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Ashes Cricket 2013

Anglo-Australian cricket brawl spills over into coding clash

The British publisher behind the game Ashes Cricket 2013 has pulled the product from sale and given up on further development, blaming the Australian developer it contracted to do the job for a buggy and unplayable product.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013
NBN Co logo

NBNCo leak: They would say that, wouldn't they?

Fairfax Media has published a report on what it says is part of the “Blue Book”, advice from NBNCo to incoming Australian communications minister Malcolm Turnbull.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013
The USNO-B sky survey

Boffins release 44-MEEELLION-star Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Anglo-Australian boffins have published a new survey of the northern sky that describes 44 million stellar objects and finds 250,000 have changed in the last 60 years.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013
The chinese characters for China as used in the new .中国  domain

Chinese iPhone thief returns SIM, contact list to rightful owner

A Chinese iPhone thief has gone to extraordinary lengths to atone for his crime, copying out all 1,000 address book contacts onto paper and sending them to the phone’s owner.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Nov 2013
Photo of Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft wields turkey knife, slices Surface to $199 for Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving has come to be known as Black Friday, a day on which all manner of brands drop their pants prices in order to get US punters to open their wallets.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013
A US Army M1A1 Abrams tank heads out on a mission from Forward Operating Base MacKenzie in Iraq on October 27, 2004

US army bites the bullet in $50m software piracy pay-out

The US army has been forced to pay out $50 million (£30.6m) for copyright infringement after admitting it installed software on thousands of devices without forking out for it.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Nov 2013
Nicola's swollen foot after the spider attack

Swollen Reg reader recounts FALSE WIDOW spider HORROR

Our report yesterday on the inexorable spread of the false widow spider - an unwelcome immigrant to Blighty's shores which targets guinea pigs and horror-hungry newspaper editors - prompted one Reg reader to protest that the killer arachnid really does pose a threat to those unfortunate enough to cross its path.
Lester Haines, 29 Nov 2013
Sydney Opera House Hackathon logo

Winner of Google's most wired Australian town award is...North Sydney?

Google has decided North Sydney is Australia's “eTown of 2013”, because it is “the region whose web-savvy small businesses are outpacing the others.”
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013

Vietnam tightens noose on web freedoms with new decrees

Vietnam has introduced severe financial penalties in its ongoing bid to stifle web freedoms, including a fine of $US5,000 for anyone using social media to spread propaganda against the state.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Nov 2013
The European flag

ENISA wants mobes to wander freely between carriers in emergencies

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has floated the idea that all mobile phones should be able to roam to another network within their country of residence, in order to enhance the resilience of mobile networks.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Nov 2013

4G networks are BIG TIME SUCK for us videogame-obsessed Brits

Brits with 4G mobile contracts are wasting more time than ever by crunching their way through content - with over a quarter of them using their gadgets to download videogames.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Nov 2013
Happy child at Christmas with a tablet

UK parents to splurge £3 BEELLLIIIION on kids' tech gifts at Christmas

Parents will spend over £3bn on the latest tech gadgets for their little nippers this Christmas, spoiling them absolutely rotten.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Nov 2013
shutterstock_dominatrix erotica please href to shutterstock.com

Confessions of a porn site boss: How I got it up on the 'net

NSFWGoing to a sex shop in itself can be embarrassing at the best of times, but when I knew that I was going to ask about dodgy video tapes from dubious sources, it got a whole lot worse.
Anonymous, 29 Nov 2013
Xbox Live for Windows 8

Schmidt: 'Android mobes are a great Christmas present to an iPhone user!'

QuoTWThis was the week when Eric Schmidt had a lot to say for himself, first posting an informative guide for all the many friends he has who've been trying to migrate from iPhones over to Android.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Nov 2013
John Miller-Kirkpatrick

Britain’s forgotten first home computer pioneer: John Miller-Kirkpatrick

ArchaeologicToo few people today remember John Miller-Kirkpatrick, the enthusiastic founder, owner, manager and technical director of Bywood Electronics. He died in December 1978 at the monstrously young age of 32, less than two years before the début of the Sinclair ZX80 and the start of the UK home computing boom – for which he had helped lay the foundations.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2013

'Neverquest' bank-robber 'ware throws the whole Trick Book at victims

A new banking trojan that its creators brag can attack “any bank in any country” has already been blamed for several thousand attempts to infect computers.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2013
SpaceX Falcon 9 on its launch pad

Elon Musk scrubs lucrative MONEY RING debut again on Thanksgiving

Upstart rocket firm SpaceX, founded and helmed by techbiz visionary Elon Musk, has aborted its inaugural mission to geostationary orbit for a second time.
Lewis Page, 29 Nov 2013
Amateur astronomer Waldemar Skorupa recorded this image from Kahler Asten, in Germany, on November 16, 2013. Credit: Waldemar Skorupa (Kahler Asten, Germany), via spaceweather.com

'Schrödinger's Comet' ISON LIVES (or DOESN'T) after Thanksgiving solar roast

Global mourning for the fiery death of Comet ISON on its nearest pass to the Sun may have been a bit premature, as boffins now reckon that a small part of the space rock could have survived its brush with death.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Nov 2013

Google in Dutch: Privacy changes BREAK data law, says Netherlands

Google broke data protection law in the Netherlands when the ad giant tweaked its privacy policy in March 2012, says the country's privacy watchdog.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Nov 2013

