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Student with textbooks

Kids hooked up with free Office subs at Microsoft-addicted schools

Microsoft has announced it will soon give students subscriptions to its cloud-based Office productivity software free of charge – provided, that is, their schools are already paid up.
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 2013
Intel Centrino promo pic

Krzanich: NO new Intel 14nm Broadwell chip for YOU, world, until 2014

One of the biggest tasks that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has set himself is reconfiguring Chipzilla so that it's quicker to build and deploy new products.
Iain Thomson, 16 Oct 2013

Divorcing ICANN and the US won't break the 'net nor stop the spooks

The Montevideo statement on Internet governance, and Brazil's intervention in the governance debate, has set a cat among the pigeons, by reviving the debate over globalisation of the Internet's core technical administration.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Oct 2013

Ireland revisits tax laws to cook Apple

The Republic of Ireland has decided to take another look at its status of “tax haven of choice” for the tech sector.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Oct 2013
Evil Android

Android security relies on ZOMBIE CRYPTO, argues infosec pundit

A German researcher is asking why Google is using the “horribly broken” RC4 and MD5 cipher as its first-default for SSL.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Oct 2013

Yahoo! balance! sheet! bulked! by! Alibaba!

Yahoo! has released its third-quarter results, and the numbers aren't pretty.
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 2013

Acronis receives Parallels-o-gram, reveals cloudy backup platform

Acronis' integration with sibling company Parallels is gathering pace, after the former today announced a cloud storage service.
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 2013

Bonking boffins say bacon biters won't breed

Swap the breakfast bacon for kippers, gents, because the bad news is that bacon – along with other processed meats – is associated with poor semen quality.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Oct 2013

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'

A US psychologist has warned of the dire consequences of a "stunning rise" in "vanity" names for kids, revealing that no less than 811 "Messiahs" were proclaimed during 2012, joining 243 Princesses, 588 Princes and a whopping 1,423 Kings on the list of newborns.
Lester Haines, 16 Oct 2013

Rumblings: Amazon to chum up with HTC, smartphones in mind

HTC is having another tilt at hanging its fortunes on a big American brand, this time with Amazon.
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Oct 2013
Kim Jong-un

NORKS cyber mayhem cost South Korea £500m

North Korea’s supposed 3,000-strong army of highly trained hackers has caused financial damage to its southern neighbour amounting to over £500 million over the past four years, according to a South Korean lawmaker.
Phil Muncaster, 16 Oct 2013
The Office

David Brent's office to host VMware's hybrid cloud

VMware has made good in its promise to bring its vCloud Hybrid Service (VCHS) to blighty, announcing that Slough will be the site for its first European service.
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 2013
Old Street Roundabout, credit Wikimedia

London's Tech City welcomes first Chinese tenant

London’s Tech City hub has welcomed its first company from mainland Chinese to Silicon Roundabout, with the news that gaming biz Rekoo is setting up its European HQ there.
Phil Muncaster, 16 Oct 2013

Microsoft: Everyone stop running so the fat kid Win RT can catch up

AnalysisWindows Phone has been a success for Microsoft in 2013, thanks almost entirely to very low cost but good value Nokia devices. But the platform itself advances at the pace of a continental shelf on a work-to-rule. Will the latest platform enhancements in GDR3 help?
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2013
Ken Klein

Tintri boss returns to techie role, brings in startup-flogger as CEO

Tintri has hired itself a new CEO, with founder Kieran Harty stepping aside from that role to become chief technical officer.
Chris Mellor, 16 Oct 2013

Loathed wiggly-word CAPTCHAs morph into 'fun' click-'n'-drag games

A UK startup is trying to make a game out of solving CAPTCHAs*, the ubiquitous but sometimes irritating challenges designed to make sure that a human, rather than a 'bot, is registering for an online service.
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2013

Slip your SIM into a plastic sheath, WIPE international call charges

A sticker slapped onto a SIM card can cut international calls by 98 per cent, and guarantee a 50 per cent saving on business spending, without changing numbers or phones.
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Once, twice, three times - a Very Large Phone™

