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Facebook Zucks up $2bn sales, record profit - but stock fell. What gives?

Facebook posted its results for yet another strong quarter on Wednesday, one in which the social network continued to gain both revenue and users, particularly from the all-important mobile market segment.
Neil McAllister, 31 Oct 2013

Lavabit, Silent Circle form Dark Mail Alliance to destroy email snooping

Two firms at the sharp end of privacy have joined forces to build an email system that provides end-to-end encryption that will hopefully prove impossible for service providers to eavesdrop and crack – even if forced to do so.
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2013
NSA's Fort Meade headquarters

NSA, UK hacked Yahoo! and Google data center interconnects – report

British and US intelligence agencies managed to tap into the connections between data centers run by Yahoo! and Google, and in one month this year slurped 181,280,466 records, including metadata and the contents of communications, according to new documents from Edward Snowden.
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2013
Photo of Google Glass version 2

Google's new Glass: Now with audio connection INSIDE the SKULL

PicsGoogle has posted two images of the next generation of its much-mocked Glass wearable tech, revealing for the first time the direction it plans to go for future versions of the product.
Neil McAllister, 31 Oct 2013

Dark matter: Good news, everyone! We've found ... NOTHING AT ALL

The most sensitive dark-matter detector ever built has failed to detect any dark matter.
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Oct 2013

Twitter duped us, coupon-clippers claim

The most-anticipated IPO since pets.com Facebook has come under a cloud, with a lawsuit launched accusing Twitter of cancelling a “fraudulently” organised private sale of shares.
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Oct 2013
Enigma machine

Crypto protocols mostly crocked says euro infosec think-tank ENISA

It's past time to plan the abandonment of legacy crypto, warns the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) in a new 96-page study providing recommendations for crypto designers that also says most protocols are hard to install in a secure fashion.
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Oct 2013
Hadoop Elephant

VMware brings big data to vSphere standard edition

Virtualisation and Hadoop are a natural fit: who wants every node to be physical when there's computing and storage resources out there that could be put to work performing Hadoopery when you need it, then freed to do other stuff at other times?
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013
Photo of a US KitKat wrapper advertising an Android contest giveaway

'Tablet' no longer means 'iPad': Apple share PLUMMETS below 30%

Apple's fondleslab market share falls below 30 per cent for first time IDC says iPad shipments stalled in Q3 as Samsung and Lenovo surged Pundits partial to peak Apple prognostications have new data to fuel their ideas: IDC's newest report on global fondleslab sales has Apple's market share slipping markedly.
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013
A boat full of Fail

Mavericks Mail's spam-spewing 'flaw' was scripted by red-faced user

FastMail, the cloudy messaging outfit that earlier this week proclaimed it had found a nasty bug in the way OS X Mavericks' Mail client talks IMAP, has retracted its analysis.
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013
EU Kids Online

China's Qihoo unveils kids' smart watch for nosy parents

Controversial Chinese web and AV firm Qihoo 360 has entered the smart watch market with a new device aimed at paranoid parents who want to track their children’s whereabouts.
Phil Muncaster, 31 Oct 2013
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

IBM to shutter SmartCloud, move customers to SoftLayer

IBM will close its SmartCloud Enterprise service and force customers to migrate to its recently-acquired SoftLayer cloud.
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

The Colosseum, Hagia Sophia, Tower of London... and, er, Steve Jobs' GARAGE

The house where Steve Jobs built his first computers has been added to a list of historic buildings in Los Altos.
Team Register, 31 Oct 2013
Prison window

Vietnam jails man for Facebook freedom campaign

The Vietnamese government has shot itself in the foot yet again on the thorny topic of human rights after a Facebook campaigner was sentenced to 15 months under house arrest for “abusing” his democratic freedoms.
Phil Muncaster, 31 Oct 2013
Zombie cloud

Oracle makes Halloween-eve request for sysadmin HORROR MOVIES

On the eve of Halloween, Oracle has asked sysadmins to send it horror movies, or at least screen-capture videos of the issues they want Big O's support teams to solve.
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013

TalkTalk to block nuisance calls with no help AT ALL from Huawei

TalkTalk is extending its HomeSafe brand from the telco's broadband service to its fixed phone lines by adding network-level filters that will hang up on nuisance calls.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Oct 2013