REVEALED: How YOU PAY extra for iPHONES - even if you DON'T HAVE ONE

Special ReportApple's secret deals with mobile operators are squeezing smaller companies out of the market and driving up costs even for those who don't use their products, according to Register sources across the industry.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Nov 2013

BOFH: It's DANGEROUS to go alone. Take THIS

Episode 13
Simon Travaglia, 29 Nov 2013
IT Crowd. Source: Channel 4 / 2entertain

Fancy knocking off early? Just run our fake computer crash 'virus', say admen

A jokey US ad agency recruitment campaign encouraged users to stage fake computer crashes so that they might be able to ditch work early.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2013
Night scene of bank station in central london

Blighty's top moneymen: Hackers are SLURPING CASH direct from banks

Several UK banks have suffered actual financial losses as a result of cyber-attacks in the last six months, according to a Bank of England study.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2013

Last 7m non-digital Brits are OUT OF LUCK: I'm OFF, says Baroness Fox

Gasps were heard in places as far from Westminster as London's Brewer Street as news spread that the government's DIGITAL CHAMPION has quit her role.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Nov 2013

The Shoreditch STARTUP SCENE is a load of TRIPE: And that's why it's GREAT

¡Bong!I was halfway through my third plate of organic artisan offal when the idea hit me, like a lightning bolt. In a flash I instantly blue-skyed the deal that will revolutionise British business. Here’s how it happened.
Steve Bong, 29 Nov 2013

Dixons selling £68k gold, diamond, ruby and sapphire iPhone for Xmas

Anyone short of ideas for the stocking filler this Christmas and with a spare £68k down the back of the sofa can look no further: it's time for a Gold iPhone from the Dixons Retail concession at Harrods.
Paul Kunert, 29 Nov 2013
Asus Transformer Book T100 separated tablet from keyboard

Asus Transformer Book T100: Xbox One? PS4? Nah, get a cute convertible for Christmas

ReviewThe Asus Transformer Book T100 looks like it’s going to be surefire hit, but not because it runs a quad-core Intel "Bay Trail" Atom processor. And not because it’s a convertible taking on tablet form or becoming and touchscreen notebook in a snap. And not because it runs Windows 8.1 and not one of the original wishy-washy versions either. Nope, the reason has to be the price of £350 (and about $299 Stateside) with a copy of Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student thrown in.
Bob Dormon, 29 Nov 2013

Systemax's Euro tentacle set to buy ailing schools supplier RM

ExclusiveThe word sweeping through the technology channel is that big changes are afoot at education supplier RM with the parent of reseller Misco understood to be acquiring the software and services business.
Paul Kunert, 29 Nov 2013
BrickArms' Toy taliban figure

UK.gov's web filtering mission creep: Now it plans to block 'extremist' websites

Whitehall is carefully floating plans that might result in ISPs being forced to start blocking "extremist" websites.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Nov 2013

Referee and two others charged in FA hacking probe

Three people from the Manchester area have been charged over allegations they hacked into computer systems at English football governing body, the FA.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2013
Google Toilet Paper

Shouldn't we have self calibrating Y-fronts and smart bog roll by now?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Regular readers of this column, those of you who have have suspiciously too much time on their hands on a Friday afternoon will be aware that I am a IT fraud.
Alistair Dabbs, 29 Nov 2013

Amazon Web Services opens can of whoop-AAS on as-a-service rivals

Amazon Web Services is opening up an even bigger can of whoop-ass on all of the major Platform and Infrastructure-as-a-Service rivals as the global market passed the $2.5bn mark in Q3.
Paul Kunert, 29 Nov 2013
Raspberry Pi

Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi

FeatureUS department store Macy’s recently said it is implementing iPhone-based tracking tech the better to encourage browsing punters to buy. Of course, Macy has chosen to pitch this as an Apple technology - figuring, presumably, iPhone owners are more receptive to inducements delivered through technology and have more cash to splash than Android fans.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2013

DON'T PANIC: No FM Death Date next month, minister confirms

Culture and Comms Minister Ed Vaizey told Parliament last night he won't announce an expiry date next month for a popular technology that everyone uses and loves: FM radio.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Nov 2013
The Ares lower-stage skirt extension separation test

Our irony meter exploded: Apple moans ebook price-fixing watchdog is too EXPENSIVE

Apple has filed a court motion complaining that Michael Bromwich, the court-appointed antitrust regulator overseeing the fruity firm in the wake of its ebook price-fixing shenanigans, is too charging too much for his services.
Iain Thomson, 29 Nov 2013
SOHO images showing a trail around the Sun, which may be the remains of Comet Ison

NASA pic: DOOMED ice Comet ISON literally had snowball's chance in hell

PhotoNASA reckons only a little bit of plucky Comet ISON survived a close encounter with the Sun – and judging by this space photo, we're not surprised.
Lester Haines, 29 Nov 2013

Apple snubs discounts, sprays Black Friday zombies with gift cards

Apple has dropped its practice of offering discounts on the annual shopping sales day dubbed Black Friday that paralyses the US, and is instead giving a very limited set of gift cards to purchasers of the shiny systems it wants to shift.
Iain Thomson, 29 Nov 2013

Aussie boffins can detect orbiting SPACE JUNK using rock gods' radiation

Scientists in Western Australia think they've cracked a way to use FM radio emissions from a youth station to track man-made garbage in low-Earth orbit. The boffins have demonstrated the technique using the International Space Station as a target.
Iain Thomson, 29 Nov 2013

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