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'Fatal flaws' in Google's revised search antitrust overhaul, says Foundem

Google calls web search engine results to its own services "triggers".
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Nov 2013
chalk outline of  human body at crime scene

No bail for 'Silk Road boss' as SIX MURDER-FOR-HIRE CHARGES filed

A federal judge has denied bail to Ross Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind the Silk Road online drugs marketplace, amid charges that Ulbricht contracted the murders of six people.
Neil McAllister, 22 Nov 2013
NBN Day of Action call to action

Pro-fibre-to-the-premises protestors call NBN Day of Action

Doing anything next Tuesday, November 26th?
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013
2001: A Space Odyssey

LG: You can stop hiding from your scary SPY TELLY quite soon now

South Korean electronics giant LG has confirmed that some of its smart TVs have been logging their owners' viewing habits without their permission and has promised a patch.
Neil McAllister, 22 Nov 2013
Electronic devices dangerous to flight safety

Kiss goodbye to quiet skies: Now FCC ready to OK in-flight cellphone use

The US Federal Communications Commission has indicated that it plans to relax the rules about cellphone use in flights, meaning everyone's going to get an earful in the future.
Iain Thomson, 22 Nov 2013
Sony's SmartWig

Sony patents LASER-FIRING Wi-Fi SMARTWIG with sideburn buttons

Pic Sony has been granted a patent for something it's pleased to call a “SmartWig”.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013
Richard Stallman, credit: Victor Powell

Richard Stallman decides Emacs should go WYSIWYG

GNU daddy Richard Stallman seems to have found an old To-Do list behind the sofa, because he's posted a message on the GNU forums reviving an old ambition for the venerable EMacs text editor.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013
Kateeva OLED screen printer

New inkjet printer spits out cheap OLED monitors better than your inkjet prints letters

In a presentation at the Printed Electronics USA 2013 Conference in California, local startup Kateeva has shown off a new method of producing OLED screens that it claims will last twice as long as current models and be much cheaper to manufacture in bulk.
Iain Thomson, 22 Nov 2013
Jolicloud Jolibook

French Joli OS surrenders on the desktop, retreats to cloud

Jolicloud, a company headquartered in Paris, France, has surrendered its ambition to give the world a desktop operating system and will henceforth operate only in the cloud.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013
The Pirate Bay logo

Pirate Bay co-founder Svartholm Warg to be shipped to Denmark

Beardy Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg will be extradited to Denmark next week to face hacking charges, after a long journey which has already seen him deported from Cambodia to Sweden last year.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Nov 2013

Angry Nokia staff protest Microsoft deal in China

Hundreds of Nokia workers in China have protested the firm’s recent decision to sell its devices unit to Microsoft, complaining that they were forced to sign new contracts on worse terms.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Nov 2013

The latest stupid yoof craze: Taking selfies - while DRIVING

What could be more stupid than spending your days taking pictures of yourself? Snapping a selfie whilst speeding along the motorway, which is apparently becoming a thing.
Team Register, 22 Nov 2013
Raspberry Pi ARM PC

Wolfram's new equation: Mathematica+RPi=child geniuses everywhere

Los Bros Wolfram have thrown their weight behind the Raspberry Pi and its mission to get more kiddies coding, by offering up their signature product Mathematica as a free inclusion in future versions of Raspbian.
Simon Sharwood, 22 Nov 2013

Fake X-RATED Facebook scam vids of pop minx Selena Gomez: Man sued

Facebook is suing a man accused of flooding the social network with spam posts and fake applications.
Shaun Nichols, 22 Nov 2013

China opens its ears to snooping in foreign tongues

China’s fearsome censorship and surveillance apparatus just got even more intimidating after the introduction of new technology to track communications in regional languages other than the Mandarin/Putonghua spoken in most of the country.
Phil Muncaster, 22 Nov 2013

Stolen CREDIT CARD details? Nah... crooks desire your PRIVATES

Prices on underground cybercrime marketplaces are dropping, with credit card details now in less demand than the personal data of individuals, according to a new study.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2013

What’s new in SQL 2014?

We have a live one-hour training session beaming into your screen on 12 December at 10am GMT. It’s all about SQL Server 2014 and it’s free to attend.
David Gordon, 22 Nov 2013

BOFH: Resistance is futile - we're missing BEER O'CLOCK

Episode 12 Episode 12
Simon Travaglia, 22 Nov 2013
Photo of a US KitKat wrapper advertising an Android contest giveaway

Wintel must welcome Androitel and Chromtel into cosy menage – Intel

Intel and Microsoft no longer dominate the personal computing industry as the once fearsome Wintel alliance, Intel has acknowledged. Now the chip giant has announced a broad push to get its silicon into devices running Windows' rival operating systems.
Jack Clark, 22 Nov 2013

