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Apple ships 'none more black' U2 iPod

Apple has revived its U2-branded iPod, relaunching the all-black - front and back - machine using the 30GB fifth-generation video-capable version of the player. And just so it's not mistaken for a regular black iPod, the clickwheel's red - as per past U2 iPods - and the casing is made of stainless steel. Apple said the player …
'ard Reg, 07 Jun 2006

Apple posts fix for overly hot MacBooks

"Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent," Apple has admitted after some consumers who bought its latest laptop complained the Intel Core Duo-based machines were running too hot. In a support document posted last week, the Mac maker said the plastic strip - discovered …
'ard Reg, 06 Jun 2006

Acer adds dual-core CPUs to Ferrari notebooks

Acer has quietly rolled out a pair of Ferrari-branded notebooks, adding the 1000 and 5000 series to the 4000 line the company already offers. The new models are based on AMD's Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile processors. The 5000 is a black and red carbon-fibre clad machine with a 15.4in widescreen display equipped with a 1.3- …
'ard Reg, 31 May 2006

AOpen re-styles second-generation MiniPC

AOpen has formally announced its latest small form-factor MiniPC, touting the machine's "silent computing" ability - courtesy of its notebook components such as Core Duo CPUs - and support for Intel's Viiv platform. aopen mp945-vxr mini pc The 16.5 x 16.5cm-footprint MP945-VXR contains a motherboard based on Intel's 945GM …
'ard Reg, 30 May 2006
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Canon joins exodus from film photography

Canon is to stop developing new compact and SLR film cameras and devote its entire development programme to digital products, the Japanese camera company said today. Canon isn't getting out of analogue photography entirely. A company spokesman told the Reuters news agency that it would continue to manufacture and sell its …
'ard Reg, 25 May 2006
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Griffin TuneFlex gets gratis cassette adaptor

Accessory specialist Griffin Technology today said it will bundle a cassette adaptor with its TuneFlex articulated iPod Nano automobile mount to save buyers from being forced to fork out for one separately. The TuneFlex remains a handy way of using a Nano in a car. The mount plugs into a cigarette lighter socket for power and …
'ard Reg, 22 May 2006

LG shows slimline 2.2Mp camera phone

LG today touted its latest attempt to claim the crown for the world's thinnest mobile phone handset. The KG320, announced earlier this year, is just 9.9mm thick - only 0.9mm thicker than Samsung's SCH-V870 credit card-shaped handset. lg kg320 slimline phone LG's offering is lighter - 73g to 81g - and packs in 128MB of on- …
'ard Reg, 22 May 2006

MS posts PC Vista-viability tool

Microsoft has specified what kit you'll need to run Windows Vista, with and without the upcoming operating system's fancy Aero user interface. It has also posted an application that will assess your system for its Vista suitability. To get Vista's full array of graphical geegaws, you'll need a Premium Ready PC. To qualify, …
'ard Reg, 19 May 2006

Sony pitches Blu-ray Vaio desktop for HD content creation

Sony has followed yesterday's announcement of a Blu-ray Disc drive-equipped Vaio notebook by touting a desktop fitted with the same next-generation optical disc system capable of reading and writing 50GB dual-layer BDs. The Vaio RC204 also contains a 3.2GHz Pentium D 940, a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT with 256MB of graphics memory …
'ard Reg, 17 May 2006
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AMD prunes single-core prices by up to 19.2%

AMD has taken the opportunity present by the launch of its energy-efficient Athlon 64 and Sempron processors to prune the prices and some of the members of its existing single-core desktop chip line-ups. So out goes the Athlon 64 4000+, for example. The 3200+ and 3500+ are still there, but they're now 12.7 per cent and 9.1 …
'ard Reg, 16 May 2006

Motorola sees red for Bono's AIDS charity

Motorola has launched a red SLVR handset to tie in with Bono's Product Red AIDS awareness charity, as expected. The company said five per cent of the money it makes each month from selling the device will go to the charity. But the real question is, does the handset have Edge support? Ahem, sorry... What the red SLVR does …
'ard Reg, 15 May 2006

Sony UK to ship white PSP next week

Sony looks set to ship its glossy white version of the PlayStation Portable in the UK early next week, if a number of the country's biggest retailers are anything to go by. The special-edition handheld console will ship in the Value Pack bundle configuration. Almost all the online retailers we checked with this afternoon have …
'ard Reg, 12 May 2006
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Hitachi pips AMD to AM2 moniker

Hitachi has brought back the look of its original dry-cell alkaline AM2 battery after more than 40 years to celebrate its introduction of the technology in 1963, the year of the Kennedy assassination and the debut of Doctor Who. Its 'core' is set to operate at 1.5V. And here it is, the original AM2: hitachi am2 The new …
'ard Reg, 11 May 2006

