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NSA.gov goes down after ‘error during scheduled update’

The USA’s National Security Agency (NSA), lately the source of near-endless controversy for spying on just about the entire internet, has itself hit trouble online after its website went down.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Oct 2013

IBM warns Storwize arrays can DELETE ALL DATA

IBM has issued a warning to owners of its Storwize arrays, SAN Volume Controller and Flex System V7000, because all are at risk of having their contents erased.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Oct 2013
The LG G Flex curved smartphone

LG G Flex: A new cheeky curvy mobe with a 'SELF-HEALING' bottom

LG has announced a new slim yet curvy smartphone model: a six-inch phablet dubbed the LG G Flex.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Oct 2013

Singaporeans BEG government to block website

In many nations around the world citizens want their governments to stop blocking access to the web, but in Singapore netizens are asking the government to add more material to its list of sites that won't be available to locals.
Simon Sharwood, 28 Oct 2013
<coat/> <door> <door/> shirt at Cash'n'Carrion

Tenda seals shut router backdoor found by D-Link hole-prober

Chinese networking manufacturer Tenda has issued a fix that seals up a recently discovered backdoor in its wireless router kit.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2013
"334/365 this is a phoooonne!!!" - Lazurite

Blighty's laziness over IPv6 will cost us on the INTERNETS - study

The deployment of a new address system for the internet brings with it connectivity problems, network security issues and privacy concerns, according to a new study.
OUT-LAW.COM, 28 Oct 2013
Indonesia's spiffing No Spam logo

Payday loan firms are the WORST. Ugh, my mobe's FILLED with filthy SPAM

Messages from payday loan and gambling companies have come to dominate incident of mobile spam in the UK over recent months.
John Leyden, 28 Oct 2013

Want to keep the users happy? Don't call them users for a start

Sysadmin blogA common complaint about IT staff is their lack of social skills. As in any industry that attracts a certain type of person, there's a high percentage of dark-room-dwelling people who can sometimes struggle to communicate. This is either through what they say or how they interact with others.
Adam Fowler, 28 Oct 2013
Rhinoceros in late afternoon, Kruger National Park. Credit: Shutterstock

Only a merciful BULLET can really save a RHINO, say Texas hunters

A US Safari Club has been offered a permit to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros to help save the rest of the species.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Oct 2013
Hadoop Elephant

Cloudera whoops as its Hadoop loop-the-loops for cloud troupe

Cloudera has teamed up with three midsize cloud operators to load its distribution of the Hadoop data muncher'n'cruncher into their clouds.
Jack Clark, 28 Oct 2013

Growth, what's that? Storage firms tighten belts as revenues flatline

It’s results round-up day at the Register, with LSI, Mellanox, QLogic, Symantec and WD all filing their quarterly results. Here we go on a numbers blitz:
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2013

Everything's going to be all white: Google Nexus 5 mobe expected Friday

Google’s LG-made, plastic-backed Nexus 5 smartphone, possibly one of the most leaked as-yet-unannounced handsets ever, will be available in white as well as black, as yet another leak has revealed.
Tony Smith, 28 Oct 2013
Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi: Is it REALLY the saviour of British computing?

OpinionIt is fair to say that the Raspberry Pi is a success. I love them, you love them, the whole world loves them. It has reminded the rest of the computing world that the UK - and Cambridge especially - has a proud computing heritage.
Kris Adcock, 28 Oct 2013
New York Stock Exchange, photo by Preslethe

NYSE preps for MILLIONS of trades in Twitter IPO stress-tests

In a bid to avoid a similar scenario to Facebook's IPOcalypse, the New York Stock Exchange ran a simulated market debut for Twitter shares over the weekend.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 28 Oct 2013

Serco CEO walks the plank as firm fights off Ministry of Justice probe

The CEO at scandal-hit outsourcing monster Serco has quit as the company lifts the covers off its 'corporate renewal programme' designed to persuade the UK government that it's fit to manage public sector contracts.
Paul Kunert, 28 Oct 2013

Do Not Track W3C murder plot fails by handful of votes

The privacy-enhancing Do Not Track standard is wobbling badly after barely surviving a no-confidence vote by the W3C consortium.
Gavin Clarke, 28 Oct 2013

EU tsars rubbish Brit PM over attempt to delay beefed-up privacy rules

Sources close to EU justice commissioner Viviane Reding have dismissed reports suggesting her proposed overhaul to the bloc's data protection laws has been stalled, after Britain's Prime Minister appeared to have postponed the regulation.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Oct 2013
Brando USB Flash drive 'pill'

Why did Nokia bosses wait so long to pop THAT Lumia tab?

AnalysisNokia waited a long, long time before finally launching a tablet last week. The Lumia 2520 unveiled in Abu Dhabi last week is aggressively priced and surprisingly functional. But why the wait?
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2013
Red pen

Phoenix IT Group shares plunge on loss of £2m contract

A brief statement from Phoenix IT Group confirming it has lost a £2m contract with a supplier sent the share price into free fall this morning and caused a big dent in the market cap.
Paul Kunert, 28 Oct 2013

Mac OS X Mavericks 'upgrade' ruins iWorks

Apple has massively upset its Mac productive app users by dumbing down Pages, Numbers and Keynote to match fondleslab versions.
Chris Mellor, 28 Oct 2013

Google rivals GAGGED from exposing ad giant's EU search peace offering

How exactly Google will overhaul its web-search engine in Europe is unlikely to be aired in public: the European Commission's competition officials have sent out copies of the advertising giant's package of concessions to its rivals for comment – along with a requirement for them to agree to confidentiality clauses.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Oct 2013

Daisy Group hoovers up Indecs Computer Services for £18m

Serial swallower Daisy Group has carved another notch on the IT bedpost after coughing £18m to consume mainframe support and maintenance specialist Indecs Computer Services.
Paul Kunert, 28 Oct 2013

Cameron on EU data protection rules rewrite: 'Hold it so we get it right'

Britain's Prime Minister insisted today that he had successfully put a stop to Brussels' vice president placing what one Downing Street source told The Register would be an artificial date on the rewrite of Europe's 18-year-old data protection law.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Oct 2013
London BMW 5-Series police car

US indicts Brit bloke over backdoor blagging of US troops' data

A 28-year-old British man has been indicted in the US, which alleges he hacked of thousands of computer systems in the US and other countries, a New Jersey attorney said today.
Team Register, 28 Oct 2013
Calxeda EnergyCore chip

Calxeda unsheathes Midway ARM server steel to split Intel's Atom

ARM server upstart Calxeda has 'fessed up about the innards of its next wave of low-power server chips – but should Intel be worried?
Jack Clark, 28 Oct 2013

Apple 'happy ending': BULGING iPhone WAD - but can it ever be enough?

Apple has reported its financial results for the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2013: its numbers handily outperformed the projections published by the Wall Street moneymen, though net income slipped from the same period last year.
Rik Myslewski, 28 Oct 2013
Google Project Glass

You've spent $1,500 on Glass. Now Google wants you to sell more specs

Google is giving wearers of its Google Glass augmented-reality spectacles the chance to act as its unpaid sales force.
Jack Clark, 28 Oct 2013

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