germany while Sarah and Greg talk about Australia, Oracle, Microsoft's limited storage and Twitter hearts. Our special guest this week is John Troyer of …
Team Register, 04 Nov 2015
ISO7816 Tattoo

CSC, NetCracker IT staff worked on US military telecoms 'without govt security clearance'

This article has been moved. Click here to continue. ® ISO7816 Tattoo
Team Register, 03 Nov 2015
Beer taps at a pub. Via

Speaking in Tech: Podcasting from a Pub Down Under

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise It's a special episode of El Reg's techcast this week, with your host Greg Knieriemen, recorded live in Gold Coast Australia with an all-star panel who talk about Dell, data retention, "cloud washing" and Virtuestream. Special guests include Sam Johnston, CTO, CSC ANZ; Ben …
Team Register, 28 Oct 2015

Dad who shot 'snooping vid drone' out of the sky is cleared of charges

A father who shot down a drone that was hovering over his family home in Kentucky has been cleared of all charges. Dad-of-two William Merideth thought the quadcopter was spying on his daughters in their yard in Hillview, and blasted the gizmo out of the sky with a shotgun. That earned him the title "Drone Slayer" from pro- …
Team Register, 27 Oct 2015
Vulture Velo cycling jersey

What would you give to create Vulture Sweat?

What would you give to create Vulture sweat? We're hoping you'll give a few dollars because this is a very good cause. Reg APAC Editor Simon Sharwood will make some Vulture Sweat this coming weekend, as he participates in the “Gongride”, the annual bike ride from Sydney to the nearby city of Wollongong. At 83kms and 415 …
Team Register, 26 Oct 2015

Speaking in Tech: Stephen Hawking, you’re wrong. Tech IS good (generally)

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This week, tech podcast host Greg Knieriemen is flying across the globe and Ed Saipetch is absent so Sarah Vela is joined by special guest co-hosts Julia Weatherby and Amy Lewis with our special guest from Down Under, Justin Warren of PivotNine, to discuss IBM, nerd fights, …
Team Register, 21 Oct 2015

OpenBSD source tree turns 20 – version 5.8 of project preps for show time

OpenBSD's source tree just turned 20 years old. Today the project has 322,000 commits and contributions from more than 350 hackers since 1995. Its founder, Theo de Raadt, may be known for his cantankerous outbursts, but he's currently in a reflective and even – dare we say it – celebratory mood. de Raadt gave us a flavour of …
Team Register, 18 Oct 2015

Speaking in Tech: Laugh it up, Dell/EMC cloud guys... while you can

Podcast It's another episode of our weekly techcast, hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week it's a full house to talk about Dell and EMC, but there was also news from AWS re:Invent, Safe Harbor and Apple. Our special guests this week are Stu Miniman, senior analyst at Wikibon and Brian Gracely, Wikibon …
Team Register, 14 Oct 2015

Man goes to collect stolen-car court docs found in stolen car in stolen car

A teenager on probation for car theft has been arrested after court documents relating to that car theft were found alongside identifiable personal items in a second stolen car. These items were subsequently collected from the police station by the suspect, who arrived in a third stolen vehicle. Carnell Eugene Butler, 18, "now …
Team Register, 12 Oct 2015
Apple a day  by Robert Holf CC 2.0 attribution

'We jokingly call Apple the Tesla graveyard. Cook gets our sloppy rejects. LOL'

QuoTW Welcome once again to our smorgasbord of tech quips, quotes and quibbles from the past seven days. This week, rocket man Elon Musk – a billionaire big-mouthed bloke who regularly features in QuoTW – outdid himself with this delightful swipe at Cupertino. Important engineers? [Apple] have hired people we've fired. We always …
Team Register, 11 Oct 2015

Cash-hungry Google chief upgrades advertising veeps

Google's recently-uploaded chief Sundar Pichai has made his first big management changes to the ad giant since assuming the top dog role in August. It comes just a week after Google morphed into its new holding company, Alphabet – headed up by the multinational's co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. According to Re/code, …
Team Register, 10 Oct 2015
Tim Worstall victory dance at his Reg lecture

So how does an SQL background help you survive 2.5 years as a hostage?

Reg events If you’ve ever wondered how you’d cope under the sort of pressure that can crack the hardest of military nuts you’ll want to get along to our final lecture of 2015 on December 1. That’s because long-time Reg reader Peter Moore will be telling us how he went to the office one day in 2007 to work on a finance system for the …
Team Register, 09 Oct 2015

Adobe to brick eight Acrobat, Reader flaws next Tuesday

Adobe will be brick over eight holes in a patch run next week. Acrobat will receive the lion's share of fixes; these include Acrobat DC, Reader DC, and XI. Adobe Reader X and XI will each receive a patch for versions 10.1.15 and 11.0.12 respectively. All patches apply to Windows and Mac offerings. The advanced notification …
Team Register, 09 Oct 2015

New mystery Windows-smashing RAT found in corporate network

Malware man Yotam Gottesman has found a somewhat mysterious remote access Trojan on a corporate network that sports highly capable evasion techniques. The Ensilo researcher says the Trojan, dubbed Moker, is not known to antivirus databases and can bypass and disable Windows security measures. Bypassed security systems …
Team Register, 08 Oct 2015
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Speaking in Tech: Amazon wants all your data ... on a disk

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Sarah is out but Amy Lewis sits in with Greg and Ed to discuss AWS, the move to Big Data, VMware and Apple parting ways, and cloud app protection. This week we discuss... (1:00) Trade: Amy sits in for Sarah …
Team Register, 07 Oct 2015