Bug bounty upstart thinks there's BIG MONEY in crowdtesting

Security startup CrowdCurity is marketing a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to set up and run their own bug bounty and security testing programmes.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2013
Xyratex ClusterStor 9000

Speedy brother joins Xyratex ClusterStor: And 9000 makes four

Xyratex has added a fourth, high-end storage array to its ClusterStor line, the 9000, which is half as fast again as the previous top array, the 6000.
Chris Mellor, 22 Nov 2013
Doctor Who Matt Smith

Doctor Who writers Neil Gaiman and Terrance Dicks talk to The Reg

Doctor Who @ 50 Two writers stand at opposite ends of the Doctor Who anniversary - cult graphic novelist and author Neil Gaiman and veteran TV man Terrance Dicks.
Ian Harrison, 22 Nov 2013
Rumours album cover

Sweet little lies: Rumours from the flash world reach El Reg's scribe

Blocks and Files Rumours was a great Fleetwood Mac album to listen to. Now hear this: El Reg's Storage Rumour Control has three good ones (rumours, not Fleetwood Mac albums – sadly) for your delight.
Chris Mellor, 22 Nov 2013

What has the cloud ever done for me? Sysadmins tell all

Live Chat You've heard all the hype about the cloud, you've listened to the debates. But what does it really mean for you and your organisation?
David Gordon, 22 Nov 2013

Apple Schill-er: 'I was shocked - SHOCKED! They went and copied the iPhone'

QuoTW This week saw the return of the big US patent trial that was once a resounding $1bn victory for Apple and is now a long-running, achingly irritating waste of everyone's time. Nevertheless, they continue to spar in courts all over the world, making lawyers rich instead of spending all their money on actual innovation.

Microsoft gets GIANT GLASS HQ in FINLAND as part of Nokia deal

Nokia has announced that it will be turning its iconic headquarters in Espoo, Finland over to Microsoft as part of the deal to sell its mobile division to Redmond.
Shaun Nichols, 22 Nov 2013
Citizen Smith

FAT PIPE for ALL: Britain’s new tech firms take it from the telcos

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Reeling under the influence of half a bottle of wine and six tots of exclusive Scotch, I’m introduced to a young woman who produces award-winning reality TV programmes involving the over-elaborate and inconceivably incompetent preparation of food by members of the public alongside celebrity chefs who one assumes must no longer be able to earn a living as ordinary chefs.
Alistair Dabbs, 22 Nov 2013
Peter Capaldi channels William Hartnell

Doctor Who: From Edwardian grump to Malcolm Tucker and back again

Doctor Who @ 50 Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, its producers have loved showing the Doctor’s previous selves, from the pen and ink portraits in Human Nature’s Journal of Impossible Things and the Cybermen’s infostamps in The Next Doctor, to the curious, multiple incarnation runaround in the Doctor’s personal time stream in The Name of the Doctor.
Ian Harrison, 22 Nov 2013
SGI Ice Cube Dual Row Container

US govt cuts squeeze crucial computer science, shoot country in foot

SC13 Analysis The US is shooting itself in the return-on-investment foot by tightening the screws on support for research on advanced computing systems.
Rik Myslewski, 22 Nov 2013


Do you regularly trawl through Facebook only to find an acquaintance of yours posing in a photo where he's sunning himself on holiday, sipping cocktails and pawing at women in skimpy bikinis? Do you add a comment to said snap calling your chum a "jammy git"?
Team Register, 22 Nov 2013

Lead ONTO your pencil: Bill Gates pours cash into graphene condoms

A graphene condom so thin that blokes won’t look for excuses to avoid using it is on its way, thanks to Bill Gates.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Nov 2013
Tim Berners-Lee, photo by Paul Clarke

Berners-Lee: 'Growing tide of surveillance' is destroying the internet

Tim Berners-Lee has warned that snooping spooks are destroying the free spirit of the internet.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Nov 2013
Asus' old Eee girl

Can't wait for 4G? Take heart, 5G is on the way

Mobile data volumes have increased 50 per cent in the year to June, having doubled over the year before that - so the crunch will always be with us. 5G just one of many data applications for spectrum that Ofcom wants you to think about.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Nov 2013
Houses of Parliament at night-time

Oh GEE-Cloud: Billions of pounds of fresh tech frameworks on way

Professional buying group Government Procurement Services is in a race to roll out a bunch of tenders for multi-billion pound hardware and software frameworks before public sector year-end.
Paul Kunert, 22 Nov 2013

Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus, Iceland

Tons of internet traffic is being deliberately diverted through locations including Belarus and Iceland, and intercepted by crooks or worse, security experts fear.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2013

PANIC OVER DROOPING house prices hits MEMBER-shaped estate

Residents of an estate in Wirral fear house prices might be seriously affected by the revelation that their sleepy corner of Merseyside resembles a giant gentleman's undercarriage when viewed from aloft.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2013

