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Firefox's plugin-blocker slams into beta - but don't jump for joy, Flash haters

With its latest beta release, the Mozilla Foundation has taken a step further toward making click-to-run the default behavior for all plugins in Firefox.
Neil McAllister, 01 Nov 2013
Two men gather round a computer in the press room at south by southwest, one dressed as superman, one as the incredible hulk

MEDIC! Google, Oracle, Red Hat docs race to save crippled Healthcare.gov

Techies from Google, Red Hat, Oracle and other unnamed firms have parachuted in to fix the disastrous rollout of the United States' healthcare.gov website.
Jack Clark, 01 Nov 2013
A fake tattoo on the leg of Canberra Raiders footballer Sandor Earl, sent by Huawei as an April Fool

Australian confirms Huawei ban

Australia's new and conservative prime minister Tony Abbott has reportedly confirmed the nation's decision to ban Huawei from providing any kit to the country's national broadband network.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013

How Dark Mail Alliance hopes to roll out virtually NSA-proof email next year

The Dark Mail Alliance has revealed more details of plans to build a secure, encrypted email system that's surveillance-proof, provided the user's machine isn’t already pwned.
Iain Thomson, 01 Nov 2013
Memristor wafer

HP 100TB Memristor drives by 2018 – if you're lucky, admits tech titan

Blocks and FilesHP has warned El Reg not to get its hopes up too high after the tech titan's CTO Martin Fink suggested StoreServ arrays could be packed with 100TB Memristor drives come 2018.
Chris Mellor, 01 Nov 2013

Murdoch: I'm a Jawbone fanboi - and it's going to help me live to 100!

Press baron Rupert Murdoch has revealed he wears a Jawbone UP, the fitness-tracking bangle beloved of "quantified self" pushers and fitness fans.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013

Commies copying West again as Vietnam plans own Silicon Valley

Over 35 years after the Vietnam war ended, the communist Asian state is looking to the good ol’ US for its inspiration with a new government backed initiative designed to make a success out of its emerging technology industry.
Phil Muncaster, 01 Nov 2013
iPad Air component thicknesses

Apple Store workers' inner journey revealed

VideoAustralia's location close to the International Date Line and Apple's policy of putting new products on sale at the same time everywhere in the world mean The Reg's Australian office gets the world's first look at fanboi reaction to new kit from the fruit factory. We do so at Apple Store Broadway, an Apple Store about three kilometres from Apple's Australian mothership but rather easier to access in the morning rush.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013
anonymous logo

Anonymous hacked off with Singapore's menacing net rules plan

A hacktivist claiming to be part of Anonymous has backed a call by Google, Facebook and others to scrap proposed internet licensing rules in Singapore which have been described as state censorship by the back door.
Phil Muncaster, 01 Nov 2013
Openstack log

Mellanox bakes self into OpenStack, hopes world+dog bytes

Ahead of next week's OpenStack summit in Hong Kong, Mellanox has let it be known that it's baked itself into OpenStack, then baked OpenStack into several of its products.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013
Mars Attacks!

Mars defends: HUMANS to SEND UFO to Red Planet by 2016

Mars One will be actually sending something to the Red Planet in the next three years, according to co-founder Bas Lansdorp.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Nov 2013
Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull to NBN contractors: Dance, baby, dance!

Australia's communications minister Malcolm Turnbull has pulled out a pistol and started pinging bullets at the feet of national broadband network (NBN) contractor Visionstream.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013

Japanese boffins make a splash with bath-based touchscreen

Boffins in Japan have managed to eliminate one of the few remaining downtime havens in our always-on 21st century lives, by inventing a touch-screen display for the bath.
Phil Muncaster, 01 Nov 2013
The Smith Cloud, a globule of gas on the fringe of the galaxy

Milky Way 'POPS PILLS and SNORTS GAS', insist boffins

Astroboffins have labelled the Milky Way, the gaggle of stars in which Earth resides, a “pill-popping galaxy hooked on gas”.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013

Forrester to Facebook: you're SHALLOW and a BAD FRIEND

Analyst house Forrester has unloaded on Facebook, accusing it of doing a terrible job for ad-slingers.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Nov 2013

UK.gov forks out £250k to rescue EROTIC novelists and pals from PIRATES

A government tech quango has handed £250,000 of taxpayers' cash to a British firm which fights to keep erotic fiction, among other things, out of the hands of copyright pirates.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Nov 2013
Two Amanita caesaria

