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Get your Windows Server Online training guides here

As Microsoft encourages the shift towards Windows Server 2008, you might think that the previous versions immediately become obsolete. But demand has shown this to be false, and this is why we at Reg Books have decided to package together the key Windows Server 2003 MCSE and MCSA Online Learning products into cost-effective …
Register Books, 07 May 2008
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Get an A+ on your A+ with Register Books

Register Books is offering big discounts on a range of A+ Certification titles that cover everything you need to know to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exams. This certification delves into the workings and maintenance of the humble PC and its associated peripherals, making for a useful addition to any CV. Taking experience …
Register Books, 01 May 2008
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Content management titles at Register Books

Site offer Managing content is a key issue in any business today, and is becoming more relevant as commerce moves inexorably online. With information, services and assets worth many millions dependent on the management of information, it would be foolhardy to ignore the many content management systems available today. We’ve picked out a …
Register Books, 08 Apr 2008
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Beauty is in the eye of the CGI-holder

Site offer Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has become an art and much of what can be produced today is stunningly beautiful. Ballistic finds the best digital artists in the world and puts their work in fantastic art books. From the techniques of Kevin Lanning, part of the team that developed and designed the characters in Gears of War, …
Register Books, 14 Mar 2008
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.NET Framework fan? Get your online courses here

Register Books is offering 20 per cent off all Microsoft’s Official Online Learning courses covering the .NET Framework 2.0, all of which can help you prepare for exam 70-536 TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation. These courses are delivered online and can be activated within minutes of placing …
Register Books, 07 Mar 2008

Security can come cheaply

Security has always been a major factor in IT and continues to grow in importance. Recent government data slip-ups have only served to emphasise that security is key, whether on your home PC or in a large scale corporate system. There is little room for error and the damage can be irreparable if your systems are breached, so …
Register Books, 28 Feb 2008
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Get a head start with Windows Server 2008 online training

Windows Server 2008 is due for release on February 29, and as with most Microsoft releases, the fanfare from Seattle can be heard worldwide. Will it do what you want it to? What skills do you need? Is it any good? Register Books has a range of online learning courses with the latest information out of Redmond on this new server …
Register Books, 05 Feb 2008
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Consult the Oracle for great book savings

Site offer IDC reports that Oracle now has a 44.4 per cent market share and the latest release of Oracle 11g carries forward their vision for the database market. The titles below provide comprehensive coverage of this latest release and nearly all are 40 per cent off* on Register Books now. Oracle Database 11g New Features: Maximise the …
Register Books, 31 Jan 2008

Register Books' online courses still up for grabs

Site offer With the introduction last week of our brand new Online Learning Courses, Register Books can now consider itself to have global appeal, overcoming the many physical problems of delivery to our overseas friends. We have a huge range of courses covering many different topics, and access privileges for all of them can be delivered …
Register Books, 15 Jan 2008
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Learn online with Register Books

Site offer In the last instalment of our Christmas Offer, we mentioned that Register Books would be launching a brand new product range that we thought would be of interest to Reg readers. Many of you have taken advantage of the large range of books that Register Books have to offer but we have not, as yet, been able to fully connect with …
Register Books, 10 Jan 2008
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Geek gifts for Christmas

Site offer The final installment in our Christmas Gifts promotion is here with another eight titles. We hope you've found something in one of our "Geeks Gifts for Christmas" articles that suits one of your friends or family. We'd also like to thank all of our loyal customers throughout 2007. We will be looking to branch out with another …
Register Books, 11 Dec 2007
Christmas tree

Geek gifts for Christmas

Site offer And so we continue with the second installment of our Christmas offerings. With some of this year's expected bestsellers in the list below, it truly is a blockbuster production. To add our own bit of festive goodwill, we're offering up to 40 per cent off all titles. The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008 Edition It's back …
Register Books, 04 Dec 2007

Geeks gifts for Christmas

Site offer Last year, our Geeks Gifts for Christmas offer proved to be a roaring success with lots of you taking advantage of our great deals on both tech and not-so-tech titles in time for Christmas. In fact, it was so good we even ran a sequel. Well, in 2007 we have decided to make it bigger and better – so we're producing a trilogy of …
Register Books, 26 Nov 2007

