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Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

Microsoft now using next-gen Roslyn C#, Visual Basic compilers in house

After more than a year of silence on the subject, Microsoft's Managed Languages team is once again talking about Roslyn, the radically redesigned version of its C# and Visual Basic compilers.
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2013

Factories are too DULL for Google's robo-dreams: Behold the GATAMAMs

CommentGoogle's spree of robot acquisitions represents a major bet by the ad giant that it can wring more data from the world, and make some money that's not from advertising along the way. And, we reckon, it will deal with a serious problem lurking in the company's future.
Jack Clark, 17 Dec 2013
Rotten apple

Kiwi inventor's court win rains on Apple's parade

New Zealand inventor Hayden Crowther has done something Samsung hasn't been able to achieve: comprehensively smack down Apple in court.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2013

What happens when you give undergrads $2,500 to build a HPC rig out of commodity parts? This...

HPC BlogThe team from Bentley University and Northeastern University took the first ever Commodity Track Overall Championship award at the recently concluded SC13 Student Cluster Competition. In this competition, student teams had to build a true HPC cluster (at least two nodes), while spending a maximum of $2,500.
Dan Olds, 17 Dec 2013

There can be only one SC13 student cluster champion team. And it is...

HPC blogTeam Longhorn from the University of Texas won the Overall Championship Award in the Big Iron division of the SC13 student cluster-constructing competition in Denver.
Dan Olds, 17 Dec 2013
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services runs out of (some) servers

Amazon Web Services has run out of servers. Or at least the special type of server it uses to power the new C3 instance type.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2013
Maurice Moss, IT Crowd

ABC finally brings iView to Android

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has released an Android app for its popular iView video-on-demand service.
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 2013

India's spooks prepare to peer through their own PRISM

The Indian government is gearing up to switch on "NETRA", a large scale internet surveillance system that will allow its spy agencies to monitor suspicious online communications in order to detect certain keywords.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Dec 2013
tim cook apple Cook delivering the commencement address at Auburn University, ...

Apple CEO Cook breaks YEARS OF SILENCE, finally speaks to El Reg hack

Tim Cook has broken a decade of fruity silence and finally exchanged a few words with The Register.
Jasper Hamill, 17 Dec 2013

Qualcomm pleads innocence as Chinese regulators turn the screw

Mobile CPU giant Qualcomm has released a lengthy statement denying any wrong-doing after Chinese media claimed regulators have “substantial evidence” in an anti-monopoly investigation which could lead to over $US1bn in fines for the firm.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Dec 2013
xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router

Xiaomi taps the HYPEGEIST with 10 pence DIY Wi-Fi router

What do you get for the geek who has everything this Christmas? Well, if you’re in China and you have 1 yuan (10p) to spare, Xiaomi has just launched in beta a self-assembly smart Wi-Fi router with a 1TB hard drive.
Phil Muncaster, 17 Dec 2013
Cloud security

Neither Snowden nor the NSA puts CIOs off the cloud, it's just FUD

The Edward Snowden affair has not put CIOs off the public cloud, but only because IT professionals were already wary of the security issues and vendor lock-in, a Bloomberg tech conference heard last week.
Joe Fay, 17 Dec 2013
CSR10X0 Starter Development Kit

Bluetooth Smart dev board hits US, UK for sub-$100

Bluetooth chip maker CSR has what it hopes will be an attractive Christmas gift option for hardware hackers and makers: a low-cost development board for Bluetooth Smart applications based on µEnergy silicon.
Tony Smith, 17 Dec 2013
Evil Android

Android antivirus apps CAN'T kill nasties on sight like normal AV - and that's Google's fault

Android users expecting Windows levels of performance from Android-specific antivirus packages are likely to be disappointed because only Google can automatically delete dodgy apps on Android devices, say malware experts.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2013

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too

BT's new network-level nudie no-no filter system will block access to sites promoting proxies and anonymisers, The Register has learned.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 2013
Large Hadron Collider Pop-up Book

WIN YOUR OWN HADRON COLLIDER pop-up book with El Reg

CompetitionRoll up! Roll up! El Reg has copies of the thoroughly exciting and very awesome - if somewhat short - "Large Hadron Collider Pop-Up Book: Voyage to the Heart of Matter" to give away.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Dec 2013
The Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler

HALF of all Bitcoin-investing Winklevoss twins predict $400bn market for the currency

