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Botch Tuesday: Redmond frags video codec

Last week's Patch Tuesday has reportedly gone sour, with one of patches released by Redmond causing trouble for video playback.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Jul 2013

Amazon button leaked user traffic

Amazon is the latest company to come under fire for misusing its browser extension bar, with security researcher Krzysztof Kotowicz accusing the company of invading privacy via its 1Button extension for Chrome.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Jul 2013

Internet overlords deny Google's 'dotless' domains dream

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has issued a statement in which it all-but-rules-out Google's plan to take over some new top-level domains and offer them in “dotless” configurations that would enable web addresses like “http://search".
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jul 2013
Apple iPhone 5

Chinese police probe iPhone user's death by electrocution

A Chinese family wants answers from Apple after a 23-year-old woman died after being electrocuted when answering a call on her iPhone.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Jul 2013

'Thundering mechanical behemoth' walker mech to attack Leicester today

VidOur hearts went pitter-pat here on the Register exoskeletons, walkers and mighty roaring machinery desk just now, when we got a press release telling us that all our dreams had come true - or some of them anyway.
Lewis Page, 15 Jul 2013

Forecast cloudy as Office 365 pushes into 38 new markets

Microsoft has reached a milestone in its ongoing efforts to make personal productivity a cloudy caper, by switching on Office 365 available to users in 38 new markets and three new languages including Vietnamese and Malay.
Phil Muncaster, 15 Jul 2013

Google study finds users ignore Chrome security warnings

You're surfing the 'net when Chrome decides not to bring you the web site of your choice, but instead a page warning that the site you'd hoped to visit might be bogus or contain malware.
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jul 2013
Cubesat drive fuel storage container

Cubesats to go interplanetary with tiny plasma drives

Cube satellites – the current craze among space researchers with more ideas than money – could take a step farther out into deep space, if the University of Michigan has its way.
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Jul 2013

Is your Apple gadget made of human misery and eco-ruin?

Apple has sent a squad of eco-warriors to a far-flung Indonesian island on a mission to find out whether its devices are full of tin from mines which destroy the environment and kill their workers.
Jasper Hamill, 15 Jul 2013

UK.gov fines itself harshly for hurling NHS records to the winds

A defunct NHS board has been posthumously fined £200,000 after thousands of patients' records were found on a second-hand computer sold on eBay.
Jasper Hamill, 15 Jul 2013

Internet evildoers stitch together vile ransomware-survey scam chimaera

Internet Igors have fused genomes from two of the web's most noxious scam strains to create a repulsive chimaera.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2013
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013: All’s well that Haswell

Review Part OneEl Reg’s review of the latest 13-inch MacBook Air comes in two parts: here, I take a look at one of the build-to-order configurations offered by Apple, which upgrades the standard 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of 1066MHZ mobile DDR3 RAM, 128GB solid-state drive specification to a 1.7GHz Core i7 machine with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2013
Apple MacBook Air 13in 2013

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2013: Windows struggles in Boot Camp

Review Part TwoFor years now, Apple’s MacBook Air has held its own as the ultimate in portability, inspiring the PC market to follow suit with the Ultrabook marque. While not all Ultrabooks attempt to ape the Air’s slimline form factor, they draw from the same line of Intel CPUs and often beat the iconic Apple on cost.
Bob Dormon, 15 Jul 2013

Confidential Microsoft brief: 'We're TOAST if we fight Google on price'

A competitive strategist at Microsoft has told cloudy partners that competing with Google on price is proving to be commercial suicide, particularly in industries where firms are under financial constraint.
Paul Kunert, 15 Jul 2013
What the Tianhe-2 super should look like in its final home

Explicit shots: China's gorgeous flop-tastic Tianhe-2 supercomputer

PicsSome of the feeds and speeds of the Chinese government's Tianhe-2 massively parallel ceepie-phibie supercomputer leaked out in May and then even more came out a week later ahead of the planned big splash at the International Super Computing shindig in Leipzig, Germany. But El Reg has some juicy pics of some of the key components for you to ogle.

El Reg Playmonaut soars to 113,000ft

The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team has just about recovered from last Saturday's successful test flight of the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) control board, which featured a dramatic attempt by our newly-recruited replacement Playmonaut to break the Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) world record for the highest launch of a paper plane.
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 2013

Microsoft lathers up Windows 8.0 Surface RT for quick price shave

Microsoft is once again slashing the price of its unwanted ARM-based Surface RT fondleslabs.
Gavin Clarke, 15 Jul 2013

Unmasked: Euro ISPs raided in downloads strangle probe

Three internet providers raided by European g-men probing allegations of throttled download speeds have been named.
Jasper Hamill, 15 Jul 2013

Pure boffinry: We peek inside Nokia's miracle cameraphone

Special ReportThese days, “tech” means anything except technology. The word has become so debased that a group of marketing people talking about their ideas for websites are a “tech scene”. And hosting meetings for marketing people to talk about websites in London in 2013 actually makes you a “tech entrepreneur”. The concerns of real engineering innovators take second place to the needs of the Magic Roundabout.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 2013
Fujitsu CTO Dr Joseph Reger

MS Office on iOS is OFF the menu, says Fujitsu as it nixes Personal Cloud

Fujitsu has put its Personal Cloud project on ice after failing to reach licensing agreements with the likes of Microsoft to deliver applications on devices that could run an HTML 5 browser.
Joe Fay, 15 Jul 2013

