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New mobile app to track carbon footprints

Irish mobile operators have welcomed the introduction of a new application to allow mobile users to track their own carbon footprint. The new application, called mobGAS, has been developed by scientists working for the European Commission. The application is available in 21 European languages and allows users to see how their …
Emmet Ryan, 03 Dec 2007
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Firms fear disgruntled staff: report

Who do Irish organisations consider the biggest threat to their finances? Possibly you, according to a new survey from Citrix. The study from the software giant found that 49 per cent of IT specialists said people, or more precisely disgruntled staff, are a major financial threat to Irish businesses. The survey found that firms …
Emmet Ryan, 27 Nov 2007
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Carphone Warehouse to pitch Irish broadband

Carphone Warehouse is set to step into the Irish broadband market with the launch of three packages under its TalkTalk service. The mobile phone retailer expects to unveil its TalkTalk Broadband products before Christmas. "The plan is to have TalkTalk Broadband available by the end of the year and it will be available to both …
Emmet Ryan, 07 Nov 2007
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Telecoms regulation encourages investment

The presence of strong regulators in the telecoms market encourages investment, according to a report by the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA). The study found that annual investment in the Irish telecoms sector rose from $639m to $684m between 2003 and 2005, which the Association of Licenced Telecom …
Emmet Ryan, 07 Nov 2007
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Ireland still good for foreign investment

A new report published by ICT Ireland* claims Ireland is still an attractive location for foreign direct investment. The study, which was released by the IBEC group on Monday, sets out why many major foreign investors believe Ireland is an attractive location in which to do business. The report, entitled Why Ireland should be …
Emmet Ryan, 06 Nov 2007
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Eircom moves closer to split

The Irish Department of Communications has confirmed reports that Eircom has made a submission regarding splitting the company. A spokeswoman for the Department told ENN that Eircom made the submission recently and that the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, is currently studying it. "It's a …
Emmet Ryan, 08 Oct 2007
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Law & Order takes on Second Life

The blurred lines between virtual worlds and the real world have been examined in a recent episode of US drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A fictitious virtual world cleverly called Another YOUniverse, which bears a striking resemblance to Second Life, is the main focus of a recent episode of the investigative drama. The …
Emmet Ryan, 08 Oct 2007

Alphyra merges with Cardpoint

Irish payment services firm Alphyra has merged with UK firm Cardpoint in a deal reportedly worth €800m. The merger is a reverse takeover of Cardpoint by Alphyra under the rules of London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The two firms will combine to form a new company called Payzone. Under AIM rules an extraordinary …
Emmet Ryan, 01 Oct 2007
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C&W inks deal with online games firm

Cable & Wireless has signed a €400,000 deal to provide managed hosting for online gaming firm Gala Networks Europe (GNE) at its Dublin data centre. The initial two-year contract covers building, hosting, management, and network connectivity for GNE's European online gaming platform. GNE is part of the Gala Group, which has its …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Sep 2007
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MySpace launches free mobile service

MySpace has fired another salvo in the battle for social network supremacy with a free mobile version of its website. MySpace will provide free access to the service to US-based users with advertising being used to cover the costs. The new site will load one banner ad and one text based ad for each visitor. The move is part of …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Sep 2007

Apple turns to Orange in France

When is an Apple an Orange? When it's an iPhone it would seem, with the mobile operator winning the French rights to sell the Apple device. As widely expected France Telecom will start marketing Apple's iPhone in France through Orange, its wireless arm. The two parties announced the deal on Thursday following announcements of …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Sep 2007

Yahoo! hopes Mash will be a monster

Yahoo! has launched a new social networking site, its second such foray into the field. Mash is a new service from Yahoo! currently in beta mode. The social networking project can only be accessed by invite at present, and opened to a handful of users on 14 September. The new project follows the failure of Yahoo! 360, the firm …
Emmet Ryan, 18 Sep 2007

PC shipments set to jump

Worldwide PC shipments are expected to rise by 12.6 per cent this year, according to new research by analysts IDC. The projected figure of 257.5 million units is up on IDC's prediction in June, which estimated growth of 12.2 per cent in 2007. The rise in the number of units shipped is being led by notebooks and laptops which …
Emmet Ryan, 14 Sep 2007

