5th May 2014 Archive

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  • Boffins tag Android app privacy fails

    Your pocket is leaking data

    Security 05 May 00:11

  • Yosemite National Park bans drones

    Modern day Ansel Adams must still schlep up mountains to make art

    Law 05 May 00:59

  • NBN Co hoses down 'user pays' story

    'Connection will remain free'

    Government 05 May 01:22

  • SAP reshapes boards as innovation leader steps down

    Software boss Vishal Sikka's departure won't stop rapid trip to in-memory cloud-land

    Business 05 May 02:03

  • Acer founder Shih to step down for second time next month

    President Stan will bid farewell, again, on June 18

    Business 05 May 02:58

  • Trans Pacific Partnership still stalled

    Japan, Congress could find themselves at odds with White House

    Government 05 May 04:02

  • 'Covert Redirect' OAuth flaw more chest-beat than Heartbleed

    Giving a bug a logo doesn't make it more important

    Security 05 May 05:04

  • Global cop co-operation treaties need cloudy reboot

    Australian Federal Police say cross-border ops are getting harder

    Security 05 May 05:56

  • What's that PARASITE wriggling inside my browser?

    Nematode sim fanciers open their worm to a Kickstarter

    Science 05 May 07:02

  • You'll hate Google's experimental Chrome UI, but so will phishers

    What do you want: Better security or long URLs?

    Security 05 May 08:02

  • Your legacy app sniffs the cloud cauldron and retches ... time to try another recipe

    DiData touts MS-based hybrid away from public rat race

    Cloud 05 May 09:02

  • Speedy storage server sales stumps sysadmin scribe: Who buys this?

    Our man Trevor is left with more questions than answers

    Virtualization 05 May 10:06

  • EMC ships '17PB' of biz flash, brags it's NAND numero uno ... That's cute, grins HDS

    But Hitachi gang claims it has shipped more flash than EMC

    Storage 05 May 11:00

  • HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er, BIKER

    And a third simply don't bother with secured networks at all

    Mobile 05 May 12:06

  • EMC embarks on all-singing, all-dancing VNX jamboree

    Software VNX, entry-level VNX, encryption and VSPEX

    Storage 05 May 16:44

  • EMC gobbles up top-secret flash startup DSSD

    Bechtolsheim's new baby snapped up by data giant

    Storage 05 May 17:20

  • Target topples CEO in latest data breach domino

    Steinhafel falls on own sword

    Business 05 May 18:01

  • Mozilla asks FCC to unleash the nuclear option on net neutrality

    Wants internet services placed under Title II to ensure equality of access for all

    Government 05 May 19:13

  • McAfee chap is back in crypto-wrap chat app back flap

    Claims airtight messaging security for tap-happy youth

    Security 05 May 19:42

  • AMD beds ARM in 'Project SkyBridge' and home-grown 'K12' ARM architecture chips

    Pin-compatible x86 and ARM SoCs can share same motherboard

    Hardware 05 May 20:58

  • Bill Gates: Sell off Bing? Nah. Xbox? Maybe...

    Microsoft founder says he can't see selling money-losing online division 'making sense'

    Business 05 May 21:13

  • Truck-sized asteroid slips silently between Moon and Earth

    Zips past the planet less than one light second distant

    Science 05 May 21:18

  • Oculus rips ZeniMax over claims of Carmack foul play

    Firm categorically denies accusations of IP theft

    Law 05 May 21:56

  • Turnbull says internet governance can ignore privacy

    Meanwhile at home, A-G Brandis floats three-strikes laws

    Government 05 May 22:28

  • NBN Co puts October date on first FTTB connections

    Almost fast. Might be affordable. Arriving soonish.

    Government 05 May 23:00

  • Amazon, Twitter, launch #AmazonCart tweet-to-shop service

    #impulsebuying #buyersremorse #mycreditcardismaxedout

    Media 05 May 23:02