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Oracle joins dots in private cloud release

Oracle has tightened the links between several parts of its middleware suite to save infrastructure administrators time, and increase data availability and portability across large data center infrastructures.
Jack Clark, 13 Jul 2013

AT&T spends $1.2bn buying Leap as spectrum land grab continues

The continuing consolidation of the US mobile market took another step on Friday with AT&T agreeing to buy smaller US mobile network operator Leap for $1.2bn, which will take the combined company to within a few million customers of market leader Verizon.
Iain Thomson, 13 Jul 2013
The fully-rigged SPEARS board

Click here for hot live SPEARS test action

As we speak, the the Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team is in Brightwalton in Berkshire preparing to dispatch the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) control board to the stratosphere.
Lester Haines, 13 Jul 2013
Bearded dragon handing out with Spicerex

Sysadmin Day free give away

Sysadmin blogIt's that time of year again: Sysadmin Day is upon us! July 26, 2013 is the international day of recognition for all those who toil in datacenter obscurity, fighting off cyber-ninjas so that videos of my cats flow unhindered through the tubes.
Trevor Pott, 13 Jul 2013

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