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Declining graph

PC market bombs in Blighty as Gartner tracks plummeting shipments

The growth in tablet sales combined with a dealer inventory dump-off prior to the release of Windows 8.1 caused PC shipments in Western Europe to drop some 12.8 per cent in the last quarter.
Shaun Nichols, 09 Nov 2013
BlackBerry bleeding

BlackBerry board swatted away offers to break it up, sources claim

Despite all of the parties that were said to be interested in acquiring pieces of stricken smartphone vendor BlackBerry, breaking up the company was never an option that was on the table, sources claim.
Neil McAllister, 09 Nov 2013
Duke University energy harvesting array

New wonder slab slurps Wi-Fi, converts it into juice for gadgets, boast boffins

Researchers at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering claim to have created a material that can harvest microwave signals and convert them into electricity.
Iain Thomson, 09 Nov 2013

FLIGHTMARE! Inflight cell calling debuts, dealing heavy blow to quality of life

Flying cattle class on most carriers is usually an unpleasant business but it's about to get a lot worse thanks to Gogo, which has figured out a way to let passengers make calls and texts from their mobiles while in flight.
Iain Thomson, 09 Nov 2013

Astroboffins solve birth of the Man in the Moon face

NASA's Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) has apparently figured out the origin of the "Man in the Moon".
Shaun Nichols, 09 Nov 2013

Lavabit, secure email? Hardly, says infosec wizard Moxie Marlinspike

Former Lavabit proprietor Ladar Levison claims the new Dark Mail initiative he's cooking up with the team from Silent Circle will enable email that's virtually spy-proof, but according to at least one expert, the original Lavabit service was never all that secure to begin with.
Neil McAllister, 09 Nov 2013
Bearded dragon handing out with Spicerex

Wanted: IT world domination. Can Spiceworks succeed?

AnalysisSpiceworld 2013 Austin, Texas-based Spiceworks used the opening keynotes of its 2013 user conference – Spiceworld – to challenge all rivals. The challenge wasn't as overt as walking up to Zuckerberg with an iron glove, slapping him across the face and casting it upon the ground, but a challenge was made nonetheless. LinkedIn brass especially should currently be experiencing sleep disruptions.
Trevor Pott, 09 Nov 2013

Backup for my hard drive and cloud: Is there one program to rule them all?

Readers' cornerAnd so to El Reg Forums, where Monkeyfish has fired up the following thread:
Drew Cullen, 09 Nov 2013
Bird's eye view of the proposed new Nvidia HQ

GPU secrets unveiled for student cluster warriors

SCC'13We’re less than two weeks away from the start of the SC13 Student Cluster Competition in Denver. Right now, the 12 student teams are turning over every rock they can find in their hardware and software stack in an effort to eke (and geek) out every last bit of performance.
Dan Olds, 09 Nov 2013
anonymous logo

Anonymous threatens cyberwar with Anonymous

Anonymous has threatened to start a cyberwar with Anonymous.
Simon Sharwood, 09 Nov 2013

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