18th June 2013 Archive

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  • Let the software run the network

    Go configure

    Data Centre 18 Jun 00:16

  • New material enables 1,000-meter super-skyscrapers

    Before you read on, see if you can guess how the new stuff will be used

    Science 18 Jun 00:29

  • Google Brain king slashes cost of AI gear

    Anything CPU can do GPU can do better

    Software 18 Jun 00:52

  • Australian unis to test quantum-comms-over-fibre

    Tests to see if entangled photons can survive real-world networks

    Science 18 Jun 01:03

  • Oracle's Ellison outlines plans for Hawaiian Electriclarryland

    Solar-sourced eau d'Oracle the key to island revival

    Bootnotes 18 Jun 02:07

  • Internet fraud still stings suckers

    Australians twice as gullible as Americans

    Security 18 Jun 02:56

  • Samsung plans LTE Advanced version of Galaxy S4

    1Gbps download capability could stiffen drooping S4 sales forecasts

    Phones 18 Jun 03:34

  • AMD lifts the veil on Opteron, ARM chip plans for 2014

    Hey Samsung, let's see your chippery handle 64GB of RAM

    Servers 18 Jun 04:02

  • PowerCloud launches new kit, partner program

    WiFi upstart pitching cloudy management

    Data Networking 18 Jun 04:05

  • 'Smart ring' revealed by upstart Chinese mobe-maker

    Kiss the ring to your mobe and you'll unlock something to share

    Phones 18 Jun 04:34

  • When UK.gov asks 'Who's your daddy', companies HAD BETTER reply

    HMRC will be able to access details of firms' beneficial owners

    Government 18 Jun 05:03

  • Global tax data exchange plan floated to recoup cash

    OECD outlines plan for automatic exchange of data if IT can agree on formats, crypto

    Policy 18 Jun 05:27

  • Fifty, fired and fretful: Three chaps stare down CAREER MORTALITY

    Reg chats to fifty-ish fellows, learns of hopes, dreams, fears etc

    Jobs 18 Jun 05:58

  • SAP users slack, slow and backward on security

    Some systems unpatched since 2005, says researcher

    Security 18 Jun 06:30

  • Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise

    Only a telegram from the Queen can get you off it

    Government 18 Jun 07:03

  • Flash flaw potentially makes every webcam or laptop a peephole

    But it's a Google problem - Chrome only, insists Adobe

    Security 18 Jun 07:55

  • Hands on: Hyper-V 3.0, virtual machine high availability and disaster recovery

    Free training from The Register

    Virtualization 18 Jun 08:24

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Proof the pen is mightier?

    Sammy’s iPad Mini killer has a stylus to stab other rivals too

    Tablets 18 Jun 09:04

  • G-Cloud overlord McDonagh gets CBE nod from Queen

    'How long have you worked here? What do you do? Have a medal'

    The Channel 18 Jun 09:34

  • Shrinking iPads, Ultrabooks will lead to disk boost: WD boss

    As EMC, Netapp become the meat in a cloudy enterprise sandwich

    Servers 18 Jun 09:59

  • Spin doctors brazenly fiddle with tiny bits in front of the neighbours

    Quantum computer address bus just nanometres wide

    Science 18 Jun 10:17

  • France Telecom dials up support for its capitaine in Sarkozy gov cash probe

    Surrender? Jamais! Je suis innocent, imbéciles

    Mobile 18 Jun 10:43

  • Drug gang hacks into Belgian seaport, cops seize TONNE of smack

    9 nabbed after shipping container system used to transport heroin, cocaine

    Law 18 Jun 11:04

  • Microsoft lures buy-curious vixens, corduroys with a cheap fondle

    Surface slab sales latest: Will no one rid Ballmer of these turbulent tabs?