It doesn't take much to master MySQL

Site offer MySQL is a multi-user SQL database management system with over 10 million installations worldwide. MySQL is commonly used within web applications and acts as a database component of the LAMP, MAMP and WAMP platforms. The rise of PHP as a popular web application has contributed to MySQL's popularity as they are often implemented …
Register Books, 05 Nov 2007

Exchange Server 2007 - it's here, and it's waiting

Site offer Microsoft's Exchange Server has become a key component of IT with today's business world relying more and more on mobile computing and 24-hour connectivity. The 2007 incarnation has taken the key features of this collaborative software product and improved the security, adaptability, and overall IT experience. Exchange Server …
Register Books, 17 Oct 2007

Buckle up. The Developer Highway Code's at the start line

Code development can be crucial to the success or otherwise of projects. Forget to add that security checking feature halfway through your system and the whole process is open to vulnerabilities you don't even want to contemplate. The team at Microsoft has done a bit of developing in its time and has drawn up a few guidelines …
Register Books, 09 Oct 2007

You want to learn about Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is the free Linux-based operating system designed with frequent updating in mind. Released in October 2004, it has evolved into one of the best-known branches of the Debian tree and offers a strong focus on usability and easy installation, whether it be on a laptop, desktop or server machine. With a development plan …
Register Books, 04 Oct 2007
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Brainstorm with Mindstorms

Books LEGO has been taken to the next dimension with the Mindstorms NXT intelligent bricks. These brick-shaped computers allow you to program your LEGO robot using the menus provided. If you wish, more complicated programs and sound files can be downloaded using a USB port or Bluetooth. Robotics has never been more fun, and the books …
Register Books, 20 Sep 2007
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Master Flash quick as a flash

Following on from our offers on the latest Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3 titles, we thought we couldn't look at those exciting new releases without at least visiting Flash CS3, another part of the Adobe CS3 software dynasty. As usual we've taken a look at what is out there and whittled it down to bring you a selection of …
Register Books, 04 Sep 2007
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Your one-stop shop for Photoshop

Books Photoshop Creative Suite 3 (CS3) is the latest instalment from the hugely popular image manipulation program by Adobe Systems. Photoshop has been the market leader in this field for a number of years and this latest version, CS3, is the 10th iteration. The 3 main components for improvement, as marketed by Adobe themselves, are …
Register Books, 28 Aug 2007
alarm clock teaser

I'm dreaming of...Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS3 is the first release of the powerful web design program since Adobe acquired Macromedia. It now forms part of the larger Creative Suite package and offers a host of new features as well as promising to increase efficiency in all areas of website development. Of course, with the release of a new edition of …
Register Books, 01 Aug 2007
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Project management expertise at your fingertips

Books Competent Project Management is a key skill in today's business world. From the multi-billion pound 2012 Olympic project to a small-scale software rollout in an office of 10 people, every project has its own distinct requirements that must be met to ensure the continuity of the business around it. It is to ensure this continuity …
Register Books, 25 Jul 2007
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Books for the beach – 10 titles for techies

Summer is with us, or at least it should be once the rains stops, and it’s getting to that time of year when we all take the customary two week break away from the stress and the strains of work and the modern world. Trouble is, once we’re away from it, we start to miss it. Well fear not! We at Register Books are well aware of …
Register Books, 11 Jul 2007
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ITIL 3 launch: best practices at best prices

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh programme. IT Service Management derives enormous benefits from a best practice …
Register Books, 26 Jun 2007

Handy guides to SharePoint Server 2007

Books The latest version of Microsoft's popular collaboration and productivity platform, SharePoint Server, was released towards the end of last year, and this next generation of software expands on the core capabilities of the 2003 version. Register Books has taken a look at the titles on the market for the new application and has …
Register Books, 20 Jun 2007

