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David Miranda and Glenn Greenwald

Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files

David Miranda, the partner of a journalist at the heart of the Edward Snowden NSA surveillance firestorm, handed over to British intelligence the crypto passwords for digital files they seized from him when he stopped over in the UK en route from a meeting with a US film-maker who was also involved with the Snowden disclosures. It has also emerged that the US government was aware that the British intelligence services intended to target Miranda during his journey.
Iain Thomson, 20 Aug 2013

Apple to replace wonky iMac graphics cards

Apple has admitted to world+dog that some of the 27-inch iMacs that it sold between May 2011 and October 2012 have a suspect graphics card, and that if you own one of the affected models, it'll replace the possibly wonky card for free.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2013
The actor playing a young Julian Assange in the telemovie Underground

Assange washes hands in election row

Julian Assange has weighed out of the row in Australia over the Wikileaks Party's preference allocation for the upcoming election.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Aug 2013
management regulation1

US court rules IP address cloaks may break law

If you're a normal Internet user, you probably think you have the right to access anything that's put before the public. Not any more, at least in America, where the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act has been invoked to support a user-specific ban on accessing a Website, and in which the use of a proxy to circumvent a block has been ruled illegal.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Aug 2013

VLSCI fires up 20 teraflop Barcoo

The Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative – VLSCI – has gone live with its latest big iron, Barcoo, an x86 architecture machine with double the capacity of the facility's Merri x86 system.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Aug 2013
Scanned word "brains"

Mind-reading MRI reads letters in the brain

Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen are claiming that with a sufficiently-sensitive MRI and decent mathematical modelling, they can reconstruct images of the brain recognising letters seen by the test subject.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Aug 2013

Boffin blends benevolent beer

It's not a hangover cure, but it could help retain the beneficial effects of beer while mitigating some of its damage. A researcher from Queensland's Griffith Health Institute has found a way to make beer work like electrolyte drinks without ruining its taste.
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Aug 2013
Two teenage girls - one whispering in other's ear

LinkedIn lowers age of consent to 13

LinkedIn, generally regarded as the premier social network for grown ups with jobs, has decided 13 year olds are now welcome as members.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2013
VMware logo

Gartner to VMware: Rock out with your socket out

VMworld 2013The wizards at Gartner have penned a pre-VMworld suggestion to VMware: go back to being teenage rebels.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2013

Microsoft announces execution date for failed QR code-killer

Microsoft Tag, Redmond's alternative to the QR Code which never took off, is scheduled to die on 19 August, 2015, following Old Yeller out behind the cowshed.
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2013

Bitcoin blitzkreig as Germans prepare to tax virtual currency

Germany has become the first country to recognise Bitcoin as a real form of currency, which will be subject to tax like any other dosh.
Jasper Hamill, 20 Aug 2013

Password-keeper LastPass plugs up IE cache leak vuln

LastPass has patched a flaw that meant Windows versions of its password-management software were capable of leaking login credentials that had been auto-filled into fields by its password manager.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2013
Why did you click to see the picture with images turned off

Imation's $120m baby delivers NST6000 hybrid storage mutant

Scalable storage outfit Imation's Nexsan unit has launched an uprated cached hybrid flash/disk drive array with a Gen 3 operating system: NestOS 3.0.
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 2013

In case of LOHAN flight emergency, gobble THIS Iridium-Arduino sandwich

PicsWe recently reported that we'd laid our grubby mitts on a second RockBLOCK Irdidium satellite comms unit - courtesy of Rock Seven.
Lester Haines, 20 Aug 2013

Windows NT: Remember Microsoft's almost perfect 20-year-old?

FeatureIf you want to be reminded that you're getting old, ask a youngster what Windows NT is. Chances are, there'll be blank looks all round. Windows What? Is it, like, a codename for a new version?
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Aug 2013

New BT chief gets keys to copper-encrusted door next month

BT's incoming chief exec Gavin Patterson will formally take the reins on 10 September, the telecoms giant confirmed to the City this morning.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Aug 2013

Taiwanese spill on Zuck's racks: Servers powering Facebook REVEALED

Facebook runs on four different server designs, each created to fulfil a specialist task, according to Mike Yang, a general manager and vice president of Taiwanese OEM Quanta.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2013
The Choi Plug

Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm

Blogger Pamela Jones will shut down her award-winning legal news website Groklaw following revelations that the NSA is intercepting the world's internet communications.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Aug 2013

Guardian lets UK spooks trash 'Snowden files' PCs to make them feel better

GCHQ spooks reportedly rocked up at The Guardian's London headquarters and oversaw the destruction of some computer hardware - because the machines may have stored copies of documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2013

GreenBytes guts its arrays, turns self into chompable doughnut

Once upon a time there were two suppliers with VDI-focussed storage arrays: GreenBytes,with an all-flash array; and Tintri, with a hybrid flash/disk array technology. Now GreenBytes has become a software-only business. Why?
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 2013

