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Photo of Blair McMillan and Morgan Patey of Guelph, Canada

Canadian family gives up modern tech to live like it's 1986

Disappointed that their children seemed to enjoy using iPhones and iPads more than playing outdoors, a couple in Guelph, Ontario, Canada has chosen to spend a year using only technology invented before 1986.
Neil McAllister, 07 Sep 2013
Suitcase bulging with cash

UK investor throws £14.8m at firm that makes UNFORGEABLE 2-cent labels

UK investment house Invesco has acquired 13 per cent of Norway's ThinFilm, just as the company prepares to launch its first printed product, which it tells us will cost almost two cents.
Bill Ray, 07 Sep 2013

Assange fails in bid for election to Australian Senate

Wikileaker-in-Chief Julian Assange's campaign to win a seat in Australia's Senate has almost certainly failed, with the Wikileaks party securing just 0.62 per cent of the nine million votes counted in the nation's election.
Simon Sharwood, 07 Sep 2013

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