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Epson P-3000 photo viewer and media player

Review Epson is probably not the first name that springs to mind when deciding which PMP to buy, and its P-3000 - a numerically and technically updated version of the company's well-received P-2000 - provides a slightly askew interpretation of what's traditionally expected from a portable media player. Epson P-3000 Epson's P-3000 …
Duncan Madden, 07 Sep 2007

Archos 605 Wi-Fi personal media player

Review Archos' 605 Wi-Fi represents the flagship model of the French manufacturer's fifth generation of Personal Media Players (PMPs). And although it may not look entirely dissimilar to its predecessors, the 605 brings plenty of new features to the table. Archos 605 Wi-Fi multi-media player Archos' 605 Wi-Fi: hugely capacious …
Duncan Madden, 06 Sep 2007

PC or not PC? Ten desktops on test

Group Test The desktop PC is a truly versatile animal, capable of running both our business and personal lives as well as entertaining us like nothing else since the television entered our world. Whether you want an all-encompassing budget marvel or a high-end gaming beast, there's a system out there to suit you. It's just a question of …
Duncan Madden, 08 Jun 2007

Screen stars: Ten HDTVs on test

Group Test The world of TV is changing, as HD hits the mainstream and digital broadcasting finally overtakes analog. There are myriad options available too, from plasma to LCD, little to gargantuan and everything in between. One for every flavour then... Evesham Alqemi 32TX Evesham Alqemi 32TX - "Big Wednesday" image copyright Warner …
Duncan Madden, 18 May 2007
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Easy cam, easy go: camcorders on test

Group Test The stigma of the camcorder as a provider of rubbish quality "comedy" footage shot solely to keep Harry Hill in a job is over. Be it HD pro movie making or just YouTube-style improv clips, there are myriad models on offer so suit any and all budgets... Sony HDR-UX3E Sony HDR UX3 camcorder Sony's new AVCHD-format …
Duncan Madden, 24 Apr 2007

Show me the way to go home: GPS on test

Group Test Gone are the days of thumbing through your dog-eared 1988 AA route map while trying to navigate the fast lane of the M25 in search of your pal's new London pad. For now is the time of satellite navigation. Over the past three years, the market has been flooded with a vast array of navigation units employing the Global …
Duncan Madden, 30 Mar 2007

Hit the DECT: cordless phones on test

Group Test The mobile phone may well be enjoying its time in the limelight, but like reality TV stars and the England cricket team, it probably won't last forever. Especially not when you cast your eye over this little lot, the cream of the DECT cordless-phone crop. Where these handsets are concerned, it is indeed good to talk. BT Home …
Duncan Madden, 07 Mar 2007
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Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Round-up... for her

Valentine For Her images And now, Register Hardware is proud to present the eagerly-anticipated, desperately-sought-after sequel in our romantic round-up of Valentine's Day gadget gift ideas: this time they're for her... Nabaztag What better way to say "I love you" than with a small plastic rabbit? The curiously named …
Duncan Madden, 02 Feb 2007
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Valentine's Day Gadget Gift Round-up... for him

For Him group-shot Yes, it’s that time of year again when your relationship hangs in the balance dependent purely on how good the prezzie you buy your better half really is. Well worry not, you romantic fools - we've done the hard work for you. Disclaimer: if he/she thinks it's rubbish, we accept no responsibility for …
Duncan Madden, 01 Feb 2007

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