22nd August 2013 Archive

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  • Amazon extends IP configurability across virtual private cloud

    Greater choice for IP allocation in premier cloud tech

    Cloud 22 Aug 00:11

  • HP hammered in servers, storage, and PCs in fiscal Q3

    Not much fun in services, either, but software showed life

    Servers 22 Aug 00:35

  • Corruption cops warn on old-school project management

    NSW's Independent Commission Against Corruption issues procurement guidance

    Government 22 Aug 00:40

  • Bulgarian bloke blabs LG's smart watch plan

    Flexible displays on the way from Korea's other colossal electronics-maker

    Hardware 22 Aug 01:30

  • ASIO seeks new hires for telecoms interception teams

    Job ads at suggest Australia's main spook house will do lots more hanging on the telephone

    Security 22 Aug 02:23

  • New use for old iPhones: Watch your house get robbed in REAL-TIME

    Now you can yell: 'Oi, my mum gave me that' at your rapidly disappearing iThing

    Hardware 22 Aug 05:03

  • NSC Group slurped by Telstra

    UC integrator brings extra Avaya and MSFT muscle to Big T's network apps business

    Business 22 Aug 05:05

  • India's subidised student tablet lands in US schools

    Tablet for impoverished Indian kids now helping disadvantaged American kids

    Hardware 22 Aug 05:28

  • UK mulls ban on tiny mobiles to block prison smugglers

    Asks retailers to stop sales

    Phones 22 Aug 06:02

  • APNIC boffins may enlist TCP to defend DNS

    Just changing protocols could silence amplification attacks

    Data Networking 22 Aug 06:28

  • Flash! Ah-ahh! Saviour of the universe? It'll save every one of us?

    Ball-gazers see future for flash-disk mutants, unsure about purebreds

    Data Centre 22 Aug 07:02

  • Battery-free e-ink screen grabs screenshots from smartphones

    NFC-powered tech useful for those who know they'll forget

    Phones 22 Aug 07:32

  • Gambling addict IT boss gets 7 years' porridge for £19m swindle

    Systems chief at power firm

    Law 22 Aug 07:59

  • Tech quango coughs £800k to hook your child up to Internet of Things

    Sensors, servers and storage split between eight English high schools

    Data Networking 22 Aug 08:28

  • Why all the fuss about flash? Pin your ears back and find out

    Stop bluffing and get the facts

    Storage 22 Aug 08:48

  • Reg hack battles Margaret Thatcher's ghost to bring broadband to the Highlands

    Swat the Not Spot

    Broadband 22 Aug 09:02

  • Chocolate Factory hits the Translate button on Google+

    Not your mother tongue? We'll turn it into a mangled approximation. PLEASE use us

    Applications 22 Aug 09:32

  • Ubuntu Edge crowdsauce cash stash comes up short

    Community-backed smartphone still breaks record for dosh-slosh

    Phones 22 Aug 10:04

  • Samsung's amazeballs 3D V-NAND SSD not THAT much better than predecessor

    It's a real power-sipper, though

    Storage 22 Aug 10:24

  • Small biz isn't finding it any easier to bag govt IT contracts

    Survey: Tiny number of firms say it's a bit better, despite Whitehall push

    The Channel 22 Aug 10:37

  • Hacktivists boast of English Defence League KO after website downed

    Anonymous-affiliated bods claim fresh scalp of far-right group

    Security 22 Aug 11:03

  • No signal in Seascale? Countryside Alliance wants to hook you up

    No really, hunting and fishing chaps want to help not-spot spotters

    Mobile 22 Aug 11:23

  • Four ways the Guardian could have protected Snowden – by THE NSA

    Spooks' own advice lays out exactly how this crypto wypto hypto thing works

    Security 22 Aug 11:38

  • World's ONLY virtualised snapshot firm refreshes product: Here, take a sniff

    Rival-free Actifio hopes latest version can tempt cloudy bods

    Storage 22 Aug 12:04

  • Nokia's PHAB-ULOUS comeback attempt: Huge WinPho 8 mobe rumoured

    And whisperings of a Windows RT tablet, too

    Mobile 22 Aug 12:31

  • EXPLICIT VID: Man filmed trying to bang brand new 'budget iPhone'

    Poor man's Jesus mobe reportedly smothered in indestructible LiquidMetal

    Phones 22 Aug 13:08

  • Total cost of that axed NHS IT FIASCO to taxpayers: £10.1bn

    Patient records system contract still grinding to a halt

    Government 22 Aug 13:24

  • Config management: Enemy of agile approach or the reason it WORKS?

    Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (turn and face the strain)

    CIO 22 Aug 13:38

  • iCloud outage outrage: Look, iPhoto friends, kitty just learned to... NOOO

    Millions affected by outage in Apple's online services

    Applications 22 Aug 14:09

  • EMC, you big tease! At last, the specs for million-IOPS VNX2

    Small biz, or got petabytes to crunch? There's something for everyone

    Storage 22 Aug 14:33

  • Need the loo AND need to build a website? There's an app for that

    Dammit, Roger, I can't wait for Windows 98 to boot

    Applications 22 Aug 15:07

  • Yahoo! web! traffic! BIGGER! THAN! GOOGLE! in! July!

    Purple Palace reigns supreme. And it's not even thanks to porn

    Media 22 Aug 15:18

  • Snowden journo's partner wins partial injunction on seized data

    Government can't 'inspect, copy or share' – except to protect 'national security'

    Law 22 Aug 15:45

  • Microsoft 'cooperates' with wide US cash-for-contracts bribery probe

    DoJ, SEC poke into claims of kickbacks in Russia, Pakistan

    The Channel 22 Aug 16:02

  • Google cursed its own phones with wacked Wi-Fi, say Nexus users

    Android 4.3 a backward step for some

    Phones 22 Aug 16:23

  • Kim Kardashian's bosom pal in bling snatch Instagram unpleasantness

    'Punk' swooped after posh nosh wristy app snap - NYP

    Media 22 Aug 16:43

  • Amazon tightens grip on cloud market, report shows

    Data reveals cloud inferiority complex in other vendors

    Cloud 22 Aug 17:08

  • NASDAQ halts stock trading, citing data-feed glitch

    Apple, Microsoft shares affected by trading suspension

    Business 22 Aug 18:07

  • Bradley Manning is no more. 'Call me Chelsea,' she says

    WikiLeaker makes statement after the trial is done

    Law 22 Aug 19:50

  • HotLink rolls VMware virty servers out to the Amazon cloud

    Disaster recovery for the cost of backup

    Virtualization 22 Aug 20:58

  • CipherCloud lands in Oz

    Cunning key caper laughs in the face of spooks, sovereignty

    Security 22 Aug 21:08

  • Lenovo to ship all new PCs with Start Menu replacement

    Old-school launcher included because YOU DEMANDED IT

    Operating Systems 22 Aug 21:15

  • Piston links with Cloud Foundry, forges CYBORG CLOUD

    Pivotal's PaaS wired into OpenStack IaaS

    Cloud 22 Aug 21:45

  • NASA restarts WISE telescope to spot potential Earth-killers

    WISEly getting the most bang for its space buck

    Science 22 Aug 22:05

  • Xerox begins rolling out patches for jumbled-numbers copier glitch

    Innumerate devices enlighted by downloadable fix

    Hardware 22 Aug 22:58

  • 'Congressional watchdog' reports patent trolling rising fast

    129% more defendants in recent years, 89% of those in software-patent lawsuits

    Policy 22 Aug 23:02