Alien antique show: Egyptians wore JEWELRY FROM SPAAAACE

PicArchaeologists have discovered that ancient Egyptians fashioned their bling from rocks from outer space, not from iron ore.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Aug 2013
Outlook.com logo

Microsoft shoehorns Skype into Outlook.com - we quickly kick the tyres

VidMicrosoft has slotted voice-chat app Skype into Outlook.com, melding email and telephony into a single platform - which almost works smoothly.
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2013
VMware logo

Rackspace to fire up VMware hybrid cloud

VMware's world has just become a little more complicated, after Rackspace announced it now offers “Dedicated VMware vCenter Servers”.
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2013

'BLING BLING, BLING BLING' 'Hello, yes, my iPhone is made of GOLD'

The Apple rumour mill is approaching lightspeed, fuelled by a growing number of insiders talking up a C-3PO-like gold iPhone 5S.
Jasper Hamill, 20 Aug 2013

Essential maintenance website down for, er, essential maintenance

B&Q won't let you do things for yourself at the moment, since its website, diy.com, has collapsed, presumably under the weight of pre-bank holiday DIYers.
Team Register, 20 Aug 2013
Fail whale

Bloke leaks '1000s' of Twitter login tokens, says he can hack ANY twit

A hacker calling himself the "Mauritania Attacker" claims he has compromised every Twitter user account on the planet - and leaked the OAuth tokens for thousands of Turkish tweeters.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2013

Judge bins lawsuit alleging AOL patent sale conspiracy theory

A US judge has dismissed a case against AOL and some of its top execs over their repurchase of millions of shares in 2011 without letting on that the company was planning to sell a $1bn patent portfolio to Microsoft.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 20 Aug 2013
Heinrich Popow, paralympic athlete, truns on his speciallly designed prosthetic leg. Picture courtesy Ottobock healthcare

iWatch rumours grow as Apple hires Nike fitness guru Jay Blahnik

Apple has hired a healthy living guru who helped Nike develop the FuelBand fitness bracelet to work on a mystery project for the fruity firm.
Jasper Hamill, 20 Aug 2013

Second time's a charm! Microsoft tries again with Active Directory patch

Microsoft made a second attempt to cleanly patch an "important" security flaw in its Active Directory Federation Services technology on Monday - days after yanking the original update for causing stability problems.
John Leyden, 20 Aug 2013

100 million self-driving cars will be sold globally in 2035 – report

A new report has come to the rather startling conclusion that there will be nearly 100 million autonomous cars sold per year globally by 2035.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2013

Comcast court docs show Prenda copyright trolls seeded smut then sued

Top copyright troll Prenda Law has been caught red-handed seeding torrenting sites with pornographic films in an effort to drum up business for its copyright lawyers.
Iain Thomson, 20 Aug 2013
Cloud security

FoundationDB ACID-lovers price up NoSQL database

NoSQL database startup FoundationDB has made its ACID-compliant tech generally available, after an extended beta that has seen over 2,000 people try out the company's unorthodox database.
Jack Clark, 20 Aug 2013

Firefox takes top marks in browser stability tests

Web app testing-as-a-service company Sauce Labs has released its latest browser crash data, and remarkably enough, the least stable web browser today probably isn't the one you think it is.
Neil McAllister, 20 Aug 2013

Palestinian Facebook flaw-finder getting $10,000 payday in online appeal

A Palestinian IT student who spotted a serious security flaw in Facebook's coding – but was denied payment for it and booted off the social network – could be getting as much as $10,000 after members of the security community rallied around and set up an online compensation fund.
Iain Thomson, 20 Aug 2013

Nutanix adds memory and flash de-dupe on server-storage halfbloods

There are few things in the world more difficult than starting up a new systems business. Cisco did it four years ago, and now it looks Nutanix might make it out of the starting gate, as well.

Apple's iTunes Radio to launch next month with abundant ads

With the formal launch of iTunes Radio fast approaching, more details have emerged about how Apple plans to make money from its new streaming audio service.
Neil McAllister, 20 Aug 2013

Mighty multi-scope snaps stunning STARBIRTH image

Astronomers using the immense and astonishingly perceptive Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have captured a stunning image of the miracle of birth – starbirth, that is.
Rik Myslewski, 20 Aug 2013

Amazon legal filing flames IBM's 'materially deficient' CIA cloud

There's a war going on for the future CPU cycles of the US Central Intelligence Agency, and behind closed doors and under fluorescent lights, representatives of IBM and Amazon are spitting blood at each other as they vie for the contract.
Jack Clark, 20 Aug 2013
Dell logo

Dell aligns Foglight management tools with VMware stack

Dell bought a slew of software companies to build out its infrastructure and cloud management tools, and has made no secret of its aspirations in the software arena. And that's why Dell is getting out in front of the impending launch of VMware's ESXi 5.5 hypervisor and related vSphere 5.5 management extensions, widely expected to launch next week, with support for these and other VMware tools ahead of the pack.

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