24th November 2013 Archive

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  • Rackspace patches Windows Updater vuln

    Get patching lest this remote execution problem bite you somewhere cloudy

    Security 24 Nov 19:24

  • NSW privacy exemption shares personal data with private sector

    Upside - it'll help at-risk kids; Downside - New Zealand did it first

    Government 24 Nov 21:24

  • New NSA leak reveals invasion of the management consultants

    Spookhaus documents infested with the very worst corporate-speak imaginable

    Government 24 Nov 21:55

  • Google claims MOOCs SOLVE code-for-kids teacher training problem

    Shock finding as Big G learns free online stuff can attract, engage, lots of people

    Policy 24 Nov 23:15

  • Australia's States in online shopping tax grab

    'Close the GST loophole' yell treasurers

    Government 24 Nov 23:16

  • US Judge strikes out COMPUTER/HUMAN LOVE patent

    Matchmaker, matchmaker, make a PATENT TROLL grumpy

    Law 24 Nov 23:58