Facebook backer-turned-antagonist Cameron Winklevoss has issued a bright forecast for the future of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
Shaun Nichols, 17 Dec 2013
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Resellers, distributors - your countdown to oblivion starts NOW

Whither the channel when it's all in the cloud? Whence the box-shifter when no one actually buys PCs any more? The answer is, of course, that once a particular business model has no more business then that business model ends.
Tim Worstall, 17 Dec 2013

Bogus Firefox add-on FORCES WITLESS USERS to join vuln-hunting party

Cybercrooks have brewed up a botnet that uses a bogus Firefox add-on to scan the web for hackable websites.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2013

Legal bruiser Reback joins Google battle in Europe

The famous American legal bruiser Gary Reback has once again waded into the battle against Google in Europe again. The search giant is currently thrashing out a behind-closed-doors remedy with the European Commission in order to fend off a full Statement of Objections.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Dec 2013
Stock ticker board

Former US POLITICIAN gets 6 years in slammer for FACEBOOK SCAM

A former candidate for governor of Oregon has been sentenced to six years in prison for convincing investors to hand over millions of dollars for Facebook shares he never owned.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 17 Dec 2013

Android nasty sends your texts to CHINA

Security researchers have discovered an Android botnet that masquerades as a benign settings app for carrying out administrative tasks on mobile devices.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2013
Fail whale

Two Brits face criminal trial for sending 'menacing' tweets

Two people have been charged with allegedly sending "menacing" tweets to a feminist campaigner.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 2013
First text

UK payday loaners cop MEGA £175K fine for 'misleading' SMS spam

A UK-based payday loans firm has received a £175,000 fine after it was found to have sent millions of spam text messages that provoked thousands of complaints.
John Leyden, 17 Dec 2013

Fusion-io polishes up ioTurbine: Let them eat 1-click app cache

Flashy app acceleration firm Fusion-io has updated its ioTurbine flash caching software to make it slicker, simpler and easier to use and manage.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2013
Santa Claus on his laptop

Santa brings Dixons £31m profits as ghost of Comet is laid to rest

Christmas has come early for the bosses of Dixons Retail Group, which has announced an encouraging boost in profits and sales.
Team Register, 17 Dec 2013
Facebook emojis

Zuck you! Facebook introduces 'Dislike' button... in Messenger

Facebook has finally offered its users a way of expressing disgust at the drivel their friends post.
Jasper Hamill, 17 Dec 2013

Facebook to BLAST the web with AUTO-PLAYING VIDEO ads

Facebook has debuted automatically playing video adverts on the free content ad network.
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 2013

Beauty firm Avon sticks spike heel into $125m SAP-based sales project

Avon is writing off a massive SAP-based order management project following a failed pilot in Canada earlier this year.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Dec 2013

GCHQ spooks told: Break Huawei's grip on 'The Cell'

British spooks have been ordered to keep a closer eye on the Huawei employees who inspect Blighty's critical networking hardware for vulns and backdoors.
Jasper Hamill, 17 Dec 2013
Drobo MIni hand-held

Drobo tarts up storage boxen: Now they're APP SERVER platforms

External storage box-maker Drobo has turned its 5N desktop filer/shared network storage array into an app platform, with supported apps running on the 5N's controller.
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2013
Hadoop Elephant

Don't listen to Snowden ... Intel: We've switched on CPU crypto for Hadoop

Chip giant Intel is redoubling efforts to defend its valuable data center turf – by developing its own technologies for data management and analysis technologies, such as Hadoop.
Jack Clark, 17 Dec 2013
Steve Ballmer replacement search

Microsoft admits: We WON'T pick the next Steve Ballmer this year

Microsoft's board of directors will need more time to choose a successor for outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer, the company said on Tuesday.
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2013
HP Chromebook 11

ALERT! Fling that fiery HP Chromebook 11 charger back at Google

HP and Google have issued a formal recall for the defective micro-USB charger cables that have given some HP Chromebook 11 owners a nasty surprise by melting or bursting into flames during use.
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 2013
Sign outside the National Security Agency HQ

Snowden: I'll swap you my anti-NSA knowhow for asylum ... Brazil says: Não

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has apparently offered Brazil help in uncovering US surveillance of the South American nation – in a fresh plea for asylum.
Shaun Nichols, 17 Dec 2013

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