Home PC users at risk: CA

Home PC users need to be wary of security vulnerabilities when they go online, according to software firm CA. The 'CA Mid-Year Internet Threat Outlook Report' found that the exposure of home PC users is growing as the PC becomes the family communications and entertainment hub. "Everyone using the internet should be aware of …
Emmet Ryan, 11 Sep 2007

Oracle buys Netsure Telecom

Business software provider Oracle has acquired Dublin-based Netsure Telecom. Netsure provides network intelligence and analytics software to communications service providers. The firm's clients include Vodafone, Cable & Wireless and Eircom. The deal is expected to be completed later this month, but financial details of the …
Emmet Ryan, 04 Sep 2007
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Profits soar at SkillSoft

E-learning firm SkillSoft saw its profits nearly treble in its latest set of results, which were released on Friday. SkillSoft had net profits of $12.4m, or $0.11 per share, for the second quarter, up from $4.8m, or $0.05 per share, for the same period last year. The New Hampshire based firm's revenue for the three-month period …
Emmet Ryan, 03 Sep 2007
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Garmin tops mobile navigation market

The mobile navigation device market has a new king with a new report revealing that Garmin is the top seller in the field. Research from Canalys shows Garmin has claimed the top spot for the second quarter of 2007 after rival TomTom had led the way for the past two years. In total, 7.4 million mobile navigation devices were …
Emmet Ryan, 21 Aug 2007
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Future looks bright for video ads

The revolution will be televised but you'll have to sit through the ads first. In the new Simpsons movie, President Arnold Schwarzenegger declares that he "was elected to lead not to read", and now advertisers are trying to ensure literacy is not a pre-requisite for consumers they target oonline. Video advertising is set to …
Emmet Ryan, 13 Aug 2007
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Nissan rolls out drink-proof cars

Drink drivers could be prohibited from driving under the influence if new technology from Nissan is introduced. The Japanese car maker has developed a new odour detection system designed to prevent drivers from operating a car if they are over the legal limit. The system works by using a series of sensors to detect the level of …
Emmet Ryan, 06 Aug 2007
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SMEs embrace wireless broadband

Wireless broadband services are proving popular with Irish SMEs, according to new research from Vodafone Ireland. The study found that a third of small and medium sized enterprises are using services other than fixed lines as their main connection to the internet. According to the report, new services such as mobile broadband …
Emmet Ryan, 31 Jul 2007
Warning: aircraft

IBM: technology will ease travel woes

IBM has predicted that travel by plane, train, or automobile is going to be a lot easier in the future. Big Blue gazed into its crystal ball and made predictions about how technology will change the way people travel in the future. The IT giant has listed five changes that will improve the way we get from A to B. First off, …
Emmet Ryan, 30 Jul 2007

Toshiba raises forecast as profits surge

Chip maker Toshiba raised its forecasts for the first half of the fiscal year after the firm enjoyed strong sales in the quarter ending 30 June. The Japanese firm's net profits surged to ¥20.6bn (€126.8m) for the first quarter from ¥4bn (€24.9m) for the same period last year. This represent earnings per share of ¥5.92 (€0.04) …
Emmet Ryan, 30 Jul 2007

Laptop sales drive PC shipments in EMEA

PC sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) were up 13.5 per cent in Q2 2007, according to market watcher IDC. A total of 17.5m desktop and notebook computers were sold in the region, with a 31 per cent increase in notebook sales compared to the same period last year. IDC said competition among the leading vendors of …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Jul 2007

RFID a 'technical blunder', report says

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology bubble ready to burst according to a new report by Dublin-based firm Heavey RF. The firm, which provides radio frequency products such as handheld scanners, has published a study entitled RFID.Bomb? "History is littered with large technical blunders; RFID in the supply …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Jul 2007
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BT's IPTV aims to lure footie fans

UK customers of BT's IPTV service will be able to avail of cut-price access to English Premier League football matches for the coming season. The BT Vision Sport standard service costs £4 a month and will provide subscribers with access to delayed coverage of 242 games from the Barclays Premier League. A pay-per-view option is …
Emmet Ryan, 17 Jul 2007
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British customers miffed at email response times

