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Printed teeth

Taiwanese boffins monitor mastication with Bluetooth tooth

The UbiComp Lab , a wearable computers think tank at Taiwan's National University, has devised a Bluetooth-equipped false tooth to monitor your mastication and plans a successor device capable of distributing the resulting data in real time.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2013
Retro Space Invaders Couch

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?

World+dog is grumpy with Apple, Microsoft, Google and plenty of other multinational companies, because they do legal-but-tricky things to avoid paying tax.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2013
X47B drone takeoff

A drone that can walk home

Here's a neat-but-creepy way to get an aerial drone to move at ground level: teach it to walk on its wings.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jul 2013

Western spooks banned Lenovo PCs after finding back doors

Chinese PC giant Lenovo has been banned from supplying kit for the top secret networks of western intelligence agencies after security concerns emerged when backdoor vulnerabilities were detected, according to a new report.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Jul 2013

Comrade! If you dare f$%^ing swear on the internet, WE'LL SHOOT

Websites publishing profanities will either have to delete the offending material within 24 hours or be hauled offline - so says a new amendment to a law aimed at – what else? – protecting children.
Gareth Corfield, 29 Jul 2013
What the Tianhe-2 super should look like in its final home

Bugs in beta weather model used to trash climate science

Development work on a not-yet-prime-time weather forecasting model has been seized on as proof that climate models can't be trusted.
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jul 2013

Australia threatens Adobe, Apple, with geo-blocking ban

Australia's Parliamentary inquiry into IT pricing has found no plausible reason hardware, software and digital downloads costs more down under, and recommended changes to copyright law so locals can access cheaper goods.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2013

Apple Developer portal partially resurrected

Apple's developer portal came back to life over the weekend, eight days after it was allegedly taken down by a Turkish bloke.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2013

Fed up with poor Brit telly and radio output? Ofcom wants a word with YOU

Ofcom has kicked off a two-year study to map digital TV and radio reception in the UK.
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2013
Vould you like a schmoke and a pancake?

Been hacked? Don't dial 999: The plods are too dense, sniffs sec bigwig

Police are powerless to stop super-smart criminals from hacking the world's biggest companies, a top-ranking security bod has warned.
Jasper Hamill, 29 Jul 2013

Google menaces Apple's 3-year-old toddler with its cheap stream tech

CommentFor years in PCs, Apple was the R&D lab for the entire industry, and Microsoft would roll out similar operating system features long after Apple users had them as standard.
Faultline, 29 Jul 2013

Kids LIE about age on Facebook, gasps Brit ad watchdog

Britain's advertising watchdog has spotted the blindingly obvious: kids are giving false ages to allow them to sign up to Facebook and other social media sites.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2013
management consumerisation

What heat wave? Pay still frozen over for 70 per cent at Capita ITS

Over a quarter of Capita's IT Services division were given pay rises in the April review this year, the firm has said, but the rest of them will have to wait until business is better.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2013

Microsoft haters: You gotta lop off a lot of legs to slay Ballmer's monster

CommentContrary to increasingly popular belief, Microsoft is not a “dead” company, nor at immediate risk of collapse.
Trevor Pott, 29 Jul 2013

Appcelerator polishes Titanium for platform-neutral JavaScript reboot

Success and age are catching up with Appcelerator, which is re-writing its Titanium mobile development framework to be leaner and cheaper to run on more mobes.
Gavin Clarke, 29 Jul 2013

'World's BIGGEST online fraud': Suspect's phone had 'location' switched on

Two Russians arrested over their suspected involvement in the largest online fraud in US history were tracked down by analysing photos they posted to social media sites and tracking the location of one suspect's mobile phone, Reuters reports.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2013

Apple: 'Average' iPad toiler does a mere 46-hour week

Apple is under fire again after a new China Labor Watch report accused its factories of committing nearly 90 workers' rights violations.
Phil Muncaster, 29 Jul 2013
Bob Mansfield

'Fat Wallet Bob' leaves Apple tech chief spot for Special Projects Bureau

An Apple executive whose pay packet was the second largest in the US has waved goodbye to his position as senior vice president of technologies at Cupertino.
Jasper Hamill, 29 Jul 2013

Danwood director swaps sick note for resignation letter

Recovering print and copier dealer Danwood has waved goodbye to technical services director Ian Morris, who quit after a prolonged stress-related absence.
Paul Kunert, 29 Jul 2013

Samsung wins not-so-final 'final' pinch-to-zoom patent decision

Samsung has rushed to inform the courts of another "final" decision from the US Patent Office on Apple's pinch-to-zoom patent that is not, in fact, final at all.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2013

