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Xbox 180: Microsoft scraps mandatory Kinect policy

In the wake of the NSA spying revelations, Microsoft has said gamers will no longer need to have an all-seeing, always-online eye and ear attached to their Xbox.
Jack Clark, 13 Aug 2013
Hyperloop car

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow

After months of hint-dropping, Elon Musk has published the first plans for a high-speed transport system that would take commuters from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes at a cost of $20 per person.
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 2013

New York State to investigate 'Wild West' Bitcoin industry

A New York State banking regulator has issued subpoenas to more than 20 Bitcoin-related companies as part of an inquiry into the business practices of the virtual currency industry, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Neil McAllister, 13 Aug 2013

Android detective explains Bitcoin borkage breadcrumbs

Over the weekend, it emerged that a flaw in Android's Java-derived pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) created a vulnerability that allowed the theft of Bitcoins.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Aug 2013
What Linus Torvalds thinks of NVIDIA

Torvalds frustrated at missing simultaneous release

Linus Torvalds has issued release candidate five for Linux 3.11, but is a little upset with the fact the final release missed a serendipitous anniversary.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Aug 2013

Nude swimmers warned of GONAD-GOBBLING FISH ON THE LOOSE

Swedish men have been told to stay out of the water after a gonad-gobbling fish known as the "ball cutter" was spotted in the wild.
Jasper Hamill, 13 Aug 2013

Don't trash-talk the boss on Twitter: Oz judge

Australia's Federal Magistrates Court has sparked an argument about Internet speech freedoms by declining to issue an injunction preventing a federal public servant's dismissal over her use of Twitter.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Aug 2013
Toshiba 7mm hybrid disk drive slider

Magnets too slow for disk writes? Use lasers

A group of Swiss researchers has demonstrated using lasers to control magnetisation at extremely high speed, a line of research they hope will one day will help speed up hard drives.
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Aug 2013
Text from the 'Voynich manuscript'

Violent Hamlet 'bard' by British Library Wi-Fi filters

British author HM Forsyth was working on a book in the British Library last week when he needed to read Shakespeare's Hamlet, so he did what anyone would do these days: he Googled it, safe in the knowledge that MIT has put the Bard's entire output online.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Aug 2013

EMC demotes VMAX into 'capacity tier'

EMC Chief Technology Officer John Roese has all-but-demoted the company's Symmetrix VMAX arrays from their position atop the company's prow, today declaring the arrays are the biggest and baddest offering in a “capacity tier” of products that possess lesser grunt than a “performance tier” of products.
Simon Sharwood, 13 Aug 2013

FalconStor struggles on as antsy backers whine 'C'mon, let's sell'

After losing its CEO a few weeks ago, standalone storage software shipper FalconStor has duly reported poor results. Since then it has got into bed with a new VC to shore up its balance sheet, ended an investment banking deal with Wells Fargo, and teamed up with Violin Memory to develop new products.
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2013

Most UK privacy cock-ups are 'careless' spaffing of personal data - watchdog

Most of the data breach incidents analysed by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in a three-month period earlier this year concerned errors in the way personal information was disclosed, the watchdog has said.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Aug 2013

PayPal's fizzog-based payments app rubbished over reliability worries

Shop assistants may be too thick to guarantee the security of Paypal's new real-world payment system, a leading security bod has cautioned.
Jasper Hamill, 13 Aug 2013

Salesforce asks devs to cough 800% more for security review

Salesforce.com has hiked the security fees for software authors posting apps on its AppExchange – by an eyewatering $2,400 a pop.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Aug 2013

REVEALED: Simple 'open sesame' to unlock your HOME by radiowave

Black Hat 2013A pair of security researchers probing the Z-Wave home-automation standard managed to unlock doors and disable sensors controlled by the technology.
Bill Ray, 13 Aug 2013

New 64TiB Violin byte bucket is a load of Tosh: 19nm flash in a 3U box

Violin Memory has unveiled its highest capacity array, the 6264, that packs 64TiB of flash into a 3U box - and it uses 19nm MLC NAND chips from investor and manufacturer Toshiba.
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2013
Killzone: Mercenary

Shadowrun Returns and Killzone: Mercenary ... old titles, new takes

Game TheoryAs the traditional quiet of August sets in, it’s over to a selection of download-only titles to provide the fix that gamers need.
Mike Plant, 13 Aug 2013

MYSTERY sugar daddies showering flash upstart Tegile in gold named

Western Digital and SanDisk have been named as the two investors that just ploughed millions of dollars into hybrid flash array startup Tegile.
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2013

Skyera unveils rival-crushing 21PB-a-rack flash monster

The ex-SandForce flash controller guys turned all-flash-array-startup guys from Skyera are bringing another flashy product to market. And if the firm's claims are true, skyEagle could be a game-changer in the flash array world.
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2013

NSA-proof email encryption? Cobblers, sniff German hackers

AnalysisGerman hackers have poured scorn on Deutsche Telekom's plan to offer "secure email", describing it as little more than a marketing gimmick.
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2013

Facebook to gobble voice-recog outfit, not so chatty on price tag

Facebook plans to buy speech recognition and translation app maker Mobile Technologies for an undisclosed sum.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Aug 2013

PEAK Apple: Cupertino's hopes died with Steve Jobs, says Larry Ellison

Oracle supremo Larry Ellison has told Apple that it doesn't stand a chance of success without Steve Jobs at the helm.
Jasper Hamill, 13 Aug 2013

