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Oz Green's plans exempt some phone metadata from warrants

Australia's debate about warrantless access to telecommunications metadata has been heated of late, fuelled by revelations that just about anyone can access such records. Even local councils' have been named in the federal Attorney-General's department's Annual Report (PDF)) as having looked up phone data.
Four patterns available from the laser: single point, line, cross and dots

JPL wants to fire a laser at MARS!

A group of JPL scientists, working on improving space-scale laser ranging, believe they could one day measure the distance from Earth to Mars with millimetre accuracy.
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jul 2013
secondary age school kids outside NBN truck

Why you backed Vulture South's crowdfunded capers

With four days to go in our campaign to crowd-fund an independent study into Australia's national broadband network, the Vulture South team is taking heart from the Australian Cricket team's backs-to-the-wall fight in the first Ashes test.
Vulture South Team, 14 Jul 2013

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