1st July 2013 Archive

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  • Facebook slurped phone numbers says Norton

    The Social Network promises to behave

    Security 01 Jul 00:00

  • What's the difference between GEEKS and NERDS?

    Does this 'data scientist' know? Depends which one you think he is

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 04:55

  • Myanmar picks for telecoms jackpot stoke controversy

    License decision riles rights groups, parliament and people

    Policy 01 Jul 06:21

  • Company which built O2's London 4G in administration

    Cornerstone of Cornerstone was in on ground floor, now shown the door

    Mobile 01 Jul 06:58

  • Twisted photons get another spin

    Inside fibre, this time

    Science 01 Jul 07:03

  • Jiggy Pennsylvania couple busted by 25 bike cops

    'Imagine their surprise' says cycling plod

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 07:33

  • Microsoft 'in talks' to recruit UK partners for Surface Pro biz sales

    Enterprise won't buy scribbleslabs from John Lewis or the webshop

    The Channel 01 Jul 07:57

  • Yorkshire plods LOSE 9,000 GUNS in rogue BOFH database blunder

    'Update your details please' 'Um, yes, you licensed me to have these six AK-47s ...'

    Law 01 Jul 08:27

  • The five constants of IT asset management

    Always listen to your data

    CIO 01 Jul 08:44

  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Our new top Android ten-incher

    'The most convincing 10-inch slate on the market'

    Tablets 01 Jul 09:06

  • Win 8 user? Thought that was a CAPTCHA? R is for ruh roh

    Run executa... oh noes

    Security 01 Jul 09:26

  • MoD signs Microsoft mega licensing deal for 180,000 PCs

    Big smiles at the Cabinet Office, if nowhere else

    The Channel 01 Jul 10:02

  • REVEALED: Google's GINORMOUS £650m London Choc Factory

    First renders of massive King's Cross 'groundscraper'

    Developer 01 Jul 10:22

  • At last: EU slashes mobile roaming fees

    Just 12 months until things get crazy

    Mobile 01 Jul 10:52

  • Prince of Persia: Baggy trousers and curvy swords

    Jordan Mechner’s animation classic

    Games 01 Jul 11:06

  • Facebook restricts ads running next to dodgy posts

    Don't want to be found 'adjacent to offensive material', do ya ... bitch!

    Applications 01 Jul 11:24

  • Tethered and vulnerable: Hotspot password FAIL not just in iPhones

    The LOT OF YOU might as well pick 'em from Scrabble dictionary

    Mobile 01 Jul 11:43

  • Feds charge man in $1m 'Dr Evil' scam to blackmail Mitt Romney

    Scott, I want you to meet daddy's nemesis

    Security 01 Jul 12:06

  • BT workers cuffed over fake overtime and moonlighting claims

    8 suspects bailed as 'bogus car-clamping biz' allegations fly

    Broadband 01 Jul 12:32

  • One-time Evesham chief pops up as Centerprise marketing honcho

    Anyone who was anyone is someone again in Basingstoke

    The Channel 01 Jul 12:44

  • Judge nixes Microsoft SkyDrive name in BSkyB court ruling

    'Sky', 'cloud'... it just confuses people, reckons beak

    Law 01 Jul 13:03

  • WD frees self from TYRANNY of TAPE

    Arkeia backup beef-up

    Storage 01 Jul 13:35

  • PRISM leaks: WTF, you don't spy on your friends, splutters EU

    NSA: 'Meh, everybody does it...'

    Security 01 Jul 14:02

  • Buh-bye Siemens: Nokia to splash €1.7bn turning NSN into N

    Co-owned infrastructure biz actually makes money

    Networks 01 Jul 14:27

  • Sage stakes ERP cloud on Azure platform

    Hedges bets by retaining offline version of Sage 200

    Cloud 01 Jul 14:42

  • What happens on G-Cloud stays on G-Cloud

    How to use SharePoint online and keep IL3 information secure

    Cloud 01 Jul 14:52

  • Brit fantasy artist sues James Cameron over Avatar world

    Accuses studio, director of nicking blue aliens' homeland

    Law 01 Jul 14:58

  • Apple dodged all UK corporation tax in 2012

    Taxes minus deductions, add relief, carry the one...

    Financial News 01 Jul 15:25

  • Something's going on with Google Reader but nobody knows what

    Can't read RSS feeds at the moment for some reason

    Applications 01 Jul 15:35

  • American kids leave HPC smackdown hungry for Phi

    But Europe, dude, what gives? Why can't we have any ice?

    HPC 01 Jul 16:13

  • Sky News hack of Canoe Man's email in public interest, Ofcom says

    Broadcaster's right to expression trumps privacy - this time

    Media 01 Jul 16:15

  • Firefox OS starts third-place race against Windows Phone

    Spanish debut for Mozilla's freedom phone

    Mobile 01 Jul 17:28

  • Apple 'iWatch' trademark filing hints Cook's make-or-break moment looms

    Japanese filing portent of product announcement, or mere protectionist play?

    Hardware 01 Jul 17:59

  • Rackspace, CERN partner on OpenStack projects

    The womb of the web to scale up to 15,000 hypervisors someday

    Data Centre 01 Jul 18:16

  • Icahn lines up prodigious Dell deal dough

    Your move, Big Mike and Friends

    Business 01 Jul 19:59

  • Zynga zinger: Xbox chief bagged as new CEO

    Microsoft's Mattrick: 'Zynga ... has yet to realize its full potential.' True, that

    Financial News 01 Jul 21:42

  • Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead

    Do we 'low margin' dregs matter to you anymore, Redmond? Thought not

    Data Centre 01 Jul 21:53

  • Chinese students put feet up after intensive rack-thrashing session

    Team China confident on final day of student cluster romp

    HPC 01 Jul 22:05

  • Firefox OS starting small but thinking big says Mozilla CTO

    Expect aggressive moves into tablet market for open source OS

    Phones 01 Jul 22:15

  • Samsung and Apple finally divorcing after years of court battles

    TSMC slips comforting arm round Apple, slips memory chip into pocket

    Business 01 Jul 22:22

  • HP confirms it's back in the smartphone business

    Palm's Jon Rubinstein weeps softly for what might have been

    Phones 01 Jul 22:31

  • Atlassian plugs XML parsing vulnerability

    Denies reports of a second vuln

    Security 01 Jul 23:30