ReviewLaying Dell’s Streak to one side, you can blame Samsung for starting this whole VLP™ business with its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, which sold in more-than-decent numbers, as much to the surprise of its maker as anyone else, I suspect.
Alun Taylor, 16 Oct 2013

All cool kids' phones run ALTERNATIVE alternative custom Android ROM

Android users who want a custom ROM*, but are turned off by Cyanogenmod's attempts to go commercial, now have another option in the form of the newly-launched OmniROM.
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2013
Oracle co-president Mark Hurd explaining the Platinum service level price

Oracle raids HP enterprise biz to find global channel chief

Oracle has filled the void at the top of its channel organisation after president Mark Hurd raided his previous employer HP by sweet-talking its Americas enterprise boss Rich Geraffo into jumping ship.
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 2013
Predator drone, credit Wikipedia

How were your hols, cluster kids? Oh, partied, studied... did we mention WE BUILT DRONES

HPC blogAmong the five teams who will be defending America’s Big Iron honour at the upcoming Student Cluster Competition (SCC) are a few students who skipped the keg parties to, er, build, fly, program and optimise the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles.
Dan Olds, 16 Oct 2013
More flaws found in Java

Oracle drops shedload of CRITICAL vuln-busting Java patches

Oracle's autumn batch of quarterly updates included no fewer than 127 security fixes, including 51 for Java alone.
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2013
coffee cappuchino starbucks latte mocha

Speaking in Tech: 'People are gonna vote for BlackBerry just to mess with me'

Team Register, 16 Oct 2013
Twitter for Mac Old

Twitter snubs IPOcalypse host Nasdaq in favour of NYSE

Twitter has revealed that it has snubbed the tech-heavy Nasdaq market in favour of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for its IPO.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 16 Oct 2013
Violin array flash cards

Violin gangs up with Microsoft: Psst, big biz, want an all-flash Windows Server box?

Flash array front runner Violin Memory can now run Windows Server inside its high-end arrays, giving the server OS access to up to 64TB of NAND with the ability to run all Windows enterprise applications in solid state storage.
Chris Mellor, 16 Oct 2013

Mac fans: You don't need Windows to get ripped off in tech support scams

"I'll just [tap, tap, runs a ping command] see if you have any antivirus protection. See, all the requests timed out. That is why your computer is working so slow."
John Leyden, 16 Oct 2013

OAR-some! 18ft SEA SERPENT discovered off US coast

VidA marine boffin has come across a terrifying 18-foot "sea serpent" off the coast of California.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 16 Oct 2013

US ERP roll out amid a downturn? That's what hit Datatec in H1

A twitchy Datatec today pulled down full-year revenue guidance at the half-way point of fiscal '14 blaming choppy waters around its distie biz Westcon as well as a complex ERP roll out for zapping sales.
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 2013

NHS preps spammy mailshots advertising 'BIGGEST medical data grab in HISTORY'

GPs will no longer carry the sole burden of telling patients that their medical records will be shared across the NHS, after it was confirmed today that millions of households in England will receive a leaflet explaining the controversial plan.
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Oct 2013

'Patent trolling' InterDigital CAN ask ITC to ban Nokia mobes: Supreme Court

Nokia has failed to get the US Supreme Court to rule that the International Trade Commission shouldn't hear cases involving companies whose business only involves patents, despite supporting evidence from Amazon, Red Hat, and HP – and to the delight of InterDigital.
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2013
PernixData VSA

PernixData shows off write-caching, clustering one-trick FVP pony

Virtualising server-side flash biz PernixData's CEO says its FVP VMware hypervisor flash caching software is better than VMware's own flash read cache because it has write caching and clustering, two things that VMware's gear lacks.
Chris Mellor, 16 Oct 2013
Apple CEO Tim Cook on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek

Apple slams brakes on orders of (not so cheap) plasticky iPhone 5C

Apple has told its hardware makers to reduce iPhone 5C production for the fourth quarter – sparking concerns that demand for the handsets may be weaker than expected.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 16 Oct 2013
Smartphone user on Tube

