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Vodafone to announce big deal with IBM

3GSM Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin 2 Next week, expect Vodafone to announce the complete outsourcing of its operations - everything except the network itself, sources at the 3GSM Congress in Barcelona said. If it gets a green light, the deal is almost certain to be seen as an attempt to buy "breathing time" for CEO Arun Sarin. How …
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MegaSIM launch lauded - big is better

3GSM Enthusiastic welcome for the idea of a new, faster and much bigger capacity SIM for mobile phones, after M-Systems launched the device at 3GSM this week, came from software providers and downloader sellers. Operator Orange joined with Oberthur Card Systems to unveil the device. The idea should be popular with people who …
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IP Wireless gets its chance with Sprint

3GSM Still seeking a new CEO after the abrupt departure of Chris Gilbert a week ago, IP Wireless has announced the first of its global partners to trial its next generation of wireless broadband - Sprint Nextel. The new technology will be tested as part of the ongoing UMTS TD-CDMA trial in the Washington DC area that was announced …

Netgear's newest MIMO Wi-Fi gets full test

The test is a disaster for the IEEE and 802.11n. The good news is that the new Wi-Fi MIMO technology really does reach throughput speeds of 100Mbps. The bad news: it utterly crushed a neighbouring network that used standard 802.11g. The review is an astonishingly thorough technical analysis, complete with every kind of test of …
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Seattle plans library Wi-Fi network

Seven branches of the already-wireless central Seattle library are going Wi-Fi. The announcement focuses on warnings that "no technical help is available" - but further south, in the San Francisco Bay area, the Joint Venture Silicon Valley organisation is planning to cover 1,500 square miles with 802.11 signals. What happens …

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