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Hadoop Elephant

Avert your eyes! Hortonworks mates Hadoop beast with SAS

Hadoop company Hortonworks is teaming up with SAS on a strategic partnership to integrate its analytics platform with SAS's suite of data technologies.
Jack Clark, 19 Oct 2013
A fake tattoo on the leg of Canberra Raiders footballer Sandor Earl, sent by Huawei as an April Fool

The web needs globally backed, verifiable security standards – says Huawei

Chinese networking hardware behemoth Huawei has issued its second annual cybersecurity white paper and is calling for manufacturers around the world to set up testable security standards that will ensure everyone's reading from the same hymn sheet.
Iain Thomson, 19 Oct 2013

Micron tears away cloak to reveal its Gen3 Hybrid Memory Cube

SMCMicron has revealed some of the goals – and the manufacturing challenges it faces – for the development of its next-generation "all silicon" Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC).
Rik Myslewski, 19 Oct 2013
management regulation2

Wanna sell a phone in New York? Better have a receipt

A New York State legislator has proposed a law designed to combat smartphone theft by making it illegal to buy or sell a used mobe without valid proof of ownership.
Neil McAllister, 19 Oct 2013

Wait for it, waaiiit for it: We update an Atom tablet to Windows 8.1 Pro

PicsIf you own an Atom tablet and you’re pondering on upgrading to Windows 8.1 now it’s out in the wild, then there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that it installs fairly smoothly in my experience. That said, I would advise to send out for pizza and rent an epic movie, the longer the better, as the update takes an age to install on a Windows 8 Pro fondleslab.
Bob Dormon, 19 Oct 2013

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