19th August 2013 Archive

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  • Online trainer launches free student login promo

    Save yourself $29 per month

    Software 19 Aug 00:55

  • Google proposes eye-tracking ad-tracking

    Adds more 'creepy' to Glass

    Hardware 19 Aug 01:54

  • Fear the JOBZILLA! 150ft STATUE of Steve planned 'lest fanbois forget'

    Apple biz tyrant to be IMMORTALISED in towering form ... if $50,000 raised

    Bootnotes 19 Aug 05:02

  • Fooling the AppStore one code-chunk at a time

    Jekyll on iOS suggests tests inadequate

    Security 19 Aug 05:04

  • 2013 World Solar Challenge racers start the big reveal

    Intrepid Reg desert trek team previews 2013's sun-powered sedans and street-legals

    SPB 19 Aug 06:02

  • Kiwi jetpack gets all-clear for manned tests

    A small step closer to your sci-fi future...

    Science 19 Aug 06:31

  • Blighty street has hottest Wi-Fi hotspot hottie in Europe: We reveal where

    And one-in-four hotspots in UK are free to use

    Networks 19 Aug 07:02

  • Comet brand yanked from its grave: Tycoon vows to open EIGHTY new stores

    Entrepreneur: Don't let your savings waste away in a bank, invest in me!

    The Channel 19 Aug 07:29

  • Flab-fighting LOHAN fettles fantastical flying truss

    Lightweight Vulture 2 launch platform almost ready for action

    SPB 19 Aug 07:58

  • 12 simple rules: How Ted Codd transformed the humble database

    Near misses and lucky escapes for a multi-billion-dollar baby

    Applications 19 Aug 08:32

  • Happy birthday MIDI 1.0: Getting pop stars wired for 30 years

    Part One: Something to make a song and dance about

    Hardware 19 Aug 09:02

  • Portuguese chicken invades Spanish airspace

    Plucky stratocockerel crash-lands in bewildered old boy's fig tree

    SPB 19 Aug 09:28

  • Sysadmins: Be the hand up the backside at PuppetConf, VMworld

    Foaming tankards are at the ready, so keep a spare liver on standby

    Virtualization 19 Aug 10:03

  • Does the RSPCA have your gun licence or car registration? NOBODY knows

    When are cops not subject to FOI? When they're animal cops

    Government 19 Aug 10:23

  • Building big data? Are you building a security headache too?

    I didn't mean to isn't good enough

    CIO 19 Aug 10:39

  • Vodafone 'settled SECRET £57m Irish tax wrangle' back in 2009

    Look, taxman, here's a few mil, now sod off will you?

    Financial News 19 Aug 11:03

  • Samsung's cooking 3D NAND flash chips. WHAT did you say the specs were?

    Oh right... you didn't

    Storage 19 Aug 11:20

  • British spooks seize tech from Snowden journo's boyfriend at airport

    Outrage as special police grab mobe, laptop, even game console

    Security 19 Aug 11:36

  • Screw you, Brits, says Google: We are ABOVE UK privacy law

    Try to sue us in California – if you dare

    Law 19 Aug 12:04

  • Snowden's email provider may face court rap after closing service

    'Violation of court order' could lead to contempt charges – report

    Government 19 Aug 12:36

  • Mozilla's Metro-friendly Firefox for Win 8.1 to arrive in December

    Touchy browser for x86 PCs that want to be tabs

    Developer 19 Aug 13:04

  • Fanbois taught to use Apple's new killer app: Microsoft Windows

    Shop staff to spend their days sleeping with the enemy

    Applications 19 Aug 13:27

  • Probation officer gets TINY fine for spilling domestic violence victim's ADDRESS

    Coughs £150 for handing out data... to alleged perp

    Law 19 Aug 13:58

  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak disses Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs

    'A lot of what was wrong with the film came from Ashton...' - Woz

    Media 19 Aug 14:28

  • Dr Dre's Beats plans to drop HTC, hook up with rich mate – report

    Hip-hop star's headphones firm tries to ditch Taiwanese mobile maker

    Media 19 Aug 14:55

  • SimpliVity intros swollen and shrunken rip-'n'-replace boxen

    Server-killing, array-crushing OmniCube gets some new sizes

    Storage 19 Aug 15:37

  • Getting worried, Assange? WikiLeaks spaffs out 'insurance' info

    Only to be used in case of emergency arrest, natch

    Media 19 Aug 16:03

  • How much mazuma does it take to not be Oracle?

    $10m, says Clustrix, as it splits its database from hardware

    Software 19 Aug 17:54

  • New tool lets single server map entire internet in 45 minutes

    Zmap could be boon to analysts, doom for security

    Networks 19 Aug 18:24

  • Amazon DISAPPEARS from internet

    Last week Google, this week Amazon, next week El Reg?

    Cloud 19 Aug 19:13

  • ZTE's $80 Firefox OS mobe sells out on eBay

    Can anybody keep these things in stock?

    Phones 19 Aug 19:30

  • Intel to put pedal to metal in 14nm Atom upgrade

    No more leisurely transitions from Core to Atom, says report – the market won't wait

    Hardware 19 Aug 19:37

  • Wholesale telco IspONE goes titsup, Kogan mobile going dark

    Telstra pulls the plug as ispONE calls in the administrators

    Mobile 19 Aug 20:13

  • Apple sucking triple the phone switchers as Samsung – report

    iPhone buyers also younger, smarter, richer than 'droid drones

    Phones 19 Aug 20:31

  • IiNet creates cut-price diffusion brand 'Jiva'

    Eighty bucks a month for all the voice and data bits you can bite

    Broadband 19 Aug 20:38

  • Tiny fireball exoplanet completes one year in 8.5 hours

    Molten sphere could give clues to planetary mass

    Science 19 Aug 21:02

  • Amazon's cloud dwarfs all others, Gartner finds

    It's Bezos' world, say the Magic Quadrant cultists

    Cloud 19 Aug 23:15