New Bitcoin exchange launches in the UK

A new online trading platform based in London is to open next week to those seeking to exchange British pounds for the virtual currency Bitcoin.
OUT-LAW.COM, 31 Oct 2013
Alone in the Dark

Ding-dong, Cthulu calling: Infogrames’ 1992 Alone in the Dark

Antique Code ShowThere was a time when you were considered a bit of a sissy if a computer game scared you. Yet along with the numerous innovations Alone in the Dark brought to the gaming world, it was one of the first titles to genuinely put the shits up anyone brave enough to play it.
Giles Hill, 31 Oct 2013

Win XP? Your PLAGUE risk is SIX times that of Win 8 - NOW

UK-based Windows XP users were six more likely to actually be infected than their counterparts who use more recent versions of Windows, according to figures from Microsoft.
John Leyden, 31 Oct 2013

Spare external hard drives gathering dust? Share your stuff with fellow cloud fear types

California-based Connected Data’s Transporter, which turns an external disk into a private cloud for your devices, is helping you hook up with your like-minded friends.
Chris Mellor, 31 Oct 2013

Alien planet is just like EARTH - except for ONE tiny detail

Four hundred light-years away in the constellation Cygnus there lies a G-type star very much like our own Sun. Orbiting it is a world scientists believe is very similar to Earth in both size and composition.
Lewis Page, 31 Oct 2013
REID index

Ahhh, SATISFACTION: Watch while we set a NAS on FIRE

A vendor has made the silly mistake of claiming its kit is fireproof, prompting a certain El Reg hack to ponder where he'd left his matches...

Insight warns of $20 MILLION kick in the teeth from Microsoft

The impact of Microsoft's sweeping channel programme changes were laid bare last night when Insight Enterprises warned investors that its bank balance will be up to $20m lighter next year as the new fee structure takes hold.
Paul Kunert, 31 Oct 2013
Gordan Ugarkovic's view of Saturn

Lord of the RING Scality lets NFS and popular pals into the object party

Scality has updated its RING object storage product and added support across various file sharing protocols including NFS.
Chris Mellor, 31 Oct 2013
BT Openreach van

BT's new boss reports flat sales and pre-tax profit tumble

BT's freshly installed chief executive Gavin Patterson told the City today that revenue had edged up to £4.49bn, while profit before tax fell 10 per cent to £499m during the company's second quarter.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Oct 2013

Nokia wins UK patent spat: Quick, let's boot HTC One out of Blighty

Nokia is looking to stop the sale of HTC mobes, including the HTC One, in Blighty after winning a patent case in the High Court.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 31 Oct 2013
Running girls

Toshiba unveils SSD: Claims hard-as-nails kit has the write stuff

Toshiba has tweaked the design of its PX02SS flash drive so it can sustain 30 full drive writes a day for five years through a 12gig SAS interface.
Chris Mellor, 31 Oct 2013
Strawberries suitable for growing in space. Credit: Purdue University

Give young infosec boffins more cash or BAD THINGS will happen – RSA boff

RSA Europe 2013Declining support for young science and technology researchers from the US government could hurt technology innovation in the long term, a top computer scientist has warned.
John Leyden, 31 Oct 2013
Fantasy Gadgets

Bucket? Check. Toilet plunger? Check. El Reg's 50 years of Doctor Who

Doctor Who @ 50Fifty years ago in November – on November 23, to be precise – the BBC broadcast its first episode of Doctor Who. It was the start of what, in the world of JJ Abrams, we’d call “a franchise”.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Oct 2013

Cameron pledges public access to list of who REALLY owns firms

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will announce today that a register of the real owners of companies will be opened to the public as part of the government's efforts to stop tax evasion.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 31 Oct 2013

Facebook tests sinister CURSOR-TRACKING in hunt for more ad bucks

Facebook is reportedly looking at new methods of data mining that would silently track a user's actions on the free content ad network.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Oct 2013

Infosec bod reports ONGOING ATTACK at RSA securo-confab

RSA Europe 2013Problems logging into VPN networks left delegates even more twitchy than normal at the RSA Conference Europe this week.
John Leyden, 31 Oct 2013
Onyx PCM card