Oracle fires up Virtual Compute Appliance for infrastructure clouds

If you are looking for one throat to choke for a virtualized x86 server stack, the right one is tough to find. But Oracle wants you to wrap your hands around Larry Ellison's neck, and is betting that its new Virtual Compute Appliance works so well and is such a good bargain that you won't squeeze.
Four views of the most complete lissoir found during excavations at the Neandertal site of Abri Peyrony

Tech war latest: Today's leather tools 'invented by NEANDERTHALS'

PicNeanderthals were just as good at working leather as modern humans - and used the same tools still employed by leather-workers today - a new study has found.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Aug 2013

Court hearing on Icahn's Dell buyout block set for Friday

Carl Icahn's attempt to get the courts to intervene speedily in Michael Dell's bid to take the firm private has been delayed until Friday.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Aug 2013

'Abel, you're fired!' Hear AOL supremo axe exec during conference call

AudioAOL boss Tim Armstrong appears to have axed a senior exec on the spot for pointing a camera at him during a conference call with about 1,000 Patch website staff.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Aug 2013

VCs flash cash for Looker's SQL-on-steroids business intelligence tool

Business intelligence is the site of a new goldrush as the twin marketing totems of "big data" and "cloud" collide, creating a supernova of splashy cash for canny firms.
Jack Clark, 13 Aug 2013
from http://www.linux.org.ru

No distro diva drama here: Penguinista favourite Debian turns 20

AnniversaryToday Debian marks a milestone not many pieces of software last long enough to see: its 20-year anniversary.
Scott Gilbertson, 13 Aug 2013

Beware the ad-punting crapware-laden Firefox, warn infosec bods

Internet users looking for a US Green Card are at risk of being conned by a fake advert into installing an adware-laden version of Firefox, security researchers have warned.
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2013

Norway BANS Apple from Oslo's skies: No aerial Maps app snaps allowed

Apple has been denied permission to take aerial photographs of Oslo to create 3D images of the Norwegian capital for its Maps app – even though the US embassy has appealed to the Scandinavian nation's government to reconsider.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Aug 2013

BlackBerry hits 88MPH, goes back to the future with NEW old 9720 mobe

BlackBerry has announced a new phone for emerging markets: the BlackBerry 9720. It's not part of the shiny new BlackBerry OS 10 line-up of mobiles because it's powered by the ancient BlackBerry 7 OS, which last saw action in 2011.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2013

Three's UK mobile network goes down on unlucky northerners

Three UK's phone network has gone down for users in Scotland and the North of England.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 13 Aug 2013

Management buyout at Hamilton Rentals AGAIN

Hamilton Rentals is again a privately owned channel biz after the management team led a buy-out from previous proprietor Xchange Technology Group.
Paul Kunert, 13 Aug 2013
The Bacon Kevin Bacon

Bacon 'n' egg on his face: Hollywood heartthrob pwned by Twitter phishers

Miscreants broke into the Twitter profile of prominent advertising bloke Footloose star Kevin Bacon to scam his fans.
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2013
Screenshot of Windows 8.1 showing new Start button

There she blows! Mid-October release date for Windows 8.1 sighted

Microsoft will unleash Windows 8.1 for world+dog to download in October, it's claimed, a year after it released the touchscreen-friendly, tile-tastic Windows 8.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Aug 2013

Leaked photos of iPhone 5C parts portend ugly Google legal battle

Photos of cases and parts of the oft-rumored, lower-cost iPhone – which has been referred to in multiple outlets as the iPhone 5C – have flooded the interwebs in recent weeks, but a new set raises the spectre of an ugly legal battle between Apple and arch-rival Google.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Aug 2013
David Flynn

Fusion-io founder Flynn flies again with new storage upstart

Ousted Fusion-io co-founder David Flynn has a new gig: startup Primary Data.
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2013
Kindle Big Brother

DARPA calls Big Data boffins: Help us lock up everyone's privates

The American military is looking for number-crunching wizards able to tackle the national security threat posed by, erm... publicly available data.
Jasper Hamill, 13 Aug 2013

Larry Ellison: Google is ABSOLUTELY EVIL, but NSA is ESSENTIAL

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has nothing but praise for the US National Security Agency's domestic surveillance programs, but he's far less kind when it comes to Google – and in particular its CEO, Larry Page, whose behavior he describes as "evil."
Neil McAllister, 13 Aug 2013

Amazon initiates TOTAL MOBILE DOMINANCE cloud strategy

As the landmasses of the world buckle beneath the combined weight of the fondleslabs and glossy mobs being churned out by China's industrial cities, companies are waking up to the need to control the technology, and so Amazon has added tech to its AWS cloud to give devs a cheap way to beam data out to Android, iOS, and Kindle devices.
Jack Clark, 13 Aug 2013

Obama appoints intelligence boss to run 'independent' review of NSA

President Obama has appointed James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence who was recently caught misleading Congress about the extent of NSA surveillance, as the head of the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies that will investigate the agency.
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 2013

Facebook's request to the flash industry: 'Make the worst flash possible'

Flash Memory SummitFlash-memory designers may currently be focused solely on improving speed and endurance, but Facebook's director of capacity engineering and analysis wants something completely different from them.
Rik Myslewski, 13 Aug 2013

Riak CS datastore cosies up to OpenStack

Open source datastore Riak Cloud Storage has recieved an upgrade to let it plug into the OpenStack control freak.
Jack Clark, 13 Aug 2013

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