13th June 2013 Archive

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  • Java EE 7 melds HTML5 with enterprise apps

    New release arrives with GlassFish, NetBeans support

    Developer 13 Jun 00:06

  • Facebook turns on frigid Swedish ice-maidens in new data centre

    And by maidens, we mean slim, 'vanity-free', low-maintenance models

    Servers 13 Jun 00:24

  • Vodafone Oz launches '100 Mbps' 4G service

    Nice speed if you can get it

    Networks 13 Jun 00:57

  • Speech-to-text drives motorists to distraction

    Will talking to you mean I crash into that car up ahead, Siri?

    Security 13 Jun 02:14

  • PRISM snitch claims NSA hacked Chinese targets since 2009

    Snowden suddenly looks safer in Hong Kong after revelations

    Security 13 Jun 03:45

  • Pre-election phishing spike blasts Iranian Gmail accounts

    Google warns DigiNotar hackers are back on the scene

    Security 13 Jun 04:28

  • Young blokes blinded by video-game addiction: THE FACTS

    DARPA-funded eggheads' amazing discovery

    Science 13 Jun 05:03

  • Boffins read memory bits with light

    Non-destructive reads for FRAM

    Science 13 Jun 05:29

  • Boffins fire up old dish to send interstellar SMS

    LO aliens of Gliese 526, DIS iz erth. How R u?

    Science 13 Jun 05:59

  • CTO's man at VMware whistles an 'appy tune

    Paul Strong says 'containerising' applications is the next big thing

    Virtualization 13 Jun 06:32

  • NetApp musters muscular cluster bluster for ONTAP busters

    Storage array OS overhauled to juggle more nodes, go down on you, er, less

    Storage 13 Jun 07:03

  • 'Office Facebook' firm Tibbr wants you to PAY for mobe-meetings app

    Great idea. Punters won't cough for it though

    Applications 13 Jun 07:32

  • Desperate Venezuelans wiped clean of bog roll

    Turn to, um, smartphones... naturally

    Applications 13 Jun 08:04

  • IBM tells Vegas crowd: Software-defined? Yeah, we're all about that

    Storage buzzword bonanza in gamers' paradise

    Storage 13 Jun 08:36

  • BYOD beyond the noise

    Don’t just think about it, build it

    Management 13 Jun 08:51

  • NetApp clambers over stumbling Big Blue as storage market shrinks

    IDC numbers show giants jockeying for 2nd and 3rd place

    Storage 13 Jun 09:05

  • IBM's $1bn layoffs latest: Now axe swings in US, Canada - reports

    Union claims 121 storage bods canned after dismal sales

    Storage 13 Jun 09:44

  • Acer Iconia A1-810: The Android tab longing for eight-inch Apple action

    iPad Mini? We've heard of it

    Tablets 13 Jun 09:58

  • #Facebook: Now all your hashtags ARE BELONG TO US, Twitter

    Zucktags? Bitchtags? Cashtags? Spafftags? You decide

    Cloud 13 Jun 10:24

  • Eurogeddon? Pah. UK banks are more terrified of hackers - big banker

    Threadneedle Street ignores collapsing currency, stares fearfully at monitors

    Security 13 Jun 10:44

  • MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

    'Your crappy redesign SUCKS, I wanna read my blogs' screech users

    Networks 13 Jun 10:57

  • STEVE JOBS hits back at ebook ruckus FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

    Tech tyrant's bone-chilling touch felt at price-fixing trial

    Media 13 Jun 11:34

  • What do you mean WHY is Sony PS4 so pricey in Oz?

    Er, you see, there's this thing called capitalism...

    Games 13 Jun 11:56

  • Microsoft botnet smackdown 'caused collateral damage, failed to kill target'

    Zombies just won't stay underground

    Security 13 Jun 12:59

  • Clearwire board to shareholders: Go on, grab that Dish cash

    Sprint looks on in dismay

    Networks 13 Jun 13:57

  • Violin Memory shuffles out 'half-price' PCIe flash cards to eager tech channel

    Channel players hope for blooming biz under Rose

    The Channel 13 Jun 15:04

  • Thought you could rely on ever-rising storage hardware sales? Think again

    IDC: On the bright side, software sales are up...

    Storage 13 Jun 15:54

  • Months and months on, tech floggers still waiting to feel Microsoft's tool

    Resellers were RIGHT to be sceptical about rebate utility

    The Channel 13 Jun 16:16

  • US Supremes: Human genes can't be patented

    It's not quite that simple, of course – but is it ever?

    Law 13 Jun 18:18

  • Confidence in US Congress sinks to lowest level ever recorded

    So why the %$#@! do we keep re-electing the same politicians?

    Government 13 Jun 19:40

  • Big browser builders scramble to fix cross-platform zero-day flaw

    Mac users, you're just as vulnerable to phishing scheme

    Security 13 Jun 20:07

  • Son of Yahoo! launches Hadoop company

    Raymie Stata hopes Hadoop-as-a-service won't be a HaaS been

    Cloud 13 Jun 20:16

  • Microsoft to open Windows Stores inside 600 Best Buy locations

    Product showcases 'must be seen to be believed'

    The Channel 13 Jun 20:23

  • ACMA mulls cloud regulation

    Aussies don't really trust cloud providers

    Government 13 Jun 21:29

  • Google to put Chrome Frame to pasture in 2014

    You're all using modern browsers anyway, right?

    Applications 13 Jun 21:49

  • Google gobbles HALF of world's mobile ad cash

    If only people would pay attention to those adverts

    Media 13 Jun 23:33

  • Apple said to be 'exploring' 5.7-inch iPhone

    Who's the copycat this time, Mr. Cook?

    Phones 13 Jun 23:49