    Tablets 18 Jun 11:32

  • O2 averts strike action over mass Capita outsourcing deal

    Details of new agreement not yet released

    CIO 18 Jun 11:44


    Newbie 'nauts include lady Marine fighter pilot, male doctor

    Science 18 Jun 12:05

  • Quadrant Visual Solutions goes into liquidation

    Delayed projects and lack of funding kills veteran channel firm

    The Channel 18 Jun 12:24

  • Yahoo! joins! rivals! in! PRISM! data! request! admission!

    Keep calm and carry on using American tech firms, folks

    Security 18 Jun 12:25

  • Robbing a bank? Carberp toolkit now available for just $5k

    Trojan forum sale may mark split in Carberp gang

    Security 18 Jun 12:59

  • HPC server sales spike: Buyers get chops around juicy cheap flops

    Big Data-supercomputing mash up, coprocessors included

    Servers 18 Jun 13:32

  • BBC-featured call centre slapped with hefty fine for unwanted calls

    PPI pests: Swansea-based firm stung for £225k by ICO

    Business 18 Jun 14:04

  • CLOUD TO SUCK UP ALL YOUR CASH: Govts around world slash IT spending

    Survey: Bring your own device, because we sure as hell won't buy you one

    Cloud 18 Jun 14:27

  • Ask Trevor Pott ANYTHING about Office 365

    Sysadmin and pals spread The 365 Knowledge

    Cloud 18 Jun 14:47

  • UK telcos chuck another £1m at online child abuse watchdog

    Web enforcers IWF gain power to seek and destroy illegal content

    Broadband 18 Jun 14:49

  • Brit biz-gobbling comms giant Daisy Group splutters with indigestion

    Can't... possibly... eat... any more... ah, yes it can with £200m spending pot

    The Channel 18 Jun 15:25

  • HP PCs 'n' printers boss steps down, replaced by Aussie

    Just check that seat to see if it can be dropped into a furnace

    The Channel 18 Jun 15:53

  • Huawei unwraps Ascend P6: World's slimmest smartphone

    Don't mention the info war

    Phones 18 Jun 16:16

  • Apple's screw-up leaves tethered iPhones easily crackable

    24 seconds from pickup to pwned

    Security 18 Jun 18:04

  • Nvidia stretches CUDA coding to ARM chips

    OpenACC is building up momentum as Chipzilla ignores it

    Data Centre 18 Jun 18:38

  • Ex-HTC execs launch UK-based smartphone maker Kazam

    Startup threatens to 'disrupt status quo' this year

    Phones 18 Jun 19:19

  • GE partners with Amazon for 'industrial internet'

    Proprietary cloud for the internet of things, with help from Accenture and Pivotal

    Cloud 18 Jun 19:24

  • Tor users locked out of Facebook after wave of dodgy traffic

    Don't panic, a solution is at hand

    Security 18 Jun 19:59

  • Soylent days and soylent nights

    Food 2.0 fails the post-pub nosh test

    Bootnotes 18 Jun 20:18

  • Canonical unveils Carrier Advisory Group for Ubuntu phones

    Eight possible launch partners already signed on

    Phones 18 Jun 20:47

  • Remote code execution vuln appears in Puppet

    Big trouble in automated clouds

    Security 18 Jun 21:36

  • Increased cell phone coverage tied to uptick in African violence

    'Significantly and substantially increases the probability of violent conflict'

    Mobile 18 Jun 21:44

  • It's time to suck the marrow from the NBN debate

    The Reg has a plan to ensure Australia knows what its billions will buy

    Site News 18 Jun 22:06

  • Google mounts legal challenge to surveillance gag orders

    Argues free speech trumps security secrecy

    Government 18 Jun 22:49

  • TypeScript 0.9 arrives with new compiler, support for generics

    Biggest update yet for Microsoft's JavaScript alternative

    Developer 18 Jun 23:15

  • Kiwi telco Two Degrees to roll out 4G in 2014

    BNZ backs Huawei kit buy

    Networks 18 Jun 23:19