5th October 2013 Archive

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  • Robot WildCat slips its leash and bounds around parking lot

    16 mph pseudo-feline moves in leaps and bounds

    Science 05 Oct 01:07

  • Unknown Aussie and Dutch family car spring solar surprise

    Unfancied entries take out time trial

    SPB 05 Oct 03:09

  • Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?

    Is 'Timid Tim' an 'unmitigated disaster'? Only for the crap Map app flap chap and card-carrying Apple-haters

    Business 05 Oct 06:00

  • Cambridge withdraws from World Solar Challenge

    Practice prang left UK entry too much to fix in too little time

    SPB 05 Oct 11:32

  • Cisco, Google and SAP may buy BlackBerry's bits: report

    Intel, LG and Samsung also invited to auction for the sick man of mobility

    Business 05 Oct 22:06

  • Wacky racers – The Reg's guide to 2013's Solar Challengers

    Who gets to be Snidely Whiplash?

    SPB 05 Oct 22:09