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Android application development

Geeks Guide2 A Geeks Guide 2 With HTC & Sony Ericsson producing stylish phones that give the iPhone a run for its money, the development for Android applications has become one of the latest crazes in the developer's playground. Today GG2 gives you an insight to the newest books covering this subject. Beginning Android 2 Beginning …
Register Books, 22 Jun 2010
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Geeks Guide 2 Cloud Computing

Geeks Guide2 A Geeks Guide 2 Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform is written for aspiring Windows Azure programmers by Roger Jennings, author of over 30 books on Microsoft technologies. It offers an excellent overview of cloud computing and provides a structured tutorial format that guides you through Jennings’ approach for …
Register Books, 11 Mar 2010
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Geeks Guide2... iPhone Development

Geeks Guide2 A Geeks Guide 2 Development for App Store applications has never been more enticing. Since our last visit to iPhone development, more than 120,000 additional applications have been added to the App Store and over 2 billion have been downloaded. Furthermore, the public’s love for everything Apple will undoubtedly continue with …
Register Books, 01 Feb 2010
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A Geeks Guide2 ...Sustainable Energy

A Geeks Guide 2 Sustainable Energy Geeks Guide2 When it comes to climate change, techies get their fair share of the abuse. Whether it's being told to unplug your mobile phone or laptop at night, or to cut down on your Google searches (why not go make a cuppa instead?), we're constantly reminded that our energy guzzling …
Register Books, 12 Oct 2009
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A Geeks Guide2 ...Windows 7 Unleashed

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Geeks Guide2 Although Windows 7 doesn't hit the shops until October 22, the first specialist Windows 7 books are now starting to arrive. This week's Geeks Guide focuses on the first book to the market - Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed. Unleashed is aimed well and truly at IT pros, power users, …
Register Books, 11 Aug 2009
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A Geeks Guide2 ...The Google Way

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Geeks Guide2 It's the start of another sweltering British summer month and the beginning of yet another set of Geeks Guide2 offers. We begin with 40% off The Google Way from French author and management consultant Bernard Girard. The Google Way analyses the elements and philosophies that have …
Register Books, 06 Aug 2009
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A Geeks Guide2 ...Microsoft Training Kits

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Geeks Guide2 You don't have to look far to see that IT jobs are disappearing right, left and centre. For those still in employment it's becoming more important than ever to show your diverse set of skills. For those looking for employment, re-skilling or certifying is a possible route to …
Register Books, 09 Jul 2009
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A Geeks Guide2 ... Programming in Scala

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Geeks Guide2 Following on from last week's JavaOne Conference, we focus our GG2 attention on the Java Platform programming language Scala. Programming in Scala from Artima is co-authored by Scala creator himself Martin Odersky, and is a chapter-by-chapter tutorial which 'promises to help you …
Register Books, 11 Jun 2009
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A Geeks Guide2 ...Windows 7 Training

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Geeks Guide2 If the development of Windows 7 were a Grand Prix, Microsoft would be coming up to the final straight. Whether or not it will cross the line a winner or come crawling into the pits remains to be seen, but as the release date comes ever closer, Microsoft has begun delivering …
Register Books, 02 Jun 2009

A Geeks Guide2 ...Design - Build - Run

Geeks Guide 2 from Register Books Coming off the back of last week’s GG2 offer on writing Solid Code, this week we’re going technical with software development. Design - Build - Run by Dave Ingram serves as a guide to designing and building production-ready software; demonstrating how and where to set the build quality bar …
Register Books, 28 Apr 2009

Register Books brings you Dorset House

Following our previous promotions (Programming Classics and Programming Classics – The Sequel) we heard that you, the user, wanted the reputable Dorset House titles – so we went and got them for you! You can now purchase from their extensive back catalogue right here on Register Books. But that's not all. We are also offering 40 …
Register Books, 21 May 2008
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Get your Windows Server Online training guides here

As Microsoft encourages the shift towards Windows Server 2008, you might think that the previous versions immediately become obsolete. But demand has shown this to be false, and this is why we at Reg Books have decided to package together the key Windows Server 2003 MCSE and MCSA Online Learning products into cost-effective …
Register Books, 07 May 2008
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Get an A+ on your A+ with Register Books

