24th July 2013 Archive

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  • US remains global sluggard in broadband speed rankings

    'We're number 9! We're number 9!'

    Broadband 24 Jul 00:32

  • Apple drops hints about future low-cost iPhones

    Maybe just older iPhone models, maybe something new entirely. We report, you decide

    Phones 24 Jul 00:34

  • Senator: Surveillance state based on secret law 'has no place in America'

    But if it's not stopped now, it may soon be too late

    Policy 24 Jul 00:49

  • Nvidia chases defense, intelligence ISVs with GPUs

    Chewing through signals and video in real-time

    Data Centre 24 Jul 01:36

  • Google Reader replacement 'Old Reader' crashes

    Possible data loss as SSDs fail during terabyte transfer, service goes down

    Networks 24 Jul 01:56

  • Google buys speech rec patents from SR Tech

    From unknown to Choc Factory provider

    Law 24 Jul 02:20

  • New Kiwi spook law allows domestic prying

    Kim Dotcom fair game under revised statute

    Policy 24 Jul 02:56

  • Boffins flip optics to make booster-free superfast fibre

    Oz PhD student demos 1.8 Tbps, 800 Km link

    Data Networking 24 Jul 04:19

  • MYSTERY of 19th-century DEAD WALRUS found in London graveyard

    'Tusky the Ripper' - or a mad scientist at work?

    Science 24 Jul 04:58

  • IBM pours WebSphere tech into Cloud Foundry cauldron

    Big Blue bets big on platform cloud from Sons of VMware

    Cloud 24 Jul 05:02

  • Village-swallowing MUDCANO was no accident, say boffins

    Forget 'Sharknado': the Mudcano is real, destroyed 10,000 buildings and is still erupting

    Science 24 Jul 05:32

  • China tops global telco service study

    Press 12 for UK, 18 for USA and 19 for Oz

    Business 24 Jul 05:55

  • SKA precursor starts streaming firehosing astrodata to the world

    Cramming the universe into a fibre at 1.5 terabytes an hour

    Data Networking 24 Jul 06:29

  • EMC's ViPR sinks fangs into LUN aggregation

    Srivastava sets out what EMC's latest tech can and can't do

    Storage 24 Jul 07:03

  • For pity's sake: DON'T MOVE to the COUNTRY if you want to live

    People don't kill people, guns and cars and drugs do, says top doc

    Science 24 Jul 07:23

  • Mars, bringer of WAR: Quatermass and the Pit

    Britain’s arch boffin battles our erstwhile Martian overlords

    Vintage 24 Jul 07:59

  • Flash slab lab blab: NVMe-friendly PCIe spotted on HGST's cards

    Intel and EMC fashionably late to solid-state cache party

    Storage 24 Jul 08:30

  • Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless Plus: Triple-tech connectivity for the home

    Mix’n’match powerline, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

    Hardware 24 Jul 09:03

  • Congrats architects, PR bods, toolmakers - you're the new digital tycoons!

    Thousands of 'traditional' firms bunged into Blighty's tech economy by Google study

    Business 24 Jul 09:30

  • Dell shareholders head in for second vote on Big Mike's plan

    'Board unconscionable for delaying first vote' - Icahn

    Financial News 24 Jul 09:58

  • Speaking in Tech: You hit Y for YouTube at work and up pops YouPor..

    Samsung hardware, Google Android and incognito mode tips

    Government 24 Jul 10:18

  • Pikmin to the rescue: Can Nintendo revamp revive Wii U fortunes?

    Plus Valve’s incredibly addictive Dota 2, and work out whodunnit in The Raven

    Games 24 Jul 10:38

  • Virgin Media hangs from traffic lights, hands out free Wi-Fi to Brummies

    Don't worry, they'll still get paid

    Mobile 24 Jul 10:58

  • Bad Vibes, man: Babble app chaps unwrapped in phish trap hack flap

    Viber website pwned, privates leaked all over the 'net by Syrian hackers

    Security 24 Jul 11:17

  • UK pots 'n' pans outfit Lakeland scalded by hack attack

    Saucepan Man rattled. Password reset applied

    Security 24 Jul 11:38

  • ISPs: Relax. Blocking smut online WON'T really work

    Plus: Anti-porn MP slathered with porn (well, her website anyway)

    Broadband 24 Jul 12:03

  • Capita IT Services staff plan strike over pay this Friday

    One in 10 to down tools after execs bagged 20% pay hike in fiscal '13

    The Channel 24 Jul 12:32

  • Jackboot dangled over NSA's throat for US spy dragnet outrage

    What part of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act do you not understand?

    Government 24 Jul 12:58

  • Boffins DREAMING of a WHITE CHRISTMAS ... on MARS!

    Snow, not groundwater, could have carved red world's valleys

    Science 24 Jul 13:28

  • Royston cops' ANPR 'ring of steel' BREAKS LAW, snarls watchdog

    24-hour spycam surveillance of sleepy town deemed 'excessive'

    Government 24 Jul 13:57

  • Pentagon: Mobe operators want our radio bands? Fine, but it'll cost $3.5bn

    BTW, we're leaving a few drones around the place

    Mobile 24 Jul 14:36

  • Dead STEVE JOBS 'touts rival Lenovo gear' FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

    Certainly what it looks like without our glasses on

    Tablets 24 Jul 15:04

  • Curses! Reddit plan for fat old beardy to 'smell hot pop girl Taylor Swift's hair' FOILED

    Radio compo felt 'compromised'

    Bootnotes 24 Jul 15:23

  • One month on, Edward Snowden cleared to leave Moscow airport

    Might still be refused entry to Russia though...

    Government 24 Jul 15:38

  • You've got 600k+ customers on 4G... but look behind you, EE

    Rest of market about to open up to rivals

    Mobile 24 Jul 15:59

  • Cloud rains cash for EMC: VMWare win means Tucci's team can take it easy

    'Accelerating double-digit growth' keeps the analysts chirpy

    Financial News 24 Jul 16:19

  • Apple KILLER decloaked? Google lovingly unboxes Nexus 7 Android 4.3 slablette

    New LTE kit gives first cross-platform 4G support

    Tablets 24 Jul 20:02

  • Azure inhales open source Java implementation

    OpenJDK, and all that JaaS

    Cloud 24 Jul 20:48

  • Google kicks off Android 4.3 updates for Nexus devices

    Here comes Jelly Bean, again

    Operating Systems 24 Jul 20:54

  • Australia to world: Ploughman, dig our rare earths

    Maybe it's time to call them 'slightly rare earths, courtesy of supply and demand'?

    Science 24 Jul 21:16

  • Amazon legal filing torpedoes Big Blue's spook cloud dreams

    Bezos & Co bring in the lawyers to get lucrative CIA cloud contract through

    Government 24 Jul 21:58

  • Juniper Networks CEO throws in towel as firm swims in cash

    Leaving on a high note

    Financial News 24 Jul 22:03

  • Zuck on THIS: Mobile users propel Facebook to RECORD earnings

    Welcome to the party ... bitch

    Financial News 24 Jul 22:23

  • OpenStack faces 'irrelevance and death' without AWS compatibility

    Cloudscaling's Bias has no bias about cloud API support

    Cloud 24 Jul 22:55