MacBook launch 'delayed a week'

Apple's eagerly anticpated MacBook announcement was canned at the eleventh hour to allow sufficient stocks of the consumer-oriented laptop to be available to buy from launch, it has been claimed. According to a Think Secret report, the notebook will now be announced next week, with the unveiling currently pegged for Tuesday, …
'ard Reg, 10 May 2006

Sony sets up summer photo printer line-up

Sony will ship its latest photo printers into the US and Europe this summer, the company said this week, touting the two new machines' ability to churn out "lab quality prints that last", in part thanks to the special laminate coating the printers apply. sony dpp-fp55 dye-sublimation photo printer Two new models were …
'ard Reg, 09 May 2006

Pantech fingers writing for faster phone texting

South Korean mobile phone maker Pantech has demo'd a handset with what it calls "finger writing recognition", a feature the company described as "unique" and which it reckons could revolutionise text entry on phones. The PG-2800 supports text entry in the usual way, but the clamshell handset's touch-sensitive keypad also …
'ard Reg, 09 May 2006

Samsung demos world's skinniest phone

Samsung today unveiled what it claims is the thinnest mobile phone yet made and said it pans plans to ship the skinny device in China and Europe later this month. At 6.9mm, the phone is even skinnier than Motorola's 11.5mm SLVR. samsung sgh-x820 slimline phone... and friends The SGH-X820 weighs a mere 66g and packs in …
'ard Reg, 08 May 2006

Intel touts developing-world laptop

Intel yesterday unveiled its take on a low-cost laptop for the developing world - the wireless-enabled, handle-equipped, education-oriented 'Eduwise' notebook. It can run Windows or Linux, the chip giant said. intel eduwise developing-world laptop As you can see from the pics, it's has a certain retro look - think …
'ard Reg, 05 May 2006

Acer extends 17in laptop line

Acer has revamped its Aspire notebook line-up with four 17in models based on 1,440 x 900 displays pitched at mainstream home and office buyers, and punters looking for a large laptop on a small budget. The 9400 and 9410 sport Pentium M and Core Duo processors, respectively, with Intel 945GM and 915PM chipsets. Both use an …
'ard Reg, 02 May 2006

Nokia debuts N series trio

Nokia this week said it has chosen June and July to ship its next Series 60 Third Edition smart phones, all part of the handset giant's N series, including one of the most camcorder-like devices the company has announced to date. The 3G N93 sports a big 3.2 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom lens - a Carl Zeiss - mounted …
'ard Reg, 27 Apr 2006

Man clocks Pentium Extreme to 5GHz

Japanese enthusiasts have been treated to a demo of an Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 965 chip running at over 5GHz, a frequency 35.8 per cent higher than the part was designed to be clocked to. The chip usually runs at just 3.73GHz. A peek inside the casing reveals Danish cooling specialist Asetek's VapoChill Extreme Edition …
'ard Reg, 27 Apr 2006

MSI preps handheld Freeview box

Taiwan's MSI has announced a portable media player that incorporates its own Freeview digital TV receiver - a world first, the company claims. The D310 has a 4.2in display. The antenna's built in and ready to pick up DVB-T signals, teletext and electronic programme guide data. msi d310 digital portable tv The unit measures …
'ard Reg, 20 Apr 2006

Zspire touts stealth-like mouse

Zspire describes its new alloy-cased cordless mouse as "sleek, eye-catching and iconic". Maybe it is, but we're just not sure how comfortable its stealth fighter-like body is to use. zspire 'stealth' mouse That said, the company claimed the coffin-shaped rodent "supports a natural, comfortable [hand] position". Nonetheless …
'ard Reg, 19 Apr 2006
wulitzer ipod edition

Wurtlizer hip to the iPod beat

It had to happen. The doyenne of jukeboxes, Wurlitzer, has announced a version of its classically styled One More Time music machine that features a built-in iPod dock in addition to the standard 100-CD disc stacker. wulitzer ipod edition The machine's sound system comes courtesy of Bose - it's an Acoustimass rig with 2x …
'ard Reg, 19 Apr 2006
fingers pointing at man

Seagate doubles 15K drive capacity with perpendicular

Seagate has updated its Cheetah 15K enterprise-oriented hard disk drive line-up with a model that incorporates perpendicular recording technology and takes the 15,000rpm drive family's capacity to 300GB - more than double the current top-of-the-line model's 147GB. The Cheetah 15K.5 will ship to the channel later this quarter …
'ard Reg, 18 Apr 2006

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