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DVD it in many colours

Returning Acronis CEO plans Parallels universe

Returned Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov has extended his planned tenure at the company, in part to ensure it melds technologies from virtualisation player Parallels to create a backup-as-a-service product.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Sep 2013

Vietnam crimps online freedom of speech with 'Decree 72'

The Vietnamese government has introduced new restrictions on internet freedom with "Decree 72" – a new law which critics say will encourage self censorship and deter foreign investment.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Sep 2013
Microsoft Nokia logo

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

UpdatedMicrosoft has announced it is buying Nokia's mobile devices and services business.
Vulture South Team, 03 Sep 2013

South Carolina couple cop cuffing for shed shag

An amorous South Carolina couple copped a cuffing last Wednesday while allegedly making the beast with two backs inside a Home Depot display shed.
Lester Haines, 03 Sep 2013
Microsoft Nokia logo

Microsoft's Nokia plan: WHACK APPLE AND GOOGLE

Microsoft has posted the presentation it's used to explain its decision to acquire Nokia's mobile phone business and it reveals the key reason for the acquisition: hitting back at Apple and Google.
Simon Sharwood, 03 Sep 2013

ICANN destroys Google's dotless domain dream

Google's dream of “dotless domains”, already on the receiving end of a firm ”no” from the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), has been killed off by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
Simon Sharwood, 03 Sep 2013

Fukushima sends Japanese IT to the cloud

Analysis The devastating triple whammy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown which struck Japan in March 2011, has led many IT managers to rebuild their infrastructure with a key focus on disaster recovery and business continuity, according to experts.
Phil Muncaster, 03 Sep 2013

£250k fine for dumping council workers' files in Tesco bins, er, binned

CommentI have just read the information tribunal decision and the reasons why the panel quashed the UK Information Commissioner’s £250,000 fine against the Scottish Borders council.
Amberhawk Training, 03 Sep 2013

Beat the UK's incoming smut filter: Pre-censor your grumble flicks

SFWSmut-lovers across the UK will be able to beat Cameron's censorship ban and watch grumble movies - as long as they don't mind all the rude bits being cut out.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Sep 2013

TiVo dives into pile of cash, steely eyed investors don't blink

AnalysisTiVo came out with its strongest set of figures this week, including underlying TiVo service subscribers, as well as bundling in the results of its patents settlements with Cisco and Motorola, and yet its enterprise value could not be lower, showing that investors still have no confidence in its long-term business.
Faultline, 03 Sep 2013

Hitachi Data Systems says UK boss Ball dropped it

Stephen Ball's relatively brief reign at the top of Hitachi Data Systems UK has come to an end, with company veterans Steve Murphy and Tony Reid baby-sitting the role until a permanent successor is found.
Paul Kunert, 03 Sep 2013

Myst: 20 years of point-and-click adventuring

Antique Code ShowFor many years it was the best-selling computer game ever – at least until The Sims turned up. It created a whole new gaming genre, and it was a major help in getting a new computer storage format established. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about Myst.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2013
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Vodafone, can you get a signal at the top of your $130bn Verizon cash pile?

Verizon will buy out its UK partner Vodafone from their US joint-venture Verizon Wireless for $130bn, as expected.
Bill Ray, 03 Sep 2013
An engraving of a soldier launching a fire-arrow

Torched £30 server switch costs phone firm millions in lost sales

At the BCS CMSG conference in London earlier this year, Unisys CM manager Michel Delran spoke about how to design and implement a successful configuration management process and how a configuration management database can save you millions.
Eira Hayward, 03 Sep 2013

Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Marines, asks 'bros' to fight on its side

A US marines recruitment website, www.marines.com, was hacked and defaced by hacktivists from the infamous Syrian Electronic Army over the weekend.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2013
Girl in tent

10,000 app devs SLEEP together in four-day code-chat-drink tech orgy camp

PicLondon's O2 is this week hosting Campus Party - a four-day tech-fest during which as many as 10,000 software developers from across Europe get together for coding, talking and drinking. The marketing people like to call it Glastonbury For Geeks.
Bill Ray, 03 Sep 2013
Rebuilt Bombe Bletchley Park, photo copyrighted mubsta.com

Techie Crotty will put £1m in Bletchley museum's kitty ... if you do the same

The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park has been promised its largest ever single donation of £1m, which it hopes to use on refurbishments.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Sep 2013

WikiLeaks' Cablegate server touted on eBay for $3k-plus by Swedes

Whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has attacked a former ally after one of the servers used to host the infamous Cablegate material was put up for auction on eBay.
Jasper Hamill, 03 Sep 2013

ICO probes clients of private investigators who broke the law on their behalf

The UK's privacy watchdog is now investigating whether corporate giants and others breached the Data Protection Act by hiring private eyes who allegedly hacked systems and blagged personal records.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2013
Gardiner's frog

You must be croaking! Boffins reveal sound-gobbling frog's secret

PicBioboffins have figured out how one of the world's smallest amphibians, the centimetre-long Gardiner's frog, can hear other frogs croak despite not having any ears.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 03 Sep 2013

Microsoft - do you really think you can take on Google with Nokia?

