1st December 2013 Archive

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  • Wanted: A regulation friendly version of that thing that Dropbox does

    Help your fellow Reg reader with your recommendations

    Small Biz 01 Dec 16:45

  • Meet the cluster teams: Mass Chowdah and Tennessee Volunteers

    First look at Boston and Tennessee teams

    HPC 01 Dec 18:24

  • Meet the cluster teams: High schoolers and even more Boston

    Skyline High and Bentley and NEU teams in cheap cluster clash

    HPC 01 Dec 20:04

  • That toolbar you downloaded is malware? Tough, read the EULA

    CPU-and-bandwidth-munching Bitcoin miners buried in freeware

    Security 01 Dec 21:51

  • India's Martian MOM leaves the nest

    Mangalyaan is bound for the red planet

    Science 01 Dec 22:22

  • Foxtel announces broadband, Australia yawns

    Triple-play coming to a waiting nation – next year

    Broadband 01 Dec 23:28