Register Books is offering big discounts on a range of A+ Certification titles that cover everything you need to know to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exams. This certification delves into the workings and maintenance of the humble PC and its associated peripherals, making for a useful addition to any CV. Taking experience …
Register Books, 01 May 2008
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Content management titles at Register Books

Site offer Managing content is a key issue in any business today, and is becoming more relevant as commerce moves inexorably online. With information, services and assets worth many millions dependent on the management of information, it would be foolhardy to ignore the many content management systems available today. We’ve picked out a …
Register Books, 08 Apr 2008
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Get a head start with Windows Server 2008 online training

Windows Server 2008 is due for release on February 29, and as with most Microsoft releases, the fanfare from Seattle can be heard worldwide. Will it do what you want it to? What skills do you need? Is it any good? Register Books has a range of online learning courses with the latest information out of Redmond on this new …
Register Books, 05 Feb 2008

It doesn't take much to master MySQL

Site offer MySQL is a multi-user SQL database management system with over 10 million installations worldwide. MySQL is commonly used within web applications and acts as a database component of the LAMP, MAMP and WAMP platforms. The rise of PHP as a popular web application has contributed to MySQL's popularity as they are often implemented …
Register Books, 05 Nov 2007

Exchange Server 2007 - it's here, and it's waiting

Site offer Microsoft's Exchange Server has become a key component of IT with today's business world relying more and more on mobile computing and 24-hour connectivity. The 2007 incarnation has taken the key features of this collaborative software product and improved the security, adaptability, and overall IT experience. Exchange …
Register Books, 17 Oct 2007

Buckle up. The Developer Highway Code's at the start line

Code development can be crucial to the success or otherwise of projects. Forget to add that security checking feature halfway through your system and the whole process is open to vulnerabilities you don't even want to contemplate. The team at Microsoft has done a bit of developing in its time and has drawn up a few guidelines …
Register Books, 09 Oct 2007
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Brainstorm with Mindstorms

Books LEGO has been taken to the next dimension with the Mindstorms NXT intelligent bricks. These brick-shaped computers allow you to program your LEGO robot using the menus provided. If you wish, more complicated programs and sound files can be downloaded using a USB port or Bluetooth. Robotics has never been more fun, and the books …
Register Books, 20 Sep 2007
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Master Flash quick as a flash

Following on from our offers on the latest Dreamweaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3 titles, we thought we couldn't look at those exciting new releases without at least visiting Flash CS3, another part of the Adobe CS3 software dynasty. As usual we've taken a look at what is out there and whittled it down to bring you a selection of …
Register Books, 04 Sep 2007
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I'm dreaming of...Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS3 is the first release of the powerful web design program since Adobe acquired Macromedia. It now forms part of the larger Creative Suite package and offers a host of new features as well as promising to increase efficiency in all areas of website development. Of course, with the release of a new edition of …
Register Books, 01 Aug 2007
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Project management expertise at your fingertips

Books Competent Project Management is a key skill in today's business world. From the multi-billion pound 2012 Olympic project to a small-scale software rollout in an office of 10 people, every project has its own distinct requirements that must be met to ensure the continuity of the business around it. It is to ensure this continuity …
Register Books, 25 Jul 2007
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ITIL 3 launch: best practices at best prices

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh programme. IT Service Management derives enormous benefits from a best practice …
Register Books, 26 Jun 2007

Handy guides to SharePoint Server 2007

Books The latest version of Microsoft's popular collaboration and productivity platform, SharePoint Server, was released towards the end of last year, and this next generation of software expands on the core capabilities of the 2003 version. Register Books has taken a look at the titles on the market for the new application and has …
Register Books, 20 Jun 2007

Command Windows with Powershell

Books Microsoft has finally answered the prayers of system administrators and developers everywhere with the introduction of Windows PowerShell, a new scripting technology that enables the automation of system management tasks and the creation of system management tools. PowerShell runs on Windows XP, 2003, and Vista. Exchange …
Register Books, 04 Jun 2007

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