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Chicago Mercantile Exchange floats Wall Street cloud

Cloud computing promises the easy migration from one supplier to the next, but we all know that isn't the case because there isn't any market punters can access to buy and sell their resources.
Jack Clark, 01 Oct 2013
Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 fondleslabs finally get off ground with airline order

How many of Microsoft's ARM-powered Surface 2 fondleslabs has it sold so far during the presale period leading up to the tablet's October 22 launch? At least 11,000, as it turns out, because that's how many were snapped up by US passenger carrier Delta Air Lines.
Neil McAllister, 01 Oct 2013
Made in Space 3D printer

NASA finds use for 3D printers: Launch them into SPAAACE

NASA has commissioned a custom 3D printer capable of working in microgravity that will be sent to the International Space Station to build parts for the facility and the scientific experiments it contains.
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 2013

BitTorrent trialling P2P secure messaging

BitTorrent wants to (a) take another step towards either respectability, or (b) take itself further outside the mainstream by defying Uncle Sam (take your pick), announcing that it's trialling a secure, serverless messaging application.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Oct 2013
The Large Hadron Collider on Google StreetView

Google adds Large Hadron Collider tunnel to Street View

Google has dragged is Street View imaging kit to Switzerland, then lugged it beneath the earth to capture images of the tunnel containing CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
Simon Sharwood, 01 Oct 2013
Artist impression of Bristol's quantum chip

Quantum computing gets recursive

When a quantum computer can produce results that would take thousands of years to produce out of a classical computer, an obvious question arises: if you've given the wrong answer, how would you know? That's a question to which University of Vienna boffins have turned their attention to.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Oct 2013
Yahoo! buss

Yahoo! Pays! Paltry! $12.50! Bug! Bounty! For! Nasty! Email! Vuln!

Yahoo! has paid a bug bounty to security researchers who found a bug that “allowed any @yahoo.com email account to be compromised simply by sending a specially crafted link to a logged-in Yahoo! user and making him/her clicking on it.” But the bounty was just $US12.50 and came in the form of a voucher that could only be spent in the Yahoo! company store on branded tat.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Oct 2013
International Cricket 2010

Barmy Army to get Wi-Fi to the seat for cricket's Ashes

Reg-reading Barmy Army members headed to Australia for the return Ashes* test cricket series will find a marvellous combination of cricket and technology await them during the series' fourth match, after the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) announced it will introduce WiFi to the seat.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Oct 2013

The LSD guru, the 1980s pop-star and video games to reprogram your brain

The computer games industry has thrown up some pretty surreal situations, from mushroom-gobbling plumbers to inexplicably grumpy avians launching kamikaze attacks against smirking pigs.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Oct 2013
forks reforking

Multipath TCP: Siri's new toy isn't a game-changer

When the iOS 7 incarnation of Siri was caught using Multipath TCP (MTCP) earlier this month, there was much excitement at it heralding a new era of communications. Which it may well do even though Siri was singing many hours before the sun begins to rise.
Richard Chirgwin, 01 Oct 2013

HP promises software-defined networking 'ecosystem' and app store

HP has nailed its colours to the mast of the good ship software-defined networking (SDN), today outlining plans to create a multi-vendor ecosystem and an app store.
Simon Sharwood, 01 Oct 2013
GCHQ is following you on Twitter, Faceboo, email...


Britain's global eavesdropping nerve-centre GCHQ hopes to turn its certificates of IT security competence into an industry standard - by awarding them to bods in the private as well as public sector.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2013

Samsung: Sod off Apple, we've made gold mobes for way longer than you

Samsung has launched a campaign to remind arch-rival Apple that it wasn't the first tech firm to release a golden bling-horror phone.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Oct 2013
The Kinder Surprise experiment pods in their lifting tray. Pic: SEA


PicsThe Brit space hedgehog which went missing back in March during a high-altitude ballooning mission has miraculously been recovered, battered and bruised but otherwise intact.
Lester Haines, 01 Oct 2013
Fusion-io ioScale 3.2TB card

Flash fettlers Fusion-io scoop IBM as reseller partner

Big Blue is gonna flog Fusion-io server flash cards, and is doing its bit to rehabilitate the floundering flash fettler after its founder and CEO fled earlier this year.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2013

Ubuntu 13.10: Meet the Linux distro with a bizarre Britney Spears fixation

ReviewOn the surface, based on the second beta just released, Ubuntu 13.10 is shaping up to be a solid, if slightly dull, Linux distro.
Scott Gilbertson, 01 Oct 2013

Facebook allows full personal data ransack with Graph Search

Stalkers and advertisers will be pleased to know that Facebook is now more searchable than it has ever been, after the social network confirmed that it was in the process of allowing users to dig much deeper into a "friend's" past posts on the free content ad network.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2013

Big data: You've got to spend a dollar ... to make fifty-two cents – report

What do you expect from big data mining: easy-to-find gold nuggets of information from the dark pits of the data dumps? According to a recent report from the Wikibon consulting group, almost half of big data projects fail.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2013