Ultimate Doctor Tom Baker REGENERATES, RETURNS to WHO

Doctor Who @ 50 Tom Baker is reportedly breaking his legendary Who hiatus to appear in tomorrow’s BBC TV special, the Day of the Doctor - marking Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. And you'll be able to check El Reg tomorrow for coverage.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Nov 2013

British visa website goes TITSUP... just before XMAS HOLIDAYS

The UK Border Agency has admitted its Visa4UK website has collapsed after the world and their aunt tried to log on.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Nov 2013
The TARDIS on Earl's Court Road

Google puts Dr Who's Tardis onto Street View - and you can get INSIDE

Of all the places and eras Doctor Who could visit, it seems he's decided to land in modern day Earls Court, London.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Nov 2013
Prison window

Euro chief of scandal-smacked Serco leaves as cop probe continues

It is a case of out with the old and in with the er...old after Jeremy Stafford, the European boss at outsourcing giant Serco, got on his bike, leaving current UK COO Andrew White as his replacement.
Paul Kunert, 22 Nov 2013
Google Chrome logo

Google: Hey, devs - grab ahold of our Chromecast pipe and work it

Google is working on a webbified development to build the “next generation” of Chrome Apps.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Nov 2013

Best Start Schools 'superhead' quits amid probe into tech contracts

The man dubbed a "superhead" in charge of five London schools has resigned months after being suspended as Hackney Council continues to probe the distribution of tech contracts.
Paul Kunert, 22 Nov 2013
Great Wall of China

You can't have that many! China scuppers US, EU tech tariff talks

The EU and the US have accused China of continuing to block attempts to get rid of trade tariffs on technology goods by asking for far too many exclusions.
Parliament in the clouds

Meet the man who'll TAKE OVER if UK faces CYBER ATTACK

The delayed launch of the national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is getting back on track with the appointment of its new director, Chris Gibson. This comes after the project was delayed until next year.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2013

Spotify reckons it's worth $4 BILLION - and Netflix investor agrees

In the latest WTF valuation, music streaming site Spotify has raised around $250m in fresh funding, valuing the firm at a hefty $4bn.

Vintage WINE laid down in SIXTEEN HUNDRED BC was 'psychotropic'

The people of ancient Canaan were far more bibulous than anyone has previously suspected. Boffins have dug up 3,700-year-old wine jugs from an ancient cellar in a large Canaanite city called Tel Kabri, which is not far from the vineyards of modern Israel.
Jasper Hamill, 22 Nov 2013
Siats meekerorum

Meet the FOUR-TON DINO that made little Tyrannosaurs SOIL THEMSELVES

Before the T. rex held the world in the palm of his tiny, tiny clawed hands, another newly discovered dinosaur was terrorising the planet 98 million years ago.
Artist's concept of Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo

Stewardess first to book $250k Virgin Galactic 'space trip' with BITCOINS

Brit entrepreneur Richard Branson's space-faring venture Virgin Galactic will now accept Bitcoins.
Jack Clark, 22 Nov 2013
Project Ara

Moto's DIY smartphone Ara to be 3D PRINTED in exclusive new deal

Motorola has signed a multi-year deal with materials-printing firm 3D Systems to put together parts for its snap-together modular smartphone known as Project Ara.
Iain Thomson, 22 Nov 2013

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 ships, but still no RHEL 7 in sight

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5 has reached general availability following a six-week beta period, making it the first minor release of RHEL 6 to ship since version 6.4 in February.
Neil McAllister, 22 Nov 2013
Xbox One and chum

Those Xbox One first-day glitches: GREEN screens of DEATH, disc crunching

As inevitably happens when a new piece of tech gear goes on sale, some machines suffer malfunctions – and Microsoft's Xbox One games console is no different.
Shaun Nichols, 22 Nov 2013
Google Chocolate Factory

'High impact' Gmail password security hole blew accounts wide open

Vid Google has fixed a "high impact" security bug in Gmail's password reset system that could have left any account wide open to a crafty hijacker.
Iain Thomson, 22 Nov 2013

Poor Intel TV dies on vine, its fancy pop-up shops turned into cafes, cinemas

Intel will open three pop-up retail locations in US cities this holiday season, but they won't be the kind of stores that some Intel execs originally envisioned.
Neil McAllister, 22 Nov 2013
Xbox One and chum

XBOX ONE and PS4, you'll make us RUN OUT of INTERNET

Web puritans Blue Coat are predicting that the end of internet days because of the release of Xbox One and rival PlayStation 4 gaming consoles.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2013
Carmack Oculus

Doom god John Carmack teleports from id Software to VR upstart Oculus Rift

Doom coder and notoriously clever graphics programmer John Carmack has left id Software to focus on a virtual reality gaming startup Oculus Rift.
Jack Clark, 22 Nov 2013