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Ubuntu forums breached, 1.8m passwords pinched

Ubuntuforums.org, the Linux distribution's online community, has shut down for maintenance after a security breach.
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jul 2013
Micro SIM Card

SIM crypto CRACKED by a SINGLE text, mobes stuffed with spyware

A quarter of mobiles phones using DES encryption rather than the newer triple-DES for their SIM cards are vulnerable to an attack via SMS that results in a complete takeover of the phone.
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Jul 2013

US Marine Corps misses target, finds and bombs Nemo

A mishandled exercise is being blamed for four bombs – two inert, and two explosive but unarmed – being ditched On Australia's World-Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef.
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Jul 2013

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