24th June 2013 Archive

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  • FTC to cast an eye over Google's Waze buy

    Rubber-stamp withheld for now

    Business 24 Jun 00:37

  • AARNet hits 40 Gbps to USA

    Universities get fatter submarine pipe

    Networks 24 Jun 01:02

  • Data retention a very hot potato says Oz parl't commitee

    Update: A-G shelves the idea, for now

    Government 24 Jun 02:28

  • NSA hacked China's top carriers in hunt for SMS data - report

    Snow joke for NSA as latest revelations point to extensive campaign

    Government 24 Jun 04:30

  • Spaniards deploy self-propelled ROBOT BALLS

    Motorised automatic bollocks to prowl Iberian fields

    Science 24 Jun 05:03

  • Blind activist Chen given spyware-laden iPad and iPhone

    Malware claim denied by ChinaAid

    Government 24 Jun 05:08

  • Quantum transistors at room temp

    Save Moore's law by getting rid of semiconductors

    Science 24 Jun 06:37

  • Glasgow subway's new smart tickets aren't, moan passengers

    Technical snafu or sneaky excuse for a price rise?

    Mobile 24 Jun 06:58

  • Home Office launches £4m cyber security awareness scheme

    Be afraid. Be judiciously afraid

    Small Biz 24 Jun 07:37

  • Steelie Neelie: One cloud contract model to rule them all

    The road to hell's paved with good intentions, though

    Cloud 24 Jun 07:58

  • Angry punters slip contract shackles in T-Mobile crystal ball bill rumpus

    Others flung back into mobile dungeon by adjudicators

    Networks 24 Jun 09:05

  • Tearing a strip off Microsoft's Brazilian: That's no way to attract mates

    Envy Amazon and eBay, sure, but leave it there

    Business 24 Jun 09:34

  • Snowden: 'Hey, Assange, any more room on Ecuador's sofa?'

    NSA whistleblower trumps WikiLeaker by actually travelling to US-proof nation

    Government 24 Jun 10:29

  • Ed Iacobucci: Brains behind OS/2 and Citrix, nicest guy in tech

    Some people are bigger than big data

    Developer 24 Jun 10:54

  • Opportunity knocks? Four jobs for your perusal

    Banish those Monday morning blues

    Jobs 24 Jun 11:11

  • Vodafone coughs up £6.5bn for Kabel Deutschland

    Hopes new bundles will bust up rivals

    Financial News 24 Jun 11:25

  • Hey Google, Facebook has a 'Reader' that might actually make money

    Mobe-stroker-powered news-scraper caper - report

    Mobile 24 Jun 11:39

  • Three's Irish network goes titsup

    Taking a nap after swallowing O2?

    Mobile 24 Jun 11:52

  • That enough, folks? Starbucks tosses £5m into UK taxman's coffers

    Beancounter's beancounters court Joe Public with voluntary payment

    Government 24 Jun 12:18

  • HPC geeks ponder 100 petafloppers and quantum supercomputers

    Crowdsourcing prognostications for fun and profit prophet

    HPC 24 Jun 12:38

  • SUPERSIZE my CLOUD - Microsoft plans $677m data centre embiggening

    Redmond gets bigger in corn-fed Iowa

    Cloud 24 Jun 13:04

  • Apple's Tim Cook: I'm risking my own MEELLLIONS if we sink

    Jobs' successor ties pay packet to fruity firm's performance

    Financial News 24 Jun 13:33

  • Google defends search biz as EU competition market test nears end

    'Our proposals are meaningful and comprehensive' says Mountain View

    Government 24 Jun 13:59

  • Telly psychics fail to foresee £12k fine for peddling nonsense

    Insert 'didn't see that coming' gag here

    Media 24 Jun 14:31

  • WD catches falling flash star, slurps up sTec

    Moshayedis move on

    Storage 24 Jun 14:58

  • SURPRISE! BT bags more gov broadband cash - this time in Bucks & Herts

    As usual, deployment won't be finished until 2016

    Broadband 24 Jun 15:26

  • Media phone-hacking? Tip of the iceberg, says leaked police report

    Thought the NotW was bad... check out the lawyers, insurers

    Security 24 Jun 15:58

  • O3b's satellites on launch pad, ready to bring cats+porn to billions

    Google-backed birds brace for launch

    Mobile 24 Jun 16:26

  • Snowden dodges US agents in Moscow, skips out on flight

    'Thought I would enter US airspace? Think again!'

    Government 24 Jun 19:08

  • Apple said to dump Samsung as chip-baking partner – again

    Yes, it's déjà vu all over again, but this time it might be true

    Hardware 24 Jun 19:09

  • Privacy expert dismisses PRISM-busting typeface as 'art project'

    If you really want unbreakable message security, buy a pigeon

    Security 24 Jun 19:16

  • Eye spy future HP Moonshot server nodes

    Many processors will be coming in small packages for 'Gemini' chassis

    Servers 24 Jun 19:28

  • US Supremes sit on hands in $625m patent case, hand Apple victory

    Mirror Worlds' world shattered

    Law 24 Jun 21:43

  • Samsung quits desktop PC biz, will stick to all-in-ones and portables

    Tower PC apocalypse continues unabated

    Hardware 24 Jun 21:44

  • Cloud company avoids the cloud

    Firebase goes for heavy metal performance over easy cloud VMs

    Cloud 24 Jun 21:48

  • Oracle puts database, middleware, Linux on Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure

    Ballmer and Hurd bury the hatchet – perhaps in the Oracle Cloud

    Cloud 24 Jun 22:13

  • Euro students cluster fest: Configurations LAID BARE

    Universities spark Kepler vs Phi Face-Off

    HPC 24 Jun 22:23