A NASA spacecraft sniffing the smoggy atmosphere of Titan has found traces of the chemical used to make plastic Tupperware boxes.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Oct 2013
A Lumia 925 being plugged into a lightning bolt

LIVE, my beauty, LIVE! Nokia revives dead phone with LIGHTNING powered Frankencharger

VidIt sent a DeLorean back though time, brought Frankenstein's monster to life and nearly got Benjamin Franklin killed, but now the power of lightning has been harvested to charge a mobile phone.
Bill Ray, 01 Oct 2013

AT&T takes on Google fiber, fixin' to give Texans GIGABIT GUNS

America's dominant telco will take on Google in fitting 1Gb/sec broadband in Austin, Texas, engaging in a numbers battle which will delight a few while doing nothing for the majority.
Bill Ray, 01 Oct 2013

Google gets closer to EU antitrust deal over search dominance 'abuse'

Google is closing in on a deal with competition officials in the European Commission which stops far short of formal sanctions, after the EU's antitrust chief Joaquin Almunia said today that he was negotiating a settlement agreement with the ad giant.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2013
Partially Cloudy Skies on Kepler-7b

NASA's search for habitable planets maps ALIEN CLOUD-WORLD

NASA has mapped the "cloud" structure of an alien world for the first time using its Kepler and Spitzer space telescopes, an early step towards finding planets with human-compatible atmospheres.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2013
Court gavel

Ex-Sun journalist charged with handling a stolen mobile phone

An ex-Sun journalist has been charged with a computer hacking offence and also faces a second charge relating to the alleged handling of a stolen mobile phone.
Team Register, 01 Oct 2013
HAMR image

Seagate to storage bods: You CAN touch this (at last). Stop, HAMR time

Seagate plans to demonstrate a coming HAMR disk drive in Tokyo next month.
Chris Mellor, 01 Oct 2013
John Chambers at the World Economic Forum 2010

Profit healthy, sales up, 4,000 staff face axe. Cisco CEO, here's your pay doubled to $21m

Cisco chief exec John Chambers has received a whopping pat on the back from the networking giant with a pay rise of nearly 100 per cent.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2013

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?

Six months from now, on 8 April 2014, Microsoft will stop pushing out security updates for Windows XP – and that's going to be a big deal.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Oct 2013
John McAfee

McAfee the man launches 'NSA-thwarting' $100 privacy gizmo

John McAfee, the wild man of security software, has unveiled plans for a cheap gadget for decentralised networking that he claims can keep users safe from the prying eyes of government.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2013
Zombie experience

'Quarter' of TWO-MILLION-strong zombie PC army lured to their deaths

Symantec has claimed credit for luring a significant lump of the powerful ZeroAccess botnet into a sinkhole.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2013
Chrome Home Page Ad

Ad giant Google makes new 'abuse' case offer to EU antitrust cops

Google appeared to confess today that it had given up fighting the European Commission and its rivals in the search business over claims that it stifled the market by abusing its dominant position.
Kelly Fiveash, 01 Oct 2013

Hackers just POURING through unpatched Internet Explorer zero-day hole

An as-yet-unpatched zero-day vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer is being abused much more widely than analysts had previously suspected.
John Leyden, 01 Oct 2013

Amazon to hire over 85,000 temporary elves for Christmas

Amazon had said it expects to hire over 70,000 seasonal employees across the US, along with more than 15,000 in the UK, to cope with the Christmas rush.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 01 Oct 2013

US.gov - including NASA et al - quits internet. Is the UN running it now?

The US government has disappeared from the internet after a hard core of Republican party lawmakers forced the superpower's state agencies to shut down over a budget dispute.
Jasper Hamill, 01 Oct 2013

Icahn to Cook: 'Buy back $150bn of Apple's stock, or tell me why you won't'

Fresh from his flopped attempt to prevent Dell from going private, activist investor Carl Icahn has turned his attention towards Apple, advising CEO Tim Cook to up his stock-buyback plan to a cool $150bn.
Rik Myslewski, 01 Oct 2013
Columns of coins in the cloud

Splunk plunks seductive AaaS on Amazon cloud

Splunk has launched a free analytics-as-a-service product based on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
Jack Clark, 01 Oct 2013
Sign outside the National Security Agency HQ

'I don't trust Microsoft' after NSA disclosures says former privacy chief

Caspar Bowden, who was Microsoft's European chief privacy advisor from 2002 to 2011, has said that he no longer trusts his former employer after the disclosures about its involvement in NSA surveillance schemes.
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 2013

Half-Life 3: CONFIRMED?

Valve has filed for a trademark for Half-Life 3, the successor to its phenomenally successful computer game franchise.
Jack Clark, 01 Oct 2013
Joe Nacchio, former CEO of Qwest

'The NSA set me up,' ex-con Qwest exec claims

Former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio, having recently completed a prison sentence for insider trading, maintains that he never committed any crime and that the sole reason for his conviction can be summed up in three letters: NSA.
Neil McAllister, 01 Oct 2013

GTA V Online hits speed bumps: Short wait before you can rough up that hooker

Gamers keen to get online and play Grand Theft Auto V against humans rather than machine intelligence have had to wait after server problems left them stymied.
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 2013

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