British consumers are unhappy with the time it takes for email queries to be answered, according to a new report. The study, by hosting firm Fasthosts Internet, showed that 78 per cent of British consumers have been disappointed by a slow response to a customer service email enquiry, with the average consumer sending three …
Emmet Ryan, 13 Jul 2007

Sony Ericsson dials up revenue and profits jump

Sony Ericsson saw its profits jump 55 per cent year-on-year in its results for the second quarter of 2007. The results, announced on Thursday, saw the group record pretax profts of €327m for the quarter, compared to €211m for the same period in 2006. The growth in profits reflected strong sales, which were up to €3.1bn for the …
Emmet Ryan, 13 Jul 2007

HP launches 'virtual beauty consultant'

HP Labs is launching new technology aimed at helping women find the right shade of make up to suit their skin tone. The firm, which is better known for more conventional IT applications, has developed colour matching technology that could potentially change the way women buy cosmetics. Using a digital camera, such as one found …
Emmet Ryan, 13 Jul 2007

Computershare acquires Datacare

Australian firm Computershare has purchased Monaghan-based software business Datacare for €12m. The deal was announced on Thursday. Datacare was set up in Ireland in 1983 and currently has 63 employees in five countries. The firm provides entity management software to over 500 clients worldwide. Last year Datacare came in at …
Emmet Ryan, 09 Jul 2007
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US claims top spam spot

The US was top of the spam charts for the month of June, according to new e-mail security statistics from IE Internet. The US generated 37.4 per cent of all spam filtered by Irish security and e-mail monitoring firm IE Internet during the month of June, well clear of the chasing pack. China came in second with responsibility …
Emmet Ryan, 09 Jul 2007

Nintendo launches face training game

Nintendo's creative department must be in overdrive as the Japanese console giant is poised to release software aimed at making users look younger. The games package, called Otona no DS Kao Training, is being released along with a new camera for the Nintendo DS portable console. The camera video records a user's face as they …
Emmet Ryan, 06 Jul 2007
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Global mobile subscriptions hit three billion

Worldwide mobile phone subscriptions have hit three billion, according to a new report by Informa Telecoms and Media. The study, entitled Multiple SIMs: Quantifying the phenomenon taking mobile penetration beyond 100 per cent, estimates that the number of actual mobile users is far lower than the total number of subscriptions …
Emmet Ryan, 03 Jul 2007
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Eircom injects €5m in Northern Ireland network

Eircom is to make a €5m investment in its network in Northern Ireland as the telecoms firm looks to develop its business in the area. The investment will see Eircom establish a network operations centre in Belfast, employing 15 people in roles such as network engineers, project managers, and qualified service professionals. …
Emmet Ryan, 03 Jul 2007

Safari gets four new fixes

Apple has released four new fixes for its Safari cross-platform internet browser - less than two weeks after its launch. The new patches mark the second update to Safari since its release, and are part of a larger Safari 3.0.2 beta release for Mac OS X and Windows. Both packs contain stability fixes in addition to the security …
Emmet Ryan, 26 Jun 2007

Plaxo looks to social networking market

Online address book provider Plaxo has introduced a major overhaul in an effort to catch up with networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Plaxo has released Plaxo 3.0, an online address book and calendar that synchronises services from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Mac OSX, and Thunderbird. "This is much more than just …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Jun 2007
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Social networkers lack loyalty: report

Social networking users tend to get around, as they say, and not stay faithful to one network, according to a new study. The report, Web 2.0 & the New Net, by research group Parks Associates, found that MySpace users are chronically unfaithful. The survey found that nearly 40 per cent of MySpace users keep profiles on other …
Emmet Ryan, 25 Jun 2007
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Mobile internet set for take-off?