Storage memory has a DIMM future... and that's a good thing

Blocks and FilesThe SMART flash DIMM announcement has opened up a major server memory redesign period.
Chris Mellor, 31 Oct 2013

Oracle investors get hot under collar over execs' bulging packages

Three long-term investors in Oracle are planning to protest against the firm's executive pay policies at its annual shareholder meeting today.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 31 Oct 2013

Former Systemax exec faces second probe by Feds

Former Systemax exec Carl Fiorentino, the man currently contesting charges of fraud related to his work at his former company, is the subject of a second federal probe, according to a recent US court filing.
Paul Kunert, 31 Oct 2013
Ship in trouble

Starboard Storage goes titsup: LeftHanders to leave the building

Starboard Storage has been hit by Tango Uniform* syndrome and appears to have hit the rocks. It is currently shuttering its operation.
Chris Mellor, 31 Oct 2013

From Russia with Code: Edward Snowden gets job on website helldesk

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has reportedly bagged a job in Russia after fleeing to the former superpower after leaking details of indiscriminate wiretapping being carried out by the US National Security Agency.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Oct 2013

Shiny doodad blog Engadget clubbed with Reddit banhammer

Sysadmin blogEarlier this week, a number of Reddit users noticed that links to tech news site Engadget were returned with “engadget is not allowed on Reddit: this domain was banned for shilling and vote cheating” if they tried to post a link to anything on the Engadget domain.
Josh Folland, 31 Oct 2013
hand in chain mail glove cutting meat with sharp knife

Issue of the day: Do dishwashers really blunt knives?

Readers' corner
Drew Cullen, 31 Oct 2013

We'll build Elon Musk's Hyperloop ... if you lob us ONE-MEELLION dollars

Elon Musk's futuristic Hyperloop public transport system took a tiny step closer towards becoming reality today as a name was chosen for the company which hopes to start work on the superfast tube train.
Jasper Hamill, 31 Oct 2013
Marc Benioff

Salesforce whips out private-public-ish 'iTunes app store' for enterprise IT

Public-cloud preacher Salesforce.com will deliver a white-label version of its enterprise "app store" for private clouds – so businesses can use it to distribute software to staff.
Gavin Clarke, 31 Oct 2013
Electronic devices dangerous to flight safety

FIERY DEATH awaits all who stroke mobes mid-flight? Nope, says FAA

After pondering the issue for at least a year, America's Federal Aviation Administration has officially changed its guidance on using phones and tablet computers in-flight – and ruled they should only be put down during takeoff and landing.
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2013

SECRET Google store touts pricey accessories to Glasshole shopaholics

Continuing its renewed push for its Glass camera-goggles, Google has quietly launched an online store to sell accessories for the wearable computers.
Neil McAllister, 31 Oct 2013

For its next trick, Inktank tries to pull golden rabbit from Ceph hat

You'd think being a core part of Linux would be a good thing for a filesystem, but if you want to make any money off it, things get tricky.
Jack Clark, 31 Oct 2013
Nexus 5

Google RIPS aside curtain, exposes Nexus 5 phone, KitKat Android 4.4 coupling

Google has released its latest major Android build, version 4.4 codenamed KitKat, and has started selling its new Nexus 5 smartphone as the first device to run the new OS.
Iain Thomson, 31 Oct 2013
Nook GlowLight

B&N's spooky glowing Nook unzips wand, turns 4GB into 2.5GB of space

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, US bookseller Barnes & Noble has refreshed its Nook line of e-readers with an upgraded glowing E Ink model.
Neil McAllister, 31 Oct 2013

iPAD AIR WORLD DEBUT: Our Australian team gets an early fondle

Apple's iPad Air is beautifully light, so much so you can handle it with one hand.
Simon Sharwood, 31 Oct 2013

Amazon unleashes JavaScript SDK so devs can conjure cloud gods

Amazon has brought out a tool that lets developers build server-less web apps from within the browser that use the company's cloud assets, representing a strategic attempt to knit Amazon Web Services into the modern developer's toolkit .
Jack Clark, 31 Oct 2013
big droplets falling from rain cloud

CSC straddles clouds with ServiceMesh gobble

The worst thing about the cloud for users tends to be the built-in policy tools that are either very expensive or too broad in scope to fit the peculiarities of any one organization.
Jack Clark, 31 Oct 2013

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