Don’t let mobile malware steal your company data

The mobile malware landscape is changing. Standardisation might be a good thing for building ecosystems and making phones more useful, but the emergence of Android and iOS as leaders in the operating-system wars makes life easier for those who would target the data on your corporate devices.
Simon Rockman, 16 Oct 2013
Sepaton S2100-ES3

Sepaton launches super-duper big data-slurping deduper

Sepaton has updated its 16-node deduping disk-to-disk backup mill with hybrid dedupe methods and has planned a capacity jump to 16 petabytes.
Chris Mellor, 16 Oct 2013
Panasonic VT50

'Spotify for TV' Magine terrifies Euro players with smart TV deals

Magine TV, the Swedish cloud-based OTT service that threatens to blow a hole through European TV, has signed up smart TV makers LG Electronics, Panasonic, and TP Vision (selling Philips TVs).
Faultline, 16 Oct 2013
Apple's new Cupertino campus - rendering

Dead Steve Jobs' Apple donut SPACESHIP HQ gets permission to land

Apple's new spaceship-shaped headquarters has been given the go-ahead by Cupertino City Council.
Jasper Hamill, 16 Oct 2013

Rich in Philadelphia? Your new phone can be put in your hands TODAY

Lost your phone? Want it replaced in a hurry? If you live in Philadelphia, you can have a new one brought to your doorstep today if you buy it from Verizon Wireless.
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 2013
birds in sky

Database upstart NuoDB 'Blackbirds' spread wings, fly into version 2

Startup NuoDB has released version 2 of its "emergent" database bringing with it greater SQL compatibility and more advanced geo-distribution.
Jack Clark, 16 Oct 2013
Parliament House Canberra by Flickr user OzMark17 used under CC Share and Share alike licence

Australian politicians 'resisted' debate on new spook powers

Australian politicians from left, right and centre took little interest in new laws designed to help the nation's security forces, according to the nation's former Attorney-General Nicola Roxon.
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 2013
Chelyabinsk meteorite

Hypersonic MEGA METEOR pulled from lake, then Russians drop it

PicA chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which wounded more than 1,000 people when it exploded over Russia in February, has been found and raised from its resting place 20 metres under in a lake.
Iain Thomson, 16 Oct 2013
management social5

Tech Data names CE director after divisional shake-up

Distie goliath Tech Data (TD) UK has handed company veteran Mark Glasspool the directorship of its consumer electronics division following a summer shake-up.
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 2013

Nokia, Indian upstart square up to Google's mighty mapping empire

Google's assumed dominance in online maps is being challenged in India by Nokia's efforts and separately an upstart service in the country. And the outcome of this battle could send tremors throughout the world.
Bill Ray, 16 Oct 2013

China, an untapped land of opportunity for the West - EXCEPT IBM

IBM's third-quarter earnings for 2013 missed estimates by a billion dollars, thanks to an ugly environment in China and continuing weakness in the company's hardware division.
Jack Clark, 16 Oct 2013

'Please, steal my phone' TV ads by T-Mobile US slammed by legal eagles

A new ad campaign launched by US wireless carrier T-Mobile has drawn the ire of top prosecutors in two cities, who claim the TV spot is offensive and belittles the problem of smartphone theft.
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 2013
Image of HAL eye from 2001 movie with Chrome logo in eye

Windows XP folks: At least GOOGLE still loves you ... UNTIL 2015

UpdatedIn a rather shrewd move, Google has said it will provide Chrome updates for Windows XP users for at least a year after Microsoft stops supporting the elderly OS next April.
Iain Thomson, 16 Oct 2013
Close up of elephant's face. Photo by Shutterstock

Hadoop 2 stampedes onto world's mega compute clusters

The Apache Software Foundation has branded the data analytics Hadoop platform with version 2 and sent the Elephant-logoed system stampeding out into the wild.
Jack Clark, 16 Oct 2013

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