Now it's the security industry's turn to be burned by cloud

Amazon has launched web application firewall to help customers guard against common web exploits. The web attic touts the service as a means to ink custom rules to block attack patterns like SQL injection and cross-site scripting and offering the ability to quickly deploy application rules. Rules can be set based on IP …
Team Register, 07 Oct 2015
Vulture velo jersey detail

Vulture-branded LYCRA can be yours, if you're feeling charitable

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a very nasty disease. It takes most of its victims young and attacks their central nervous system. Severity and symptoms vary, but the disease progressively disables sufferers and eventually kills them. MS Australia raises funds to research the disease in the hope of finding a cure, and also provides …
Team Register, 06 Oct 2015

Avast antivirus hole patched after public Project Zero slap

Google Project Zero hacker Tavis Ormandy has found a since-patched vulnerability in Avast antivirus that allows attackers to gain remote code execution privileges. Ormandy says the man-in-the-middle diddle Avast uses to conduct encrypted traffic analysis as it hits browsers is insecure, thanks to bad X.509 certificate parsing …
Team Register, 06 Oct 2015
Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi

GENUINE STARSHIP as used by PRINCESS LEIA sold for just $450k

Princess Leia's CR90 Corvette, also known as the Rebel blockade runner, has been sold at a Los Angeles auction for $450,000. The miniature film prop was the first ship to appear in the Star Wars franchise, appearing straight after the famous opening text crawl from the first film Episode IV: A New Hope. Leia's ship is …
Team Register, 06 Oct 2015
Old beardy man thinking. Pic: Henadz via Flickr

Beard transplants up 600% for men 'lacking length elsewhere'

Hipsters lacking beards have splashed up to $7,000 on beard transplants. Some suspicious stats from "medical tourism" blog Medigo, have suggested a 600 per cent rise in the number of beard transplant operations between 2004 and 2014. "Beards are seen as a symbol of power and virility," the info graphic stated. "Lacking length …
Team Register, 05 Oct 2015

'Can you hear me now? Oh Peeple, you're so mean *sad face*. It's a leftist agenda!'

QuoTW This week we remembered Seymour Cray, memorialised BlackBerry 10 and got a peek at Elon Musk's new baby. So let's take a look at some of the best quotes from the past seven days. It's been a shitty couple of weeks for Volkswagen, thanks to the ballooning emissions scandal. But don't worry, the German car giant's board of …
Team Register, 04 Oct 2015

Mysterious brown spots and a different kind of mouse support

On-Call Welcome once again to On-Call, our regular look at the messes readers find themselves in when asked to go to help out their clients. This week, we've heard from Reg reader Pat, who tells us about the time he responded to a request for tech help from a user who was puzzled by the strange behaviour of a printer. "I was minding …
Team Register, 04 Oct 2015
Pluto and Charon. Credits: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI

Pluto's moon SPLIT OPEN by ancient FROZEN OCEAN

Pics Yet more pictures of Pluto and its moon have been sent back to Earth from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft – this time indicating a colossal geological upset in Charon's past. The latest spectacular images of the satellite orbiting the remote, icy dwarf planet reveal what NASA boffins have described as "a belt of fractures and …
Team Register, 03 Oct 2015
register logo

CIOs: Tell us about your biggest disaster and how you survived it

Reg roundtable Walt Disney said “a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you”. Well, for all his talents, Walt wasn’t attempting to secure an aging IT system while evolving a vision to “digitalise” his company and secure its future in the long-term. We suspect that’s what many of our senior readers are doing, though, and …
Team Register, 02 Oct 2015

Speaking in Tech: Hello from Spiceworld – no, not THAT Spiceworld

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week Ed and Sarah are in Austin for Spiceworks' annual convention – Spiceworld – where they discuss China, Citrix and selfie deaths, while digging deep into Spiceworks' culture with special guest Scott Abel, former …
Team Register, 30 Sep 2015

Twitter signs Edward Snowden to write for them for free

Former NSA sysadmin Edward Snowden, famed for leaking colossal quantities of secret government information to selected journalists, has decided to supply free content to microblurt advertising platform Twitter. Increasingly comfortable in Russian exile, it seems - while reportedly still seeking asylum elsewhere - the one-time …
Team Register, 30 Sep 2015
By Henrik Ishihara licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

MACAQUE ATTACK: Monkey plunders Florida resident's box, gobbles contents

"Shortly after 8am," reported Florida's Sanford Police Department (SPD), "we received a call from a Sanford resident who lives in the Hidden Lakes subdivision, reporting that a monkey was eating mail out of a mailbox." The mail-munching macaque caused the neighbourhood to go bananas when someone happened to see her "and …
Team Register, 30 Sep 2015

Marijuana from heaven: Bundle of blow bombs bow-wow's boudoir

A 26lbs bundle of cannabis appeared from the sky and bombed through the roof of a carport in the Arizona town of Nogales. Maya Donnelly heard what she thought was thunder during the night, but later that morning found wood strewn across the ground around a bulky bundle wrapped in black plastic. Therein was the big old chunk …
Team Register, 29 Sep 2015

World panics, children cry, workers sigh ... TITSUP

Updated Bosses cheered worldwide as fell over once again, forcing people to put down their phones, close their private-browsing tabs, and do some work. Yes, even if it is Monday. It appears is completely dead now, apart from a static error page, although it showed some signs of life for a few people earlier. …
Team Register, 28 Sep 2015
Veil Nebula. Image credit: Credits: NASA/ESA/Hubble Heritage Team

Astroboffins snap BREATHTAKING, WISPY Veil Nebula supernova debris

Vid NASA has released spectacular new photos of a massive star's remnants, dubbed Veil Nebula, following an ancient supernova explosion. Boffins captured the images with the Hubble Space Telescope to show off the debris of the gigantic star, which exploded roughly 8,000 years ago when the supernova that created the Veil Nebula …
Team Register, 27 Sep 2015