9th July 2013 Archive

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  • US, UK watchdogs file legal moves to curb government surveillance

    Privacy protectors petition Supreme Court, UK tribunal to rein in NSA, GCHQ

    Law 09 Jul 00:27

  • SUSE Linux tunes up for latest iron with SP 3

    Updates to virty machines and their hypervisors, too

    Operating Systems 09 Jul 00:38

  • Singaporean 'net rules rile giants

    Voices raised against Website licensing

    Government 09 Jul 02:02

  • Snowden's Australian 'revelations' are old news

    Details of Oz NSA presence were documented ages ago

    Security 09 Jul 03:02

  • HP storage: more possible backdoors

    LeftHand, StoreVirtual remote reset suggests factory account

    Storage 09 Jul 03:17

  • India's centralised snooping system facing big delays

    Central Monitoring System lacks algorithms, database and data

    Government 09 Jul 04:02

  • UK Post Office admits false accusations after computer system cockup

    Bleak Horizon led to jail time for some

    Government 09 Jul 05:00

  • Boffins blast briny boat balloon bid as 'gross waste of helium'

    Greedy daredevil set to use about 0.01% of annual space+science consumption

    Science 09 Jul 05:02

  • Put up your ... err ... hand for free vasectomy streamed online

    If you're willing to have a film Director say “Cut!”, the op will be free

    Bootnotes 09 Jul 05:31

  • Android sig vuln exploit SEEN IN THE WILD

    Tiny script is a big headache

    Security 09 Jul 05:55

  • Seoul to train 5,000 infosec pros

    South Korea employs just 200 today despite ongoing NORKS attacks

    Security 09 Jul 06:33

  • OFFICIAL: Humans will only tolerate robots as helpful SLAVES

    Butlers, maids, servants, nurses etc. Assassins or police, not so much

    Science 09 Jul 07:03

  • Apple: Ta for blowing £££s on apps, fanbois. Now we've set them FREE

    Woz still waiting for Cupertino idiot-tax giant's next tech breakthrough

    Applications 09 Jul 07:27

  • Hack biz rivals or hire cyber-warriors and we'll shut you down, warns EU

    Behave on the interwebs, or we'll, er, wind you up

    Policy 09 Jul 08:03

  • EMC gobbles access-control biz Aveksa? Computer says... yes

    Welcome to the storage borg

    Security 09 Jul 08:28

  • Seven snazzy smartphones for seven sorts of shoppers

    How to pick the high-end handset that’s right for you

    Phones 09 Jul 09:02

  • Emergency alert system easily pwnable after epic ZOMBIE attack prank

    Private crypto keys found in firmware - where were their BRRAAAIINNNS?

    Security 09 Jul 10:11

  • VCs add Scality to give-'em-cash list: We liked it, put a RING on it

    Scale-up money for object storage upstart

    Storage 09 Jul 10:24

  • Radar gremlins GROUND FLIGHTS across southern Blighty

    We're all going on a summer holi- oh wait, no we're not

    Applications 09 Jul 10:42

  • Staggering disk biz Overland heads for Nasdaq exit …. again

    Former tape king to appeal (again) after juuuust missing $35m target

    Storage 09 Jul 11:10

  • Italy scores in SPAAACE: ESA 'naut Parmitano pops out for walk

    6 hours to juice Nauka, fix dodgy bits, grab experiments, snap AMS-02 and more

    Science 09 Jul 11:50

  • Quantum: You know how EVERYONE's moved to the cloud? Yep... us too.

    Doesn't anyone flog hardware anymore?

    Storage 09 Jul 12:12

  • Universities teach us a thing or two about BYOD

    Students test the network

    Data Networking 09 Jul 12:50

  • Microsoft: Still using Office installed on a PC? Gosh, you squares

    Redmond teases cloud 'upgrade', but it's all fur coat and...

    Applications 09 Jul 13:04

  • Microsoft preps UK Surface Pro 'pilot', tiptoes around Win 8 OEM rivals

    It's only a test, mind, other devices 'equally as good' - will hit Blighty by Sept

    The Channel 09 Jul 13:31

  • Look, can we just forget about Snowden for sec... US-China cyber talks held

    Quit playing the victim, communists tell Uncle Sam's finest

    Government 09 Jul 14:14

  • Amazon admins get access controls for compute and database

    Need to keep devs' fingers out of production's cloud?

    Cloud 09 Jul 14:43

  • Sleek Nokia Lumia details EXPOSED ahead of Thursday's disrobing

    Crikey, get a load of those bulging assets

    Phones 09 Jul 16:30

  • Barnes & Noble chief walks as Nook ereader stumbles

    Lynch leaves after ereader division sales drop 34%

    Media 09 Jul 17:06

  • Jelly Bean finally overtakes Gingerbread in Android share

    Google faces long tail of outdated OS users

    Operating Systems 09 Jul 18:45

  • Asigra's Google Apps backup calms paranoid CIOs

    We always thought the cloud meant you didn't need to back up...

    Cloud 09 Jul 20:09

  • France's 'three strikes' anti-piracy law shot down

    Fines only for internet copyright infringers from now on

    Government 09 Jul 20:16

  • Apple surrenders in 'app store' trademark suit against Amazon

    'Doesn't matter, customers know the difference anyway'

    Law 09 Jul 21:22

  • Xen hypervisor gets tech preview support for ARM processors

    Red Hat's KVM has not won all hearts and minds – yet

    Virtualization 09 Jul 21:56

  • Microsoft splurges on single sign ons with Active Directory update

    One identity manager to rule them all, one directory to bind them

    Cloud 09 Jul 22:06

  • NASA outlines 2020 plans for Mars life search with Curiosity v2.0

    Plans cache of drilling samples for return to Earth

    Science 09 Jul 23:39

  • Industry doubts schools’ ability to teach Digital Tech curriculum

    Reg Freedom of Information probe shows teachers say plan is Comp Sci-heavy

    Policy 09 Jul 23:54