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Android mobes outsell iPhones, but Apple gets MORE PROFIT THAN ALL

Apple rakes in more profits from its iPhones than all Android phones combined, despite the fact that Android phones command an 81 per cent market share to Cupertino's 12.1 per cent.
Rik Myslewski, 16 Nov 2013
Sony PS4 developer bootloader

Sony's new PlayStation 4 and open source FreeBSD: The TRUTH

Sony has confirmed that its newgasmic game console the PlayStation 4 - on sale today in the US - uses a modified version of the open-source FreeBSD operating system.
Jack Clark, 16 Nov 2013
Acer Chromebook C720

Acer's new Haswell all-flash Chromebooks sip power for less than $200

As the holiday shopping season looms, Acer is once again looking to undercut the budget Chromebook market with a new low-end model that retails for $199.
Neil McAllister, 16 Nov 2013
3D Builder

Cocky Microsoft strokes soft tool in public for 3D printing on Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 users with a yen for 3D printing and a few thousand bucks for a printer can get a free design application from Microsoft – as Redmond seeks to show it's as modern as the rest of them.
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2013

Nvidia reveals CUDA 6, joins CPU-GPU shared memory party

Nvidia has announced the latest version of its GPU programming language, CUDA 6, which adds a "Unified Memory" capability that, as its name implies, relieves programmers from the trials and tribulations of having to manually copy data back and forth between separate CPU and GPU memory spaces.
Rik Myslewski, 16 Nov 2013
Steve Ballmer as Doctor Evil

'I'm BIG, I'm BALD and I'm LOUD!' Blubbering Ballmer admits HE was Microsoft's problem

A tearful Steve Ballmer has admitted he was a big part of the problem at Microsoft – and that the company needs to rethink its management structure to succeed in the future.
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2013

Apple iOS 7 security bug allows fiendish wags to easily empty your wallet

Apple has updated iOS 7 to fix a security bug that allowed miscreants to buy stuff from the online Apple Store without having to tap in a valid password.
Shaun Nichols, 16 Nov 2013

PlayStation 4 a doddle to fix: Handy if it OVERHEATS, for instance

TeardownElectronics repair biz iFixit gave Sony the thumbs-up after finding the PlayStation 4 console to be fairly easy to repair.
Shaun Nichols, 16 Nov 2013
Testing Java

Issue of the day: When is the right time to drink coffee?

Readers' cornerAnd so to El Reg Forums where Simon Rockman has fired up this foodie thread.
Drew Cullen, 16 Nov 2013
iPhone 4 main camera

Schiller: 'Almost everyone' at Apple works on iPhones - not Macs or anything

Apple's head of marketing has told a court that the iPhone was a "bet-the-company product" which could have brought Cupertino crashing to the ground.
Jasper Hamill, 16 Nov 2013

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