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Good Tech: Windows is as secure as a rooted Android mobe

The world's not so far away from asking “why can't our laptops be as secure as our mobiles?”, according to Good Technology's John Herrema.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Aug 2013

Google cripples Chromecast third party replay

The Chocolate Factory has decided Chromecast was a little too capable, it seems. The developers of the Fling app, which allowed users to stream local content via Google's video dongle, are complaining that a recent software update has killed it.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Aug 2013
CSIRO Parkes radio telescope

Pulsars: the GPS beacons of the cosmos

Want to navigate over huge distances with nearly superhuman accuracy? All you need is a laptop, the right software, and some way to keep track of the signals of distant pulsars.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Aug 2013
Cell 1 of HP's Aurora Data Center

HP to offer SAP's HANA-as-a-service

HP has announced it will offer SAP's in-memory database HANA in as-a-service mode, an offering The Reg revealed was under discussion back in March 2013.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Aug 2013
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Happy birthday MIDI 1.0: Slave to the rhythm

FeatureIn part one, the main focus was on MIDI’s myriad data forms and how it began chattering to synths and drum machines, but it was the sequencer that really demonstrated MIDI’s brilliance. In fact, so brilliant it was, that musicians even began to think they were brilliant too by association. Brilliant!
Bob Dormon, 26 Aug 2013

Koobface worm-flinging gangster linked to pharma spam ops

What do you do after you've made millions through one of the most technically sophisticated strains of malware ever unleashed onto the internet? Make millions pushing penis-enhancing pills, according to more than one security researcher.
John Leyden, 26 Aug 2013
VMware Monster VM

VMware goes after biz critical apps with vSphere 5.5

VMworld 2013Server virtualization juggernaut VMware has been talking about the software-defined data center (SSDC) for so long that you have to stop and remember that all of the software that enables this strategy is not actually available. But at VMworld 2013 this week in San Francisco, Virtzilla will be rolling out some major pieces of its SDDC stack and putting other pieces into beta and positioning itself as best as can be hoped to capitalize on its vast ESXi hypervisor installed base and defend against the encroachment of Microsoft's System Center/Hyper-V combo and the rapidly rising OpenStack/KVM alternative.

HyTrust pockets more dough, ready to expand virty platform coverage

A month ago, HyTrust, a maker of policy management and access control software for VMware virtual infrastructure, pocketed $12m in its third round of venture funding, with VMware and CIA sugar daddy In-Q-Tel both stuffing the company's pockets. But others wanted to get in on the action, so HyTrust decide to take the money and run - run its software on other virty infrastructure, that is.

Amazon's weekend cloud outage highlights EBS problems

Problems in the Amazon cloud over the weekend crushed apps like Vine, websites like Airbnb, and numerous other services that depend on Bezos & Co's hulking cloud, and the problems were due to a familiar culprit – Elastic Block Store (EBS).
Jack Clark, 26 Aug 2013
Cat 5 cable

Chinese authorities say massive DDoS attack took down .cn domain

The China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) has reported that on Sunday it suffered the largest ever DDoS attack it has ever experienced against the .cn domain, an assault that took ten hours to knock down.
Iain Thomson, 26 Aug 2013

What Surface RT flop? Nokia said to be readying WinRT slab for September

New reports have emerged suggesting that Nokia is planning to boldly go where other device makers fear to tread: the Finnish firm is reportedly planning to release a tablet running Microsoft's ill-fated Windows RT operating system.
Neil McAllister, 26 Aug 2013
VMware logo

VMware teams with Savvis to expand vCloud footprint

VMworld 2013VMware has struck a new partnership with Savvis that looks as if it will bring the virty giant's hybrid cloud to nations beyond the USA.
Simon Sharwood, 26 Aug 2013

Oz retailers crying wolf over incomplete data

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has inadvertently re-ignited Australia's Internet shopping debate by trying to get a handle on how much Australians might be spending online.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Aug 2013

Cryptome suffers brief take-down over Japanese 'terror' files

Longstanding whistleblower site Cryptome.org is back online after a brief takedown, sparked by its hosting of a list of alleged Japanese terrorists.
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Aug 2013

CYBORG CLOUD comes to VMware

VMworld 2013VMware just can't seem to make its mind up about Cloud Foundry.
Jack Clark, 26 Aug 2013
Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and CFO Ken Goldman

Yahoo! starts $1.99 'watch list' to recycle old usernames

Yahoo! has begun to recycle old usernames from inactive accounts and is starting a three-year paid service so that users can put dibs on the ones that they want.
Iain Thomson, 26 Aug 2013

Botched court doc outs Google as respondent in national security flap

An error by the US Department of Justice's document-redaction staff has inadvertently let slip a secret that the DoJ has spent months battling in the courts to protect – albeit one that will come as a surprise to no one.
Neil McAllister, 26 Aug 2013

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