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Nissan to enter 300 kmh electric car in Le Mans endurance race

With preparations now almost complete for the start of Saturday's 90th anniversary 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, Nissan has surprised the petro-heads by showing off a fully electric car that it will be entering into the competition next year.
Iain Thomson, 22 Jun 2013
Soylent final

Our week with Soylent: Don't chuck out your vintage food quite yet

Our week-long experiment to live off Soylent has come to an end, bringing with it the reintroduction of typical food via a lip-smacking dinner of rice, black beans, and chorizo sauteed in chillis and red wine, and time to reflect on our experiment with the liquid food replacement.
Jack Clark, 22 Jun 2013
B&W film still of man with electric drill.

My Moto RAZR V3 wants a firmware hack. Any documentation?

A request from Reg forums, where dogged, a silver badge commentard, asks:
Drew Cullen, 22 Jun 2013

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