Command Windows with Powershell

Books Microsoft has finally answered the prayers of system administrators and developers everywhere with the introduction of Windows PowerShell, a new scripting technology that enables the automation of system management tasks and the creation of system management tools. PowerShell runs on Windows XP, 2003, and Vista. Exchange Server …
Register Books, 04 Jun 2007
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Microsoft and The Reg team up to make exam prep easy

The Register has teamed up with Microsoft Press to bring you training kits for various Microsoft certification exams with a colossal 40 per cent off the RRP*. Ace your exam preparation and ramp up quickly on the topics covered in the featured titles, so you are able to maximise your performance on the exams and apply your new …
Register Books, 11 May 2007

Get bug-free with these software testing titles

In a world where there is greater demand for more timely, concise, and accurate data, software testing has become an integral part of any organisation's endeavours for a stable IT infrastructure. Software testing helps identify the correctness, completeness, security, and quality of developed computer software, ensuring data …
Register Books, 30 Apr 2007
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Register Books' Easter sweetener

Site offer The Easter holiday is upon us, and for many it is the first chance since Christmas to get away from work, put your feet up, and take a break. Register Books thought it'd give you a break as well and slash the prices of masses of titles in our range by up to 40 per cent for this week only*. We've got thousands of titles with …
Register Books, 04 Apr 2007
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It's as easy as A, B, C#

Site offer C# has enjoyed huge success since its launch, firmly establishing itself as the premier language for development on Microsoft's .NET 2.0 platform. With the launch of the .NET 3.0 extensions in early 2007, the limits of this language are being extended, and it is becoming even more powerful leveraging these new extensions. Check …
Register Books, 27 Mar 2007
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Page after page on the QCon Conference

March 12-16, 2007, saw the Qcon Conference take place at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster, London. Yours truly, here at El Reg, sponsored the event that was advertised as "organized by the community, for the community." Covering areas such as .Net Enterprise Foundations, Agile Development, Java Emerging …
Register Books, 19 Mar 2007
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Free Stob tome for every reader ...

Site offer Our good friends at Apress have very kindly offered us another batch of Verity Stob's best selling collection of amusing stories and anecdotes to give away free with every book bought. As you all know, Verity has been filling our lives with her musings and opinions since joining Vulture Central at the end of 2005, and her …
Register Books, 13 Mar 2007
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Register Books tackles Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Taking elements inspired by Perl, Small talk, Python and LISP (among others) Ruby has grown from its 1993 conception to become a much-used interpreted scripting language for Object-Oriented Programming. Ruby on Rails provides an …
Register Books, 05 Mar 2007
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Get your jaws into Java 6

Site offer Another week, another offer. This week the techies at Register Books thought we'd offer a helping hand to all those who ply their trade in Java, the OO, platform independent programming language. We've selected the best selling titles of the genre, slashed the prices, and offered them up for your perusal as valued readers of El …
Register Books, 26 Feb 2007
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Cisco books up for grabs

Site offer Cisco is one of the leading names in global networking and is a recognised force in the areas of hardware, software, and service provision. There is hardly a company in the world that does not use a Cisco product in some way, and as a result Cisco certification is considered a powerful asset in IT around the world. Register …
Register Books, 21 Feb 2007
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So you call yourself a web professional?

Site offer With reports that UK online sales in the weeks before Christmas hit nearly £7.7bn, and with the emerging markets in the Far East stamping their mark on today's online communities, it is a brave man that will bet against the web developing still further in terms of its importance in global financial markets. SitePoint has …
Register Books, 06 Feb 2007
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Vista is here...and so are the books!

Site offer Vista has finally arrived. As of 30 January, Microsoft's new operating system was released to the general public. Most PCs shipped will now have Vista installed, and as it is the biggest step forward by Microsoft in terms of GUI applications since the introduction of Windows 95, there's going to be plenty of things that are …
Register Books, 31 Jan 2007
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Programming classics - the sequel

Site offer You've done it again. Our programming classics article went down a storm and prompted several emails back to Register Books, both praising and suggesting. Most of you agreed that we had a pretty formidable selection, but as usual, and as we wanted, you also came up with a list of books you felt deserved a place in our list ( …
Register Books, 23 Jan 2007