26th August 2013 Archive

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  • Good Tech: Windows is as secure as a rooted Android mobe

    Is the mobile really less secure?

    Mobile 26 Aug 01:26

  • Google cripples Chromecast third party replay

    Fling is flung, you can't play vids

    Software 26 Aug 03:21

  • Pulsars: the GPS beacons of the cosmos

    Mars is here – down to the metre

    Science 26 Aug 05:07

  • HP to offer SAP's HANA-as-a-service

    Cloudy in-memory caper to kick off in Australia and New Zealand

    Software 26 Aug 05:51

  • Happy birthday MIDI 1.0: Slave to the rhythm

    Part Two: The notes in the machine

    Hardware 26 Aug 08:02

  • Koobface worm-flinging gangster linked to pharma spam ops

    Login-slurping worm band broke up, moved onto 'solo projects' – infosec bod

    Security 26 Aug 14:28

  • VMware goes after biz critical apps with vSphere 5.5

    Virtual SAN and networks complete grand unified theory of virtualisation - eventually

    Virtualization 26 Aug 16:02

  • HyTrust pockets more dough, ready to expand virty platform coverage

    Intel Capital and Fortinet kick in $6.5m

    Virtualization 26 Aug 16:03

  • Amazon's weekend cloud outage highlights EBS problems

    The red-headed stepchild of Bezos & Co's cloud just can't keep up

    Cloud 26 Aug 18:42

  • Chinese authorities say massive DDoS attack took down .cn domain

    Middle Kingdom pledges immediate action

    Security 26 Aug 18:58

  • What Surface RT flop? Nokia said to be readying WinRT slab for September

    Finnish firm not one to turn down a dare

    Laptops and Tablets 26 Aug 20:03

  • VMware teams with Savvis to expand vCloud footprint

    New York and Chicago first, hints suggest rest of world real soon now

    Cloud 26 Aug 20:24

  • Oz retailers crying wolf over incomplete data

    ABS says six billions dollars' worth of something arrives here each year

    Business 26 Aug 21:04

  • Cryptome suffers brief take-down over Japanese 'terror' files

    Bitten by attack dog, just a flesh wound

    Security 26 Aug 21:13

  • CYBORG CLOUD comes to VMware

    Pivotal's Cloud Foundry PaaS docks with the mothership

    Cloud 26 Aug 21:58

  • Yahoo! starts $1.99 'watch list' to recycle old usernames

    Early adopters getting their new identities from Monday

    Business 26 Aug 22:16

  • Botched court doc outs Google as respondent in national security flap

    Government says company can't be named, then names it

    Government 26 Aug 23:16