Man sues Apple for allowing him to become addicted to porn

A self-confessed porn addict is sueing Apple after he claims he became so hooked on watching rude videos that his wife left him.
Jasper Hamill, 15 Jul 2013
Dark Blue Window - detail of Windows Server logo

Graphical front ends for PowerShell? Here's a couple for you

Sysadmin blogFor many sysadmins Hyper-V Server is an area where Microsoft's TCO and ROI documents - built around the "Hyper-V Server is free" market-speak - fails to align with reality.
Trevor Pott, 15 Jul 2013

Radiohead's Thom Yorke pulls his own music off Spotify

Thom Yorke of Radiohead has become the latest artist to withdraw from Spotify in protest at their paltry royalty payments.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 2013
VMware Zimbra logo

VMware waves goodbye to Zimbra

VMware has offloaded Zimbra less than four years after buying the email-cum-collabware business unit from Yahoo! Terms are undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 15 Jul 2013

Security bods boycott DEF CON over closed door for feds

At least one group of researchers is pulling out of DEF CON in protest at the decision to tell federal agents to stay away from the annual hacking convention.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2013

The summer hit you're all waiting for: Windows 9? No. MapR's flashy M7

Customers who want to fire up a Hadoop cluster on the Elastic MapReduce service offered by Amazon Web Services just got another distribution option. Oh yes. It's the MapR Technologies' full-tilt-boogie M7 Edition.

Latest phish trawl: Your Twitter friend may not really be your friend

A nasty new phishing campaign that aims to harvest Twitter login credentials is doing the rounds.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2013

Apple chippery sticking with Samsung or moving to GlobalFoundries?

The ongoing rumor-fest over whether Apple will dump its longtime chip supplier Samsung and hook up with rival TSMC has taken yet another turn, with the latest report saying that, no, Apple isn't moving to TSMC for its A9 processor, scheduled for 2015, but is instead staying with Samsung.
Rik Myslewski, 15 Jul 2013
Microsoft cheif software architect Ray Ozzie

Ex-Microsoftie software hotshot Ozzie joins HP board

HP needs to understand consumers better and build a software business as well, so it has added three more board members to help CEO Meg Whitman's ongoing turnaround of the IT giant.

Linux 3.11 to be known as 'Linux for Workgroups'

The first release candidate of version 3.11 of the Linux kernel has arrived, and to commemorate the occasion, Linux creator Linus Torvalds has given the kernel a new codename and a new, Microsoft-inspired boot logo to match.
Neil McAllister, 15 Jul 2013

US public sector shuns public clouds

US government spending on cloud technology is set to spike in the next two years, though security concerns have scared agencies away from public clouds.
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 2013

Femtocell flaw leaves Verizon subscribers' Wi-Fi and mobile wide open

Security researchers have demonstrated a flaw in femtocells that allows them to be used for eavesdropping on cellphone, email, and internet traffic. The hack was demonstrated on Verizon hardware, and the telco giant has issued an update to patch the vulnerability, but up to 30 other network carriers use systems with software that can be hacked in the same way.
Iain Thomson, 15 Jul 2013

Microsoft's next device could be a Surface Watch

Rumors that Microsoft may be looking to jump on the wearable computing bandwagon are gaining steam, with sources claiming that Redmond's Surface group is testing a smartwatch based on Windows 8.
Neil McAllister, 15 Jul 2013
Oracle Exalytics appliance

Oracle gooses Exalytics in-memory appliance with flash, fat DDR3 sticks

Apparently the "speed of thought" that Oracle cofounder and CEO Larry Ellison was bragging about when Big Red launched its Exalytics in-memory applianceback in October 2011 is no longer fast enough. And so Oracle is gussying it up with a memory upgrade and a flash card boost until it can get a new "Ivy Bridge-EX" version of the appliance out the door, perhaps early next year.
big droplets falling from rain cloud

Understanding what's going on in storage arrays is like doing MAGIC

StoragebodAs the announcements and acquisitions which fall into the realms of Software Defined Storage – or "storage", as I like to call it – continue to come, one starts to ponder how this is all going to work in the real world.
StorageBod, 15 Jul 2013

Yahoo! gets animated GIF commendation for defending user privacy

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has commended Yahoo! for parrying the federal government's attempts to secretly slurp user data.
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 2013

New moon discovered around Neptune brings total to 14

A researcher studying footage from the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a new moon around Neptune, making it the fourteenth satellite known to be orbiting the blue gas giant.
Neil McAllister, 15 Jul 2013

Apple needs help: iWatch, 'Retina' iPad mini delayed until 2014?

Fanbois may need to revise this year's holiday shopping plans: Apple's long-anticipated iWatch appears to be slipping behind schedule, and so is the "Retina display" iPad mini. A pair of reports say that neither will appear until next year.
Rik Myslewski, 15 Jul 2013
Google Glass FIDO dog project

Google Glass going to the dogs: FIDO project computerizes canines

Google's head-mounted Glass computers may be the hipster fashion item of choice, but a pilot project by the Georgia Institute of Technology has built a system that uses them to communicate with our canine companions.
Iain Thomson, 15 Jul 2013

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