2nd July 2013 Archive

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  • Snowden speaks from Moscow: 'Obama lies'

    Putin just wants him to get on a plane and go somewhere – anywhere

    Government 02 Jul 00:02

  • Energy sector under increasing attack: DHS

    SQL injection, phishing, watering holes – the usual

    Security 02 Jul 00:30

  • Google 'disappoints' US congressman over Glass privacy controls

    'You have displeased us, Mr. Page' says Barton

    Hardware 02 Jul 00:31

  • Project Loon won't blind radio telescopes

    Google notices astronomy

    Mobile 02 Jul 04:02

  • India's low cost tablet dream lives on with Aakash IV

    But Brit biz Datawind may not get contract this time around

    Tablets 02 Jul 04:30

  • 'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof

    Flogging your gran for a bag of chips is actually a crap deal

    Management 02 Jul 04:57

  • Ecuador: Snowden is Russia's problem

    Not considering asylum request

    Government 02 Jul 05:33

  • China's e-petitioners crash government site on first day

    Chinternet suspects Beijing has its fingers in its ears

    Government 02 Jul 06:00

  • D-Wave IS QUANTUM, insist USC scientists

    Sceptics remain wary

    Science 02 Jul 06:52

  • South African kids win global cluster glory at HPC fest

    App-cracking first-timers take the trophy

    HPC 02 Jul 07:02

  • France sets antitrust watchdog loose on Apple, raids premises

    Oh là là, fruity firm accused of anti-competitive practices

    Government 02 Jul 07:28

  • Lights, camera, action: Snowden movie hits the web

    Hong Kong amateurs rush out mini movie

    Security 02 Jul 07:57

  • Crimelords: Stolen credit cards... keep 'em. It's all about banking logins now

    Also, Crimeware-As-A-Service is a thing. Really

    Security 02 Jul 08:24

  • Apple Time Capsule 2013: Next-gen wireless networking, anyone?

    802.11ac comes to Cupertino’s NAS-cum-Wi-Fi router

    Hardware 02 Jul 08:58

  • UK.gov to be fully BIM-enabled 'by 2016'

    Buildings information modelling cuts risk

    Management 02 Jul 09:00

  • In 2017, a pack of hybrid mutants stuffed with NAND flash will descend

    How many of 'em? We can't say. But HDD vendors have nothing to fear

    Storage 02 Jul 09:35

  • Mellanox coughs nearly $130m for optical networkers to fight off Chipzilla

    Lighting up your network, from end to end

    Data Networking 02 Jul 10:03

  • What's the most secure desktop operating system?

    We're asking YOU... We don't know

    Security 02 Jul 10:17

  • 'Weev' appeals AT&T iPad hack conviction

    Bug hunters asked to help data-slurping grey hat hacker's bid for freedom

    Security 02 Jul 10:43

  • Facebook's Winklevoss Bros file to launch Bitcoin Trust for investors

    Zuck's terrible twins plan first IPO for virtual currency

    Financial News 02 Jul 11:02

  • Dubya: I introduced PRISM and I think it's pretty swell

    Ex-prez heartily endorses indiscriminate government snooping

    Government 02 Jul 11:22

  • Watch out Tesco Mobile: Vodafone, Sainsbury's want to eat your lunch

    Ringing your granny can now earn you Nectar points, folks

    Mobile 02 Jul 11:39

  • 3-2-1... BOOM: Russian rocket launches, explodes into TOXIC FIREBALL

    Three satellites worth $200m smashed to smithereens

    Science 02 Jul 11:59

  • Big Blue man Hansford to straddle saddle of Azlan's UK horse

    Will he be able to whip more sales out of trusty nag?

    The Channel 02 Jul 12:28

  • Nominet resurrects second-level namespace plan: 'Before you say no...'

    Businesses rejected previous consultation

    Hosting 02 Jul 12:34

  • A short, sharp tool kit to get you to the top in financial IT

    Battling the bullshit artists biz analysts with a Black Swan

    Jobs 02 Jul 13:02

  • Firefox OS mobilises HTML5, without the added Steve Jobs

    Succeed or fail, you'll still have a working web app

    Developer 02 Jul 13:34

  • Surface Pro for enterprise: We name the dates and the lucky partners

    Also the Pros and cons (and quid Pro quo) of Pro for the pro

    The Channel 02 Jul 14:19

  • Sources mutter of 'disarray' among EMC's quadruple object products

    'Come off it, we're set to hit a $1bn bullseye', insist company chiefs

    Storage 02 Jul 14:57

  • Fugitive Shadowcrew suspect hauled into US court... 9 YEARS on

    Bulgarian cybercrime forum member flogged dodgy IDs - DoJ

    Law 02 Jul 15:26

  • DataDirect Networks' COO throws in towel

    Keen 'to pursue other interests', apparently

    Storage 02 Jul 16:24

  • Bigger than Twitter: Opera releases rebuilt Chromium-based browser

    Some of the functionality's gone... but it'll come back

    Applications 02 Jul 17:02

  • Apple launches global 'iWatch' trademark blitz

    So far: Turkey, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Russia

    Hardware 02 Jul 17:24

  • PC decline whacks 2013 IT spending projections

    The falling US greenback does its part, as well

    Data Centre 02 Jul 18:05

  • Boffins build telescopic contact lenses to battle blindness

    But you'll still need to wear glasses

    Science 02 Jul 19:04

  • Apple's new data center to be solar powered, 100% green

    PR stunt or canny business move? Ask Barack Obama

    Data Centre 02 Jul 19:05

  • Ubisoft admits major hacking breach, advises password change

    Will latest straw make Assassins seek a new Creed?

    Security 02 Jul 21:16

  • Windows 8 apps pass 100K, Windows 8 passes Vista

    Faster to 100K than iPad, Android

    Operating Systems 02 Jul 22:35

  • Citrix open sources XenServer hypervisor to chase clouds

    Forget the complexity: One edition, pay or don't as you please

    Virtualization 02 Jul 22:45

  • ACMA lines up 'bill-shock' standard

    Phase-in starts September

    Mobile 02 Jul 22:58

  • British Bebo founder buys back social network for $849m profit

    Saw AOL coming a mile off

    Media 02 Jul 23:08

  • Droid X2 plus ActiveSync equals DATA SLURP

    Oh no, Moto

    Security 02 Jul 23:30

  • Apple adds Yves Saint Laurent CEO to executive team

    Who better to advise on design, marketing of wearable tech than a fashionista?

    Business 02 Jul 23:59