20th August 2013 Archive

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  • Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files

    Miranda threatened with jail after being seized on apparent courier mission

    Security 20 Aug 00:31

  • Apple to replace wonky iMac graphics cards

    Is your 27-incher's display distorted? White? Blue? Black? Your fix is free

    Hardware 20 Aug 01:17

  • Assange washes hands in election row

    You don't think I run this party I'm standing for, do you?

    Government 20 Aug 02:02

  • US court rules IP address cloaks may break law

    'Published' might not mean 'available to anyone'

    Law 20 Aug 03:02

  • VLSCI fires up 20 teraflop Barcoo

    New super is also a Xeon test bed

    HPC 20 Aug 03:42

  • Mind-reading MRI reads letters in the brain

    Reading the reader

    Science 20 Aug 04:08

  • Green German gov battles to keep fossil powerplants running

    No longer profitable, thanks to renewables - but vital to keep the lights on

    Government 20 Aug 05:03

  • Boffin blends benevolent beer

    Hydration hack hinders hangovers by adding sports drink ingredients

    Science 20 Aug 05:31

  • LinkedIn lowers age of consent to 13

    Hey, kids: can Facebook get you a JOB?

    Networks 20 Aug 05:56

  • Gartner to VMware: Rock out with your socket out

    Wizards like virty giant's old stuff better than its new stuff

    Virtualization 20 Aug 06:31

  • Microsoft announces execution date for failed QR code-killer

    Redmond admits defeat in war that never was

    Mobile 20 Aug 07:03

  • Bitcoin blitzkreig as Germans prepare to tax virtual currency

    Berlin puts its towel on virtual sunlounger

    Financial News 20 Aug 07:32

  • Password-keeper LastPass plugs up IE cache leak vuln

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    Security 20 Aug 08:03

  • Imation's $120m baby delivers NST6000 hybrid storage mutant

    NAND cache and faster controllers

    Storage 20 Aug 08:37

  • In case of LOHAN flight emergency, gobble THIS Iridium-Arduino sandwich

    Space-balloon abort box to feature big red button

    SPB 20 Aug 08:59

  • Windows NT: Remember Microsoft's almost perfect 20-year-old?

    It all went a bit pear-shaped later... but it DID stop people switching to OS/2

    Operating Systems 20 Aug 09:32

  • New BT chief gets keys to copper-encrusted door next month

    Poised to replace Lord Livingston

    Networks 20 Aug 09:59

  • Taiwanese spill on Zuck's racks: Servers powering Facebook REVEALED

    'Remove anything that does not contribute to efficiency' ... kiss goodbye to every post?

    Servers 20 Aug 10:23

  • Legal bible Groklaw pulls plug in wake of Lavabit shutdown, NSA firestorm

    Blogger who tracked epic Linux patent, copyright wars can't rely on email

    Security 20 Aug 10:39

  • Microsoft Exchange: To host or not to host

    Cloud, control or both?

    Software 20 Aug 10:50

  • Guardian lets UK spooks trash 'Snowden files' PCs to make them feel better

    Editor tells of 'peculiarly pointless piece of symbolism' after hard drive destruction

    Security 20 Aug 11:17

  • GreenBytes guts its arrays, turns self into chompable doughnut

    Plus they've scooped up an ex-IBM dude for the board

    Storage 20 Aug 11:37

  • Alien antique show: Egyptians wore JEWELRY FROM SPAAAACE

    Boffins trace origin of 5,000-year-old cosmic bijoux

    Science 20 Aug 11:52

  • Microsoft shoehorns Skype into Outlook.com - we quickly kick the tyres

    Phonecalls-in-webmail plugin unleashed on the web, what could possibly go wrong?

    Applications 20 Aug 12:26

  • Rackspace to fire up VMware hybrid cloud

    A frenemy for VMware's Hybrid Cloud Service

    Cloud 20 Aug 13:00

  • 'BLING BLING, BLING BLING' 'Hello, yes, my iPhone is made of GOLD'

    Jesus phone to become the Midas Phone – louder mutterings

    Phones 20 Aug 13:32

  • Essential maintenance website down for, er, essential maintenance

    Quick Jim, order me an RJ45 crimper. Oh b*gger

    Networks 20 Aug 14:10

  • Bloke leaks '1000s' of Twitter login tokens, says he can hack ANY twit

    Known vulnerability sat on by Twitter, inevitable happens

    Security 20 Aug 14:33

  • Judge bins lawsuit alleging AOL patent sale conspiracy theory

    Court rules that $1bn flogoff to Microsoft wasn't a secret deal

    Business 20 Aug 15:03

  • iWatch rumours grow as Apple hires Nike fitness guru Jay Blahnik

    Latest idiot tax device might include keep-fit tech

    Hardware 20 Aug 15:31

  • CLIMATE CHANGE made sea levels FALL in 2010 and 2011

    All the water basically got dumped on Australia, say boffins

    Science 20 Aug 15:58

  • Second time's a charm! Microsoft tries again with Active Directory patch

    'The fix actually turned into a bigger problem than the one it was attempting to solve'

    Security 20 Aug 16:57

  • 100 MEEELION self-driving cars will be sold globally in 2035 – report

    But only if we decide who'll be liable when they crash

    Hardware 20 Aug 18:44

  • Comcast court docs show Prenda copyright trolls seeded smut then sued

    Pirate Bay data catches company red-handed

    Law 20 Aug 18:45

  • FoundationDB ACID-lovers price up NoSQL database

    Unorthodox tech gets free and paid-for versions

    Developer 20 Aug 18:50

  • Firefox takes top marks in browser stability tests

    Who's on bottom? Surprisingly, it's not Internet Explorer

    Applications 20 Aug 20:46

  • Palestinian Facebook flaw-finder getting $10,000 payday in online appeal

    Security industry rallies round when Zuck & Co. refuse to pay up

    Security 20 Aug 20:58

  • Nutanix adds memory and flash de-dupe on server-storage halfbloods

    Pushing into Global 2000 accounts – with a vengeance

    Servers 20 Aug 21:53

  • Apple's iTunes Radio to launch next month with abundant ads

    Would you like fries with that song?

    Media 20 Aug 22:55

  • Mighty multi-scope snaps stunning STARBIRTH image

    66 antennas up to 16km apart capture celestial violence 1400 years ago

    Science 20 Aug 22:58

  • Amazon legal filing flames IBM's 'materially deficient' CIA cloud

    Redacted document reveals seething hatred in spook cloud battle

    Cloud 20 Aug 23:42

  • Dell aligns Foglight management tools with VMware stack

    Ready for the impending ESXi and vSphere 5.5

    Servers 20 Aug 23:51