The mobile internet is more toll road than superhighway, but the logjam could clear up. On the face of things there is little reason to be confident that mobile internet will ever fully catch on with consumers. It's expensive, awkward to use, and lacks the content and functionality of a traditional PC-based browser. While …
Emmet Ryan, 18 Jun 2007
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Robots en route to Dublin car parks

Irish drivers could soon come face to face with powerful robots. There's no need to worry though, they only want to park your car. Sky Parks Projects has developed the Sky Parks Robotic Parking Systems (SRPS), a parking system that uses autonomous robots and lifts to park and retrieve cars. These car parks are designed to make …
Emmet Ryan, 11 Jun 2007

Google acquires Panoramio

Google continued its attempts to offer every service imaginable online by purchasing a Spanish photo-sharing website. Panoramio's technology allows user to pin pictures to Google's online maps to show where they were taken. The site boasts more than one million photos and more than 300,000 registered users. The two firms have …
Emmet Ryan, 04 Jun 2007
fingers pointing at man

Sanyo results hint at financial recovery

Scandal-hit electronics firm Sanyo showed signs it may be on the road to recovery despite posting net losses of ¥45bn (€275m) in its annual results. The results, for the year ending 31 March 2007, showed the Osaka-based firm had sales of ¥2,215bn (€13.5bn), down 7.6 per cent from the previous year. Sanyo saw its operating …
Emmet Ryan, 29 May 2007
Warning: fire

SME sector to 'explode with blades': IBM

The blade server market will be worth $11bn worldwide by 2010, according to IBM, with SMEs being a particularly fruitful market. Big Blue expects the market will grow significantly from its current standing of $4bn over the next three years. The IT giant said the mood among customers towards blades has improved in recent years …
Emmet Ryan, 24 May 2007
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Siemens names new CEO

Engineering giant Siemens has appointed Peter Loescher as its new chief executive in an attempt to kick start efforts to restore the German firm's image. Shares in Siemens rose as much as 2.7 per cent to a six-year high on Monday after its supervisory board surprised markets on Sunday by naming the Austrian born US healthcare …
Emmet Ryan, 22 May 2007
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Alltel in multi-billion dollar buyout

TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners (GSCP) have agreed a deal to purchase US mobile operator Alltel in a $27.5bn deal. The agreement will see the investment firms acquire all outstanding Alltel stock for $71.50 per share, which represents a 23 percent premium on Alltel's closing price prior to the first time it was …
Emmet Ryan, 21 May 2007

Apple gets go ahead for iPhone launch

Apple's iPhone has been given the green light to take a bite out of the US handset market as the firm bit back at false rumours that sent shares plummeting. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given its seal of approval to Apple's iPhone, clearing the way for the handset to hit the US market next month. "The iPhone …
Emmet Ryan, 21 May 2007
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Icahn loses bid for seat on Moto's board

Despite his apparent failure to win a seat on the board of Motorola, billionaire investor Carl Icahn has declared victory. Preliminary estimates of the votes cast by shareholders at the handset manufacturer's annual meeting in Chicago on Monday indicate that Icahn will not be elected to Motorola's board, with the current board …
Emmet Ryan, 09 May 2007
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Web 2.0 baffles businesses, says survey

Senior executives see Web 2.0 as a tool to increase revenues but they could be held back by a lack of know-how within their firms, according to a new study. A report, entitled Serious Business: Web 2.0 Goes Corporate, was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by enterprise search business Fast. The …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Apr 2007
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Mobile operators giveth and taketh away

In much the same way as some firms try to pass on savings to customers, mobile phone networks look set to pass extra costs on to certain consumers. A study by Informa Telecoms & Media, entitled Global Mobile Roaming: Business Models and Forecasts in the Evolving Environment, has found roaming price levels for non-Europeans …
Emmet Ryan, 17 Apr 2007
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UCD gears up for robot rugby

Faster, higher, more intuitive. It's not quite the Olympics, but the third annual Siemens Roborugby tournament promises a fresh approach to engineers' education. Held at University College Dublin (UCD), teams of students design robots to try and claim top honours and the table-top contest aims to show a practical and fun side …
Emmet Ryan, 16 Apr 2007
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The Doors open online

The remaining members of The Doors have decided to break on through to the digital side as the band made its back catalogue available online on Monday. All six albums recorded by the Los Angeles group, led by the late Jim Morrison, are being made available for download for the first time. The release marks the fortieth …
Emmet Ryan, 27 Mar 2007
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SOA key to survival for businesses

Service oriented architecture (SOA) will make businesses faster and stronger, according to Accenture. David Nichols, global practice leader for SOA with Accenture, said companies would become more athletic if they implement SOA. "Everyone wants to have the most agile business," said Nichols. "There's an evolution under way in …
Emmet Ryan, 15 Mar 2007