Blocks and FilesMicrosoft's purchase of Nokia's phones business – which outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer has since described as a way for Redmond "to accelerate" – appears to be an attempt to add another weapon to its anti-Google arsenal.
Chris Mellor, 03 Sep 2013

Verizon, Experian and pals bag £25m to inspect Brits' identities for UK gov

The first private companies to win UK government contracts to verify Brits' identities online have been named. And PayPal is absent from the list despite being in the running for a slice of the £25m pot of public cash.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Sep 2013

Tory think tank: Hey, civil servants! Work with startups to save £70bn

AnalysisArticulated-truck-loads of paperwork awaiting the ministrations of a rubber stamp- or pen-wielding civil servant should soon be a thing of the past, according to Tory think tank Policy Exchange.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Sep 2013

'WTF! MORONS!' Yahoo! Groups! redesign! traumatises! users!

Yahoo! has told thousands of users who are complaining about the Purple Palace's pisspoor redesign of its Groups service that it will not be rolled back to the old format - despite a huge outcry.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Sep 2013
Man wrinkles his eyes in an expression of pain, annoyance or dsicomfort

Intermedia's Exchange hive goes titsup ... and no one's answering calls

UpdatedIntermedia, the world's largest third-party provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange services, today delivered a masterclass in how to mismanage customers' expectations when cloud services crash.
Paul Kunert, 03 Sep 2013

Microsoft's $7.1bn Nokia gobble: Why you should expect the unexpected

AnalysisWith Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile business for $7.1bn, the Redmond software giant has finally become a phone and device maker.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Sep 2013
WD Red 2.5-inch 1TB HDD

WD outs 'Mini Me' Red label NAS drives

WD has taken the wraps off its first 2.5-inch hard drive designed for network storage roles, NAS nuts in need of a more compact connected storage box – and, crucially, teensy drives to put in it – will be pleased to hear.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2013

It's official: Apple sends out invitations for September 10 event

Apple has sent out invitations that confirm rumors it will hold a widely expected event next Tuesday, September 10, at the company's headquarters in Cupertino.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Sep 2013

TDK calls it quits on tape media thanks to 'difficult environment'

Japan's TDK Corporation has seen the writing on the wall and decided to get out of the LTO tape media manufacturing business.
Chris Mellor, 03 Sep 2013

Rackspace cracks wallet on cloud 'developer discount'

Rackspace has is seasoning new developer accounts with cloud credits as the Texan company tries to lure punters into its bit barns.
Jack Clark, 03 Sep 2013

Researcher bags $12,500 after showing how to hack Zuck's pics

Indian security researcher Arul Kumar has netted himself $12,500 after spotting a critical flaw in Facebook's image handling code that allowed anyone to delete pictures from the site at will.
Iain Thomson, 03 Sep 2013
ARM versus Atom

Intel readies server-grade Atom for microserver ARM wrestling

If you were expecting Chipzilla to keep its server-chip powder dry until its Intel Developer Forum next week, surprise! It looks like Intel is going to jump the gun and get its "Avoton" Atom server chips into the field this Wednesday, as you can see from this announcement preview that Intel sent out to press and analysts over the Labor Day holiday in the States:

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'

UpdatedGoogle has announced that the next version of its Android operating system will be codenamed "KitKat", after the iconic chocolate-covered wafer candy bar.
Neil McAllister, 03 Sep 2013

iPhone rises, Android slips in US, UK

Apple's iPhone is gaining market share in the US and UK, while smartphones based on Google's Android operating system – which continue to lead all smartphones in both markets – see their share slipping.
Rik Myslewski, 03 Sep 2013

Kindle Matchbook offers cheap digital copies of Amazon print purchases

Amazon on Tuesday announced a new program that offers customers discounted digital copies of select print books purchased through its website.
Neil McAllister, 03 Sep 2013
Dawn's image of Vesta. Pic: NASA

Canadian comet impact fingered for triggering prehistoric climate shift

Scientists have discovered new evidence that an extraplanetary body came down over Canada around 12,900 years ago, possibly triggering the death of the giant animals then roaming the North American continent, and starting a cooling spell that helped drive mankind towards agriculture and civilization.
Iain Thomson, 03 Sep 2013

Intel's new top-dog desktop 'Extreme' CPU fails to excite geekerati

Intel has announced the latest in its 10-year line of "Extreme" desktop processors, and the consensus view from the geekerati who have put it through its paces in prerelease testing is a collective "Meh."
Rik Myslewski, 03 Sep 2013

Microsoft soars above Amazon with cloud cache

Microsoft has launched a new Azure technology to give developers a dedicated storage layer for frequently accessed information, and its pricing and features trump similar tech fielded by cloud incumbent Amazon Web Services.
Jack Clark, 03 Sep 2013

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