Banknote campaigner's Twitter rape threats ordeal: Bloke, 21, cuffed

A 21-year-old man was arrested on Sunday after a feminist campaigner was repeatedly sent abusive messages - including rape threats - on Twitter.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2013

6fusion probes AWS for performance secrets

IT capacity company 6fusion has developed a tool that helps Amazon Web Services developers assess the performance of the cloud relative to their own on-premises infrastructure.
Jack Clark, 29 Jul 2013

Russian cargo ship drops off spacesuit puncture repair kit at the ISS

A Russian cargoship docked with the International Space Station without a hitch this weekend, carrying nearly three metric tons of supplies for the crew.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2013

Microsoft introduces warning on child abuse image searches

Microsoft is warning Brits who use its Bing search engine to hunt down child abuse content that they are attempting to view illegal material online.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2013

Symantec slams Web Gateway back door on would-be corporate spies

Symantec has plugged a series of critical flaws in its Web Gateway appliances which included a backdoor permitting remote code execution on targeted systems.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2013

Hey, Silicon Valley milky drink fans: Starbucks intros wireless charging

Another round of coffee* shops are being fitted for wireless charging; this time in Silicon Valley, as the third wireless charging standard grabs a little more retail estate.
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2013

Romania chucks €21m at IBM for Bucharest IT project

IBM will get €21m in state aid from Romania's government for a €51.2m project in the country that's expected to create around 900 jobs.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2013

Galaxy S4 FIREBALL ATE MY HOUSE, claims Hong Kong man

According to Mr Du, he was playing a quick game of Love Machine on his Galaxy S4 when it exploded into flame, causing him to cast it onto the alarmingly flammable sofa and thus gutting his whole house.
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2013

Planned SMUT TSUNAMI fails to wreak havoc on UK.gov email

UK government agencies were warned to batten down their hatches on Monday after elements of Anonymous threatened to flood email inboxes with smut in a protest against controversial net-filtering plans.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2013
Dell logo in crosshairs

Dell takeover latest: Icahn tells Big Mike where to stick his rule rewrite

Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners, who want to take sole control of IT giant Dell, are willing to offer their fellow stockholders $13.75 for each share - but only if the rules on voting on the deal are changed.

Siemens to throw CEO overboard after profits slashed a FIFTH time

German tech firm Siemens looks set to show chief exec Peter Loescher the door on Wednesday after the company was forced to issue a fifth profit warning.
Brid-Aine Parnell, 29 Jul 2013
Larry Page's new yacht, 'Senses'

Texas students hijack superyacht with GPS-spoofing luggage

Students from the University of Texas successfully piloted an $80m superyacht sailing 30 miles offshore in the Mediterranean Sea by overriding the ship's GPS signals without any alarms being raised.
Iain Thomson, 29 Jul 2013

Microsoft invites more companies into its secret threat circle

Microsoft is bringing more companies its threat sharing program and loading potentially dangeous items into its Azure cloud, despite past problems with security leaks.
Jack Clark, 29 Jul 2013

First burger made of TEST-TUBE MEAT to be eaten on August 5

Boffins at Maastricht University, Netherlands have managed to grow synthetic beef from the stem cells of a slaughtered cow. But how does it taste?
Neil McAllister, 29 Jul 2013
secondary age school kids outside NBN truck

Safety first, NBN rollout second, says Minister

Get ready for another eruption of “anything bad to do with the NBN is the government's fault”, as Telstra's Board is reportedly about to consider whether it is safe to allow contractors doing NBN Co's bidding to resume work in its asbestos-lined pits.
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 2013
Dr Joseph Bonneau

NSA security award winner calls for hearings into agency's conduct

As part of the NSA's ongoing mission to research the finer arts of computer security, it funds and promotes a lot of academic research. And on July 18 it announced the winner of its first Science of Security (SoS) competition after a distinguished academic panel had considered 44 entries covering the latest academic output on the topic.
Iain Thomson, 29 Jul 2013

Music licensor seeks to block Pandora from running a radio station

UpdatedThe American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) has filed a petition with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to block Pandora from running a terrestrial radio station, claiming that to allow the streaming music service to do so would not serve the public interest.
Neil McAllister, 29 Jul 2013
Intel cloud GM Jason Waxman shows off a three-node server chassis with virtualized I/O

Intel wants to reconstruct whole data centers with its chips and pipes

AnalysisIf Intel really wanted to, it could build your entire data center infrastructure with just about all of the components necessary excepting disk drives, main memory, and operating systems for the servers, storage, and switches. And with a stretch, its Wind River Linux could probably cover that last bit.

AWS cloud expansion BETRAYS new Equinix data centers

Amazon has launched two edge locations for technology services within India, indicating that colocation giant Equinix may soon open facilities in the sub-continent.
Jack Clark, 29 Jul 2013

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