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EC relaxes rules for new format broadcasters

The European Commission has relaxed the rules on advertising for the audiovisual sector in response to the growth of media services such as video-on-demand. The commission is modernising its "Television without Frontiers" directive with the intention of creating a new "Audiovisual without Frontiers". The aim is to create a …
Emmet Ryan, 12 Mar 2007
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SMEs urged to 'pick up the innovation ball'

Innovate or die was the stark warning issued to SMEs by a University of Limerick (UL) professor at a conference in the city on Friday. Professor Eamonn Murphy told attendees at the symposium of Collaborating European SMEs that Irish SMEs risk going out of business if they fail to invest in research and development (R&D). …
Emmet Ryan, 12 Mar 2007

Outsourcing a growing concern for tech sector; survey

The outlook for jobs in the European technology sector is good but the spectre of outsourcing looms ominously, according to a new report. The IT Confidence Study, conducted by Eurocom Worldwide and Simpson Financial & Technology PR (Simpson FTPR), asked 217 senior executives across Europe about their views on the sector. The …
Emmet Ryan, 06 Mar 2007
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SME broadband demand may slow: Analysys

European telecommunications firms must up their game to keep hold of their smaller business customers, according to market analysts. A new report issued by Analysys on Friday has urged broadband providers in particular to focus on managed services in order to sustain interest from small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in …
Emmet Ryan, 05 Mar 2007
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Pure unveils 'mobile' satellite broadband

Business broadband provider Pure Telecom has launched a new transportable service which will allow users to set up a satellite broadband link at short notice. The service is primarily targeted at emergency services and event organisers. Pure claims the system can establish a broadband link in under five minutes. Though …
Emmet Ryan, 27 Feb 2007
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Eircom to invest €60m upgrading network

Eircom has confirmed it is to invest €60m over the next three years on upgrading its central telecommunications network. A spokesman for the former incumbent confirmed to ENN on Monday that reports on the investment in last weekend's Sunday Business Post were accurate. The spokesman said the upgrade will see 1GB of bandwidth …
Emmet Ryan, 26 Feb 2007
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Internet users play tag with online content: study

Web 2.0 pioneers are taking personal control of how online content is organised, according to new research. The study, conducted by the Pew Internet & America Life Project in December 2006, reports 28 per cent of US internet users have categorised, or "tagged", user generated content online. Tagging is effectively a new form of …
Emmet Ryan, 02 Feb 2007
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Irish govt slammed over MIT Media Lab Europe fiasco

Ireland's Public Accounts Committee's report on the Media Lab Europe collapse proves the country's government is 'unfit' to spend taxpayers' money, an Opposition spokesman claims. Media Lab Europe (MLE) was set up in 2000 as the centrepiece of the Digital Hub project in Dublin. The centre closed in 2005 and its failure cost the …
Emmet Ryan, 01 Feb 2007
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Tech industry most trusted in Ireland: survey

Would you buy a used car from this man (right)? You would if he worked in the technology sector, according to a new survey. Man Technology is the most trusted industry in Ireland according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual global survey of opinion formers. The survey found 72 per cent of Irish opinion leaders …
Emmet Ryan, 30 Jan 2007
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Expert KOs Rocky's artificial intelligence

The latest Rocky film has posed questions about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Rocky Balboa, the sixth instalment in the long running franchise, features a computer simulation of a boxing match between fighters from different eras. Characters in the film argue over the ability of a computer to decide whether the …
Emmet Ryan, 23 Jan 2007
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Jack & Jill to fetch old phones

The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation has kicked off a month-long drive to recycle over half a million old or unwanted mobile phones. The charity cares for families with terminally ill babies suffering irreparable brain damage, referred to by doctors as SDD. It aims to raise €500,000 from its recycling project. The foundation …
Emmet Ryan, 22 Jan 2007

Apple has toxic core: Greenpeace

Despite Apple's launch of the eco-friendly iPhone last week, Greenpeace is demanding an environmental revolution that will shake the company to its core. In his keynote address at Macworld, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs said the iPhone would be recyclable and partially solar powered, but the environmental lobby …
Emmet Ryan, 16 Jan 2007
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Women are Ireland's top e-shoppers

Online shopping in Ireland is a woman's world according to a new study by researchers from Dublin City University (DCU). The survey, conducted by Dr Regina Connolly and Dr Sarah Ingle of DCU, asked users of online retailer Buy4Now about their shopping habits and found that 70 per cent of users were women aged between 30 and 50 …
Emmet Ryan, 08 Jan 2007
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Irish IT licensing investment falling short

Irish companies are increasingly recognising the value of technology licensing but are not investing enough in the process, according to Enterprise Ireland. Irish companies invested roughly €1.4bn in research and development in 2006, but only five per cent of this was spent on licensing. "Enterprise Ireland has some €60m to …
Emmet Ryan, 19 Dec 2006
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Mobile working scuppers office romance

Northern Ireland workers may end up asking 'Where's the love?', according to a new survey on mobile devices. The study, by communications firm Damovo, found that the increasing use of devices such as laptops and PDAs is allowing people to spend more time working from home, reducing the chances for an office romance. "There is a …
Emmet Ryan, 18 Dec 2006
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Microsoft launches Windows Live package

Microsoft has hit back at rival Google's bundled packages of online services by releasing one of its own. The latest salvo fired in the war between these two giants of the industry is called Windows Live. The free package includes e-mail, instant messaging, PC-to-PC phone and video calling, search services and a social …
Emmet Ryan, 13 Dec 2006
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Firms must adapt to Generation Y workforce

Irish companies are unprepared for the technology demands of their younger workforce or their customers, according to a new report. The study - 'Is Europe Ready for the Millennials?' - was carried out by Forrester Consulting for Xerox. It revealed that 40 per cent of Irish companies have no plans to allow customers to purchase …
Emmet Ryan, 04 Dec 2006
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Mobile porn market set to explode

Mobile users are demanding more "erotic" entertainment as industry analysts forecast a surge in growth in the industry. Analysts Juniper Research expect the worldwide mobile adult content market to be worth $3.3bn by 2011, up from its current level of $1.4bn, and a significant increase on forecasts by Informa Telecoms and Media …
Emmet Ryan, 28 Nov 2006
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Sony and Ericsson get loved up over mobile TV

Sony and Ericsson are to expand their partnership beyond cell phones to provide mobile television and broadband services. Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms equipment maker, announced the expansion of the Sony Ericsson partnership on Thursday. Per Nordlof, Ericsson's director of product strategy and portfolio management, told …
Emmet Ryan, 27 Nov 2006
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Eircom gives leccy board an IT upgrade

Eircom has completed an upgrade of the ESB's IT network giving the public utility a fully digital internet protocol (IP) platform. The upgrade is part of a multi-million euro five-year contract between the two companies and means Eircom now provides all data communication services to the Electricity Supply Board (ESB). The …
Emmet Ryan, 21 Nov 2006
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SMEs to get tech boost from trio of schemes

Three new initiatives aimed at helping small businesses make use of new technology are to receive €5m in government funding. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Micheal Martin approved funding for the three schemes on Monday. The aim of the Knowledge Acquisition Grants scheme, the Innovation Vouchers scheme, and the …
Emmet Ryan, 14 Nov 2006
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Webcasting is next frontier for sports

The internet is becoming a powerful broadcasting tool for sports organisations and television channels. "New media sportscasting is becoming increasingly important to the sports industry as part of the marketing mix ensuring brand development and introducing new channels for revenue growth," said Darach Deehan, chief executive …
Emmet Ryan, 16 Oct 2006
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Accenture previews intelligent home technology

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, do you think I need to shave? Or maybe change my diet?" Such were ENN's questions at the Accenture Technology Forum in Dublin on Tuesday. Accenture Technology's research in intelligent home services could soon lead to the "persuasive mirror" appearing in bathrooms and bedrooms across the world. The …
Emmet Ryan, 11 Oct 2006

Strencom invests €3m in second data centre

Cork-based internet hosting and security firm Strencom has opened a new €3m data centre in the city. The new facility is Strencom's second such centre in Cork City and will create 10 new jobs, bringing the firm's total workforce to 22 over the next 12 months. The company said the investment was being made based on customer …
Emmet Ryan, 07 Oct 2006
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New WEEE facility opens in Dublin

Cedar Resource Management has announced the launch of a "state-of-the-art" Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling facility in Dublin. The facility is based in the Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole and was officially opened on Friday by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dick …
Emmet Ryan, 02 Oct 2006
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Mobile ad spend to skyrocket

Worldwide advertising spend will reach $11.35bn by 2011 on mobile channels alone, according to a new report. A strategic report released by Informa Telecoms and Media, entitled "Mobile Advertising Services: Generating revenue through subsidised content", predicts the next 12 months will mark the beginning of a sharp upturn in …
Emmet Ryan, 11 Sep 2006
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Amazon premieres movie downloads

Online retailer Amazon has launched a new download service for movies and TV shows, pre-empting the expected launch of a similar service by Apple this week. The announcement of the service, called Amazon Unbox, is set to fuel further competition between the two firms. Apple is expected to announce the launch of a movie download …
Emmet Ryan, 11 Sep 2006
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TV research to double visible colours

Swiss researchers are developing a colourful new technology that allows televisions to display every hue the human eye can detect. The nano-technology research, underway at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (SFIT), aims to double the range of colours televisions can produce. Most of today's televisions can only display …
Emmet Ryan, 04 Sep 2006

Google bundles software apps

Google has announced a package that will offer email, calendar, instant messaging and web-page creation services. Google Apps for Your Domain is a free service that bundles together the US internet giant's existing services - Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Google Page Creator. The announcement sees Google stepping up …
Emmet Ryan, 29 Aug 2006
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Motorola gains ground on Nokia

Motorola continues to make in-roads into Nokia's share of the mobile phone market, increasing its share to 22 per cent during the second quarter. Around 229m mobile phones were sold worldwide during the second quarter of 2006, an increase of 18 per cent on the same period last year, according to research firm Gartner, which …
Emmet Ryan, 28 Aug 2006