Need an internet antidote? Try magic mushrooms

Picture specialAutumn has wrapped its frosty claws around the Special Project Bureau's Spanish mountaintop headquarters, and as we prepare to hunker down for the winter, there's a final opportunity to spend some quality time away from the internet, and stock the larder with nature's bounteous harvest.
Lester Haines, 01 Nov 2013

RM CEO: We didn't even try to sell PC biz before killing it

Education tech supplier RM didn't even test the appetite among rivals or privateer equity firms to buy its flattering PC biz before murdering it because the business was only just keeping its head above water.
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2013

BOFH: Is WHAT 'running slow'!? GOD

Episode 9
Simon Travaglia, 01 Nov 2013
Steampunk fan with goggles

Fed up with Windows? Linux too easy? Get weird, go ALTERNATIVE

It's hard to believe, looking at the modern computing world, but there is still more to life than Windows or Unix… and today, most of the alternatives run on vanilla x86 hardware and are free.
Liam Proven, 01 Nov 2013

Dip in Blighty's titsup tech firms... but what about the ZOMBIES?

An eerie calm has descended in the UK technology channel* as company failures stabilise and the recession lifts, but with legions of undead corporate corpses stalking the land, an insolvency storm could now be brewing.
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2013

Salesforce dooms do.com, just can't do Do.com

Dependent on Do.com? Time to move on. Salesforce is killing the web-based productivity tool it inherited in 2010.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Nov 2013

Snowden: Oh, PLEASE let me come to Germany and help Merkel with her phone

NSA squealer Edward Snowden has offered to pop over to Germany to help investigate allegations that Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone was tapped by US spies.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Nov 2013

Number-crunching quant cooks up gambling machine, promises untold RICHES

HPC blogHave you ever wanted to lay a bet down on the Las Vegas sports books? Or take a bundle of money from the suckers in your office's Final Four betting pool? Is it possible to win sports bets consistently over the long haul?
Dan Olds, 01 Nov 2013
Anchorman street fight

IT'S patent WAR: Apple, Microsoft vs Google, Samsung, Huawei

The group that beat Google in the bidding for Nortel's patents is now using those patents to sue the advertising giant along with a whole bunch of other tech firms.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Nov 2013

Apple: SCREW YOU, BRITS ... no unlocked iPhones for you

A bit of Apple gold dust is set to bring some bling to the technology distribution channel after Tech Data confirmed it will trial the sale of SIM-lock-free iPhones to dealers in Europe – but not in good old Blighty, it seems.
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2013

iPad Air not very hot: Apple fanbois SHUN London fondleslab launch

Peak AppleApple's new iPad Air has fallen to earth with a thud following a dismal launch day in London.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Nov 2013
A picture of a cat.

'It seems that the OSes and devices are based on the Devil'

QuotwThis was the week when Dell received a flood of complaints about the fact that its Latitude 6430u Ultrabook literally stinks. The whiffy laptops were shipped out to users smelling distinctly of feline urine.
Team Register, 01 Nov 2013

BETHLEHEM-grade SUPERNOVA possible 'within 50 years'

Good news this week for relatively youthful watchers of the skies: top astronomers predict that within 50 years it's almost certain that a star in our galaxy will go supernova - that is, explode with stupendous violence - briefly creating a glowing beacon visible from one end of the Milky Way to another.
Lewis Page, 01 Nov 2013

Mixed tape: Overland Storage buys Tandberg Data in cash-free transaction

Struggling tape and disk storage vendor Overland Storage is buying recovering tape systems vendor Tandberg Storage for $42m in stock to help boost its revenues.
Chris Mellor, 01 Nov 2013

A post-Snowden US had better not SQUEAL about Chinese cyber-spying

RSA Europe 2013The US can't complain about Chinese cyber-espionage in the wake of the ongoing revelations from Edward Snowden, according to a leading US cyber-intelligence expert.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2013

Adobe exec puffs cloud shop: Online features are so 'compelling'... What are they again?

Creative types who prefer to buy Adobe software in boxed format rather than renting it as-a-service will from this month start to miss out on bumper "compelling" features in Creative Cloud, according to a global partner exec.
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2013
Sticking the boot in on inkjet printer

Have you reinstalled Windows yet? No, I just want to PRINT THIS DAMN PAGE

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Unable to print.
Alistair Dabbs, 01 Nov 2013
Hellraiser puzzle box

Google barge erection hypegasm latest - What's in the box?

The two mysterious barges Google has parked on either side of the United States will be used as flashy product showrooms, a new report has claimed.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Nov 2013

NetApp chucks sueball at upstart rival Nimble Storage, former staffers

NetApp is suing hybrid array startup Nimble Storage along with three of its former employees, and has alleged in a filing that its rival has been poaching its staff.
Chris Mellor, 01 Nov 2013

Dead PC market? In the UK? NEVER

Thought the UK PC market was like a dead mule? Wrong. There's life yet in those age old desktop and notebook nags, according to distributor shipment data.
Paul Kunert, 01 Nov 2013
Sony Rolly

Moody's eyes up Sony's debt: Hmm... junk? Bam! Shares drop 11%

Sony shares plunged 11 per cent in Tokyo overnight while ratings agency Moody's has placed the Japanese firm's debt on review for a downgrade that could take it to junk status.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Nov 2013
Artist's impression of the GOCE spacecraft in orbit

Fiery bits of Euro satellite to rain down on Earth this weekend

Europe's GOCE satellite is due to come tumbling out of the sky to crash-land on Earth sometime next week – and nobody quite knows where it will land.
Team Register, 01 Nov 2013
Doctor Who on the Moon

Could Doctor Who really bump into human space dwellers?

Doctor Who @ 50“Oh, you might have spent a million years evolving into clouds of gas... and another million as downloads, but you always revert to the same basic shape: the fundamental human. End of the universe and here you are. Indomitable, that's the word! Indomitable! Ha!” - the Tenth Doctor.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Nov 2013

Google and Samsung bare teeth in battle for LANDFILL ANDROID™

AnalysisDoes anyone else other than Google, Samsung and Apple make popular branded smartphones? Well, if you follow the market you'll know there are many brands and many flavours of Android today competing for customers.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Nov 2013

Dying HealthCare.gov bagged JUST SIX registrations on first day

The much-maligned US HealthCare.gov medical-insurance portal managed to process just six registrations on its first day of availability.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Nov 2013

iPad Air peels off in racy pics for wide-eyed geeks, reveals 'worst battery ever

TeardownAccording to the teardown fanatics at iFixit, Apple's new iPad Air is twice as easy to repair as Microsoft's equally new Surface 2 – which received an as-low-as-you-can-go repairability rating of 1 out of a possible 10.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Nov 2013

John Kerry bombshell: 'Yes, the NSA... reached TOO FAR, inappropriately'

US Secretary of State John Kerry has issued a rare mea culpa on behalf of the US government and its NSA surveillance platforms.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Nov 2013
SR72 old and new

SR-71 Blackbird follow-up: A new TERRIFYING Mach 6 spy-drone bomber

PicsThe famous SR-71 Blackbird was put out to pasture over a decade ago – but the legendary Skunk Works aviation wizards that built it have been showing off a replacement that can travel twice as fast and it could be in the skies within a decade.
Iain Thomson, 01 Nov 2013
GCHQ as seen on Google Earth

Snowden leaks latest: BT, Vodafone, Verizon jack GCHQ into undersea fiber

UK carriers BT and Vodafone are among top telcos today accused of supplying surveillance data to Blighty's eavesdropping nerve center, GCHQ.
Shaun Nichols, 01 Nov 2013

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

Automotive pioneer Henry Ford famously joked that any customer could order a car painted any color "as long as it is black." The same will be true of Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 video game console – "Jet Black" being the only color option at launch – but it seems the new device will come with plenty of other limitations, besides.
Neil McAllister, 01 Nov 2013

Indestructible, badass rootkit BadBIOS: Is this tech world's Loch Ness Monster? VOTE NOW

PollWell-known computer security researcher Dragos Ruiu claims to have been hit by seemingly invincible firmware-infecting malware.
John Leyden, 01 Nov 2013

Google teaches Chrome Canary to sing when it sniffs dodgy downloads

Google has equipped its experimental "Canary" distribution of the Chrome web browser with a malware-spotting capability to protect users from malicious downloads.
